New crossing point opens in UNbacked efforts to reunify Cyprus

“There is hope that the two leaders now can bring this country together and reunite Cyprus,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer said referring to the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders whose talks he has been facilitating in an effort to reunify the island, where a UN peacekeeping mission has been in place since inter-communal violence erupted in 1964.“That is possible and the success of this project simply demonstrates that point and I think demonstrates it very clearly. It will require a lot of political will, a lot of political courage and the leaders can rest assured that they will get great support, not just from us in the United Nations, but from the broader international community.”The new Limnitis/Yesilirmak crossing in the northwest of the island required upgrading some six kilometres of road and is the seventh such link facilitating movement between the two communities. In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban voiced the hope that it will help strengthen “the climate of trust and goodwill necessary for the UN-supported negotiations to achieve a mutually-acceptable and lasting settlement as soon as possible.” For the past two years Mr. Downer has been facilitating the talks between Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias and his Turkish Cypriot counterparts, first Mehmet Ali Talat and after April elections Dervis Eroglu, in a bid to establish a Federal Government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot Constituent State and a Greek Cypriot Constituent State, which would be of equal status.Other issues include the economy, European Union (EU) matters and property.Mr. Downer did not underestimate the difficulties in the process and paid tribute to the leaders and the two communities for completing the new project. “I can remember not all that long ago some people saying that this project would never be complete,” he said. “Others said it was a test of whether it would be possible to reunite Cyprus. “That if it wasn’t even possible to build this crossing and to open it, then it wouldn’t be possible to reunite Cyprus – probably a fair point.“But it was of course the pessimists that were wrong and the determination of the two sides that made this possible. And it does demonstrate a point that none of this work here in Cyprus, bringing the two sides together, is easy work.” 14 October 2010A new road crossing between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities was opened today, a step a senior United Nations official said proved the pessimists wrong and raised hopes that the Mediterranean island can be reunited. read more

Epiroc MA likely to continue Per Lindberg says

first_imgThe President and CEO of Epiroc, Per Lindberg, says the mining equipment maker is likely to continue making acquisitions as it strives for long-term growth over the latest business cycle.In the company’s first full year of operation, Epiroc has, among other transactions, acquired a minority stake in mining autonomy major ASI Mining, agreed to buy rock tools manufacturer Fordia, and purchased Sautec.Lindberg said in the company’s December quarter results that Epiroc is targeting to grow at least 8% per year on average over a business cycle.“While we grew well beyond that in Q4 and in 2018, we believe we continuously need to make acquisitions to secure long-term growth as well as access to new technologies, markets and geographies,” he said.On the recent Fordia, New Concept Mining and Sautec buys, Lindberg said Epiroc expected strengthened positions in exploration, rock reinforcement and service, and an additional SEK 1.2 billion ($132 million) in annual revenues.In the December quarter, Epiroc said its orders received increased 17% to SEK9.47 billion, revenue jumped up 25% to SEK10.56 billion and its operating profit went from SEK1.53 billion to SEK2.16 billion, including costs related to the split from Atlas Copco and change in provision for long-term incentive programmes of net SEK8 million.Lindberg reflected on this quarterly performance, saying: “We have been able to ramp up our capacity in manufacturing and service to support our customers, and revenues reached a record SEK10.56 billion, up 19% organically.”He added: “In our first year as Epiroc we achieved strong growth in both top and bottom line, in parallel to a successful split and introduction of the new company. Reported orders and revenues increased 16% and 22%, respectively. Our operating profit increased by 25% and the operating margin, adjusted for split costs and provision for long-term incentive programmes, increased from 19.4% to 20.3%.”Lindberg said customer demand for Epiroc’s equipment, services and tools remained at a good level during the quarter. “In mining we continue to see that the majority of the equipment orders are for expansion, including also some orders for greenfield projects,” he said, while aftermarket business was supported by high activity among its customers, leading to strong growth.During the most recent quarter, Epiroc launched the second generation of its battery-operated equipment at an event in Örebro, Sweden.Lindberg said the event created strong interest from Epiroc’s customers and orders have already started to come in.In terms of the future technology transition in mining, in general, Lindberg said: “Our customers are ready for a major technology shift towards more automation, digitalisation and battery power.“While the complete transition will take time, it is exciting to already now see the positive customer reactions.”Looking into 2019, Lindberg said: “We will continue to focus on improving our customer offerings, our efficiency, agility and resilience. These are, and will continue to be, the strengths of Epiroc.”last_img read more

