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Play this Shank 2

first_imgEveryone’s favorite mob hitman is back for a second round of slash-and burn action with the release of Shank 2, the followup to the popular action title released back in 2010. Shank 2 is the continuation of the storyline from the first title, in which the eponymous Shank is looking for revenge for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. This time around Shank is looking to protect his friends and family from the mob by going on the offensive. If the violent gameplay of the first Shank title was something that appealed to you, you won’t be sorry for picking up the sequel.For those of you that aren’t familiar with the game, it was created by independent game studio Klei Entertainment out of Vancouver. It adopts a comic book style for its visual themes and is intentionally violent without being overly gory. As you can see from the picture below, the title is a 2D sidescroller with some pretty awesome graphics for an independent title. The gameplay is a lot like the classic Double Dragon series, only much faster and more fluid. I would put Shank 2 firmly in the “button-masher” category.Your goal as a player is to simply survive to the end of each level. The model is classic in the sense that you travel a level battling lower-powered enemies to end up fighting a boss at the end of each map. It couldn’t get any simpler, but the simplicity of the game doesn’t detract any from the challenge of stringing together attack combos to rack up large amounts of points. In this second round of revenge-fueled battle, Shank has access to multiple weapon loadouts giving you more options to dispatch enemies in new and terrifyingly efficient ways.While there is an option to control the game using a keyboard, I would highly recommend that you use a Xbox 360 controller to take the field of battle. It makes commanding the on-screen action much more fluid and improves your response time.The game is available on all of your favorite video game platforms, including Steam and Origin for the price of $9.99. Not bad at all for a quality game that will bring you a reasonable amount of enjoyment.Shank is available on Origin and Steamlast_img read more