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11-year-old Pennsylvania boy saves life of suicidal girl in Texas using Snapchat

first_imgFred Rongier(NEW YORK) —  A young boy is being credited with saving his friend’s life from across the country with the help of social media.Soon to be 12-year-old Gabe Rongier from Pennsylvania befriended a young girl living in Texas via Snapchat. The girl had become part of a Snapchat group with Gabe and his friends from school.Lori Rongier, Gabe’s mother, was out running errands when she received a panicked text from her son explaining that a friend of his had sent him distressing messages on Snapchat that made him scared and he was worried for her, she told ABC News.Lori was leery, wondering if this person and messages from across the country were real. She and her husband Fred thought someone may be playing a joke. Both parents advised their son not to call authorities.However, Gabe truly felt that he needed to take action, and not knowing exactly who to contact, he called a suicide hotline number.The hotline then connected Gabe with local authorities, and by the time Lori got home, Gabe was already on the phone with the Grand Saline Police Department.Officers were then able to take action. With a little investigation, police were able to track down the girl and get her the help she needed.Lori said she and her husband are so thankful Gabe followed his intuition and heart. “Most parents want their kids to listen to them, we’re grateful he didn’t listen and trusted his instincts,” she told ABC.The Grand Saline Police Department sent Gabe a letter thanking him for what he did for his friend, saying they could not have done their job without his help.“It takes a big man to do what you did,” Grand Saline K9 Officer Chandler wrote to Gabe. The police department included a police patch and ‘challenge coin’ in their appreciation package to Gabe.“It’s reassuring to know there are kids out there like Gabe, that go out of their way to help someone else, and through his actions showed bravery and heroism, and we are all very proud of him at the Grand Police Department,” Jeremy Barker, the department’s public safety director said in an interview with ABC News.Grand Saline police officers said from their understanding, the young girl is doing well.For anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation as Gabe, Barker encouraged people to “do something,” even if you are not sure exactly who to contact.He said there are resources available and authorities that know how to get in touch with the appropriate people.Gabe’s parents are happy and proud of his courageous actions.“Gabe is showing his character, he is very soft spoken, he has shown everyone he can have a big impact, he has a big heart,” Lori said.To other parents with children on social media, Lori said, “Don’t necessarily jump to conclusions, especially if your child feels strongly that it is not a hoax.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Futsal Association makes pitch for Club registration

first_imgGIVEN the current interest in Futsal locally, the Guyana Futsal Association (GFA) is stepping up its registration of clubs all across Guyana.The GFA is a registered affiliate association of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), which was established to exclusively spearhead the professional development and administration of Futsal in Guyana.A release from the Futsal Association which is headed by Linden businessman Kenrick Noel states that registered clubs have the privilege/benefit from becoming familiarised with Futsal as a discipline of the Global Football industry.The clubs will receive technical assistance from the GFA as well as engaging in tournaments and competitions organised and approved by the Association and will also attend training workshops, retreats and other educational activities.“Since Guyana is yet to seriously acknowledge Sports, and in particular football, as an instrument for Social Cohesion and Economic Development, the GFA is optimistic that this registration exercise would pave the way for clubs, sponsors, and other stakeholders to become motivated towards elevating Futsal locally to new heights,” the release stated.Interested individuals, club owners and executives can contact any of the GFA’s executives; president Noel (687-4680), first vice-president Mark Young (621-1313), secretary Rawle Adams (623-3323) and treasurer Aubrey Major Jr. (691-5460).last_img read more

