French play reading with live music to take the stage in

Fes – During the upcoming Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, the city will be brought to life with a myriad of performers and musicians set to inspire and entertain audience members from around the world. Fes escapes from routine daily life and opens itself up as a stage to an assortment of global artists and actors.Visitors heading to Fes for the Festival of World Sacred Music, which will take place from June 13-24, will have the opportunity to catch an exclusive preview of a newly released French play accompanied by live music. The production, LADY DI et MONSIEUR ANTOINE, is the latest release by British playwright and author, Kay d’Astorg. The author was inspired to acquire a riad in the Fes medina in 2004 after being enchanted by the charm of the sacred music festival.“How wonderful to be able to give something back to this remarkable city which has given us so much joy since we acquired our riad in 2004,” d’Astorg said.Fes will host the initial trial readings of the play before the official reading in Paris this October. “We have just performed a first reading in Paris, and we shall take this opportunity to explore new changes in the text, and respond to feedback from a live audience during the Festival…before going on to those more formal readings in Paris in the autumn,” d’Astorg said.The play relates an imaginary conversation between the English socialite Lady Diana Cooper, whose husband was the English Ambassador to France in the forties, and the famous French hairdresser, Antoine de Paris.Professional actors and actresses will bring the French production to life during three live readings in Fes. Patty Hannock, an English actress recently seen in the Kevin Costner film, “Three Days to Kill,” will incarnate Ladi Di, the main character. Hannock, who has worked for over 30 years in French and British theatre and television, has performed in Fes on two previous occasions and says she is thrilled to return to Fes once more. “To be able to perform yet again in Fes is a joy, especially during the Music Festival,” Hannock said.The reading of the play will be accompanied by live music composed and played by Ghislain Hervet, a classical clarinetist, and composer for theatre and film.Those looking for a professional theatrical reading alongside live music can catch LADY DI et MONSIEUR ANTOINE, during one of the three performances in Fes. “It will be interesting to see if we get a Moroccan audience as well as Festival visitors. We believe that the play has a certain humanity and can reach a wide audience. This will be the test,” d’Astorg added.The readings will take center stage at three of the most prestigious places in Fes: Riad Fes on 19 June, Le Jardin Des Biehn on 20 June, and Palais Faraj on June 21. The event is free and open to the public. “Not only is this a chance to discover some excellent theatre but also the incredible riads which now exist in the Fez Medina,” d’Astorg said. “For those of you who don’t understand French – come anyway as the atmosphere is terribly British and speaks for itself,” d’Astorg added.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more