HP Interview with Manolo Cadenas My second life in Poland

Manolo Cadenas Experienced Spanish coach Manolo Cadenas leads Polish vice-champions Orlen Wisla Plock in third season. Former legendary coach of BM Ademar Leon (1995-2007) wants to make something similar with the second best Polish squad and he has “free hands” to make it as good as possible. talked with him in Zagreb before the match against Croatian champions at VELUX EHF Champions League.Manolo, are you happy in Poland?– I am very happy in Poland. I came there as a 58 years old man, but me and my wife, we are both happy.Do you thought only five years ago  about going abroad, for example to Poland, to work as other TOP Spanish coaches who conquering Europe in this moment?– Never. Our League was very strong with Ciudad Real, Barca, Portland San Antonio, Ademar Leon, Valladolid, CAI Zaragoza, it was amazing competition. Since financial problems began, I started to learn English and think about international career. A lot of coaches and players are abroad, but that is good experience for all of us. For me, it is a new life.Would you like to come-back to some Spanish team. Do you think about that?– It will be difficult, but I don’t think about come-back. I am in very good era in Plock. We are improving, starting to be a very good team in Poland, but also in Europe. I am looking forward for my future in Poland.You are in specific situation, both far away from trophies in Poland against Kielce and Europe. How to motivate people around you and set specific goals?– The first goal is to be competitive. That means we want to win every single match. We have problems as Kielce is on very high sports level, but our disadvantage in comparation with them are also referees. Of course, they were better than us in some matches, although they have other kind of support. It’s difficult, our budgets are different. They can sign any European TOP player of from Wisla, but we are trying to be better. We are trying to be competitive even with them.MANOLO’S CAREER:Naranco de Oviedo (1986-1989)Club Handbol Cantàbria (1989- 1991)Club Balonmano Valladolid (1991-1995)Club Balonmano Ademar León (1995-2007)Futbol Club Barcelona (2007 – 2009)BM Granollers (2010-2012)Orlen Wisla Plock (2013-)Spain (2013-)It was shocking to see fighting scene between Talant Dujshebaev and you during one of the derby matches…– Both coaches were hot in the same moment. Blood was hot, but after match I congratulated him, even after that little fight. We gave a hug to eachother. It is forgotten. Both of us made mistake. We have to make better image for coaching profession.How you would describe Spanish coaching revolution with Rivera, Dujshebaev, Pastor, Ortega, Martin you…– Spanish coaches are ready to lead the teams on the highest level as they have experience from strong ASOBAL. We were ready to learn from all foreign coaches and players who played in Spain for many years. The main characteristic of the Spanish coach is work on improvement of collective play. You can see that also on Spanish player worldwide. Our mentality helps us in that direction.How do you see eachothers? Are you colleagues, rivals, how strong are relations between you?– Our relations are good. Valero Rivera and Talant Dujshebaev won all the major trophies, others working in a little less ambitious teams, but in general, level of Spanish coaches are very high.What is biggest difference between Spanish and, for example, Nordic coaches?– Spanish league was a hell. We learned a lot from foreigners. We are giving a lot on tactics, maybe more than Scandinavians.Do you like new system in EHF Champions League?– It is early to say. Let’s see the first half of the season and then we can make some clear opinion.You are targeting fifth place in the Group?– Fifth or sixth. Group is very strong.Who is the biggest favorite to win the VELUX EHF Champions League?– It is difficult to say, but look Paris with Karabatić and Hansen. They have a lot of options.How far away is Wisla from Cologne?– Vardar was close last year to play in Cologne. They had good matches against Kielce, and before that, we had good matches against them. We will try, our team is improving, we have great potential, we have to develop all aspects. We beat Barca, Veszprem, Flensburg in EHF CL matches, why not?Spain needs medal at the Olympic Games.– Of course, that is biggest goal for all the teams.Who can beat France, it looks that you are closer?– I meet them in two occasions in Denmark and Qatar, and I lost both semi-finals. It is extremely difficult – concludes Manolo Cadenas. ← Previous Story FC Barcelona without Dani Sarmiento next two months! Next Story → Mladen Bojinović a rescuer in Tremblay? read more