Cold Cash Available to Help Make your Home Energy Efficient, Putting…

first_imgSubmitted by Energy Efficiency FirstIt’s freezing outside and your home may be feeling cold, drafty, and downright uncomfortable. With energy costs going through the roof, you’d probably like to find ways to prevent the air you pay to heat from going through the roof, literally, as well as from going through the walls, floor, and the HVAC duct work of your home.Energy Efficiency First can help find energy-efficiency and building-durability solutions, as well as help you receive generous rebates for work needing to be done from Thurston Energy and Puget Sound Energy.Knowing how your energy uses and loses energy is the first step.  Without it, you could waste a lot of money shooting in the dark, making often expensive changes that provide little return on investment.Thurston Energy is offering Thurston County residents $200 toward the cost of a “HomePLUS Energy Evaluation.”  This is a full diagnostic energy audit designed to identify your home’s energy performance and offer cost-effective solutions to reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable and durable.Puget Sound Energy also offers an energy assessment.  While it’s not as comprehensive as a full-diagnostic energy audit, it is FREE, and it does provide a basic overview of the systems in your home that can contribute to unnecessary energy usage – such as low insulation levels, outdated appliances, and inefficient lighting.  Best of all, with a “PSE HomePrint Assessment,” you’ll walk away with 50 free compact fluorescent light bulbs and two low-flow showerheads if your home needs them.As a TE auditor and a PSE HomePrint Specialist, can provide you with one, or both, services.  Call us at 360.236.9684.When doing a TE HomePLUS Evaluation, we use high-tech diagnostics such as a blower-door test and infrared thermography to identify air leaks and heat loss. We provide you with a thorough report detailing targeted, cost-effective strategies to improve your home’s energy efficiency.We work with you to make sure you understand our recommendations and why we make them.  If air intrusion is part of the problem, we’ll tell you how and why your home’s building envelope needs to be air sealed.  When we give you a recommendation, we make sure you understand origin and implementation.  For example, if we recommend air sealing, we’ll explain that there is too much airflow leaking from the outside to the inside of the building through cracks in the walls, floors, and ceilings.  You’ll see our infrared photographs that, literally, show you the cold air flowing in through the gaps and cracks in your home.  We can show you pictures of the insulation that may be dirty because it has been filtering soil from air blowing through it through the walls or, worse, from the crawl space.  We’ll explain any air quality issues to you and what can be done to solve them.  Sometimes air quality issues are as simple as installing a new ventilation fan or sealing up a large hole between a crawl space and the living space that nobody knew was there.We out infrared camera, we can also detect insulation levels in your walls and ceilings.  We can evaluate areas that cannot, otherwise, be inspected due to access limitations.  We can find hidden moisture that could be from a leaking roof, plumbing issues, or condensation. If your insulation is wet, it’s not working effectively.  Worse, hidden moisture can cause serious building durability issues.  With infrared technology, we can identify these issues for you.During an energy audit, we also inspect the home’s mechanical systems, such as the water heater and HVAC systems.  We evaluate your lighting, your windows, and any appliances of special concern.At the end of the audit, we use software developed by Earth Advantage to crunch the data from your home and provide you with an Energy Performance Score, which is like an MPG-rating for the home.  Our report states how each suggested upgrade can reduce your energy consumption.  Our report will also provide a list of improvements and upgrades in priority order.  We can then help you find the independent resources you need to make the needed changes.After the TE audit rebate, the cost to the homeowner for the audit can range from $100 – $300, depending on the square footage of the home.  This investment will trigger a homeowner’s eligibility for up to $2,000 of additional rebates for needed weatherization and HVAC improvements.  This sweet deal is available only through April 30, 2013.In addition, while the offers last, PSE customers are eligible for up to $1,700 in insulation and duct sealing rebates, up to $1,500 toward replacement windows in electric homes, $1,200 for each ductless heat pump installed, and up to $800 toward an electric heat-pump water heating tank.  While rebates last, or through June 30, 2013, the Smart Water Heater Project is offering a $1,000 rebate toward this amazingly energy efficient water heater.Even more good news is that on January 3, 2013, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 extending energy tax credits that benefit homeowners seeking energy-efficiency improvements.  Under section 25C, homeowners can claim a $500 maximum tax credit to cover the material costs of energy-efficient upgrades to existing homes for all taxable years.The credit is redeemable if upgrades are installed by the end of this year.  Those who claimed a $500 or more tax credit in prior years, may not claim additional credits.  For those that remain eligible, the tax credit can be applied to any of the following upgrades: * Insulation * EnergyStar Windows, Skylights, and Doors * Home Air Sealing to Reduce Air Infiltration * Air-Source Heat Pumps * High Efficiency Natural Gas, Propane, or Oil Water Heaters.With these great incentives, and the cold weather outside, it is a fantastic time to schedule a home energy evaluation that will show you ways to reduce your home’s energy load and put dollars in your pocket.Call us.  We can help.  Energy Efficiency First is in partnership with Quality Renovation and Carpentry LLC, a local green remodeling firm and energy-performance general contractor.  Our goal is to deliver comfort and energy savings, making both you and the planet happy. 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First Razor Clam Dig of Season set for October 6-7

first_imgFacebook50Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Washington Department of Fish and WildlifeThe first razor clam dig of the fall season will get underway October 6-7 at four ocean beaches.Razor clam digging on the beaches of Western Washington is a time-honored tradition. Photo credit: Lisa ShellThe Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has approved the dig on evening tides at Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis and Mocrocks after marine toxin tests showed that clams on those beaches are safe to eat. No digging will be allowed on any beach before noon.The upcoming dig is approved on the following beaches, dates and evening low tides:October 6, Friday, 7:49 p.m.; -0.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, MocrocksOctober 7, Saturday, 8:33 p.m.; -0.7 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, MocrocksDan Ayres, WDFW coastal shellfish manager, recommends that diggers hit the beach about an hour or two before low tide for the best results.Before receiving the test results, Ayres said he had received a number of calls from diggers about an erroneous newspaper story that suggested that ocean beaches would remain closed to digging.“A map on the Washington Department of Health’s website indicates that beaches are closed to razor clam digging up until they are cleared to open by the test results,” Ayres said. “We’re pleased that we are able to move ahead with this opening as scheduled.”A recent statement in a story about Pierce County’s shellfish ban might have caused some confusion among razor clam diggers. While it’s true that the Washington coast has been closed to clam digging, that closure could be superseded by favorable results from a marine toxin test, due as early as Oct. 3. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will post the results of that test at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/razorclams/current.html.Locals and tourists alike line the beaches during a razor clam tide where camaraderie outweighs competition in the search for your limit of 15 clams.Photo Credit: NOAAWDFW has tentatively scheduled another dig for November 2-5, pending results of future toxin tests. More information on planned digs can be found on WDFW’s razor clam webpage at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/razorclams/current.html.All diggers age 15 or older must have an applicable 2017-18 fishing license to harvest razor clams on any beach. Licenses, ranging from a three-day razor clam license to an annual combination fishing license, are available on WDFW’s website at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov and from license vendors around the state.Under state law, diggers at open beaches can take 15 razor clams per day and are required to keep the first 15 they dig. Each digger’s clams must be kept in a separate container.Ayres noted that throughout the 2017-18 razor clam season, a research team from the University of Maryland will be out on the beaches seeking volunteers to participate in a survey about razor clam consumption and harvesting practices. For more information, contact Lynn Grattan at 877-668-4559 or [email protected]last_img read more