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Windows 8 ARM not for business

first_imgAmidst the fanfare of MWC 2012 and the launch of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, came news on the ARM front: Qualcomm and Nvidia were both starting to ship test units to interested developers. Then came a twist: according to ZDNet, Windows 8 on ARM devices won’t be able to join Active Directory domains.People are already raising questions about whether or not Metro apps have a place in the enterprise, and complain about the fact that there’s no way to run legacy x86 or x64 apps on Windows 8 ARM devices. Now there’s another big, additional asterisk for business users who might have been pondering a sexy Snapdragon S4 or Tegra 3 quad-powered device.In some ways, this decision makes plenty of sense. If Microsoft did allow ARM devices to join Windows domains, their users would certainly expect to be able to run all the same apps they can on their traditional Windows desktops — which we already know isn’t going to happen. But Windows 8 ARM devices will ship with Remote Desktop installed, and users will be able to access HyperV machines — or their own physical desktops — and start Terminal Services sessions where they can run all those apps remotely anyways.In other ways, however, it doesn’t make any sense at all. When Microsoft showed off Windows 8 ARM devices at CES 2011, there was a lot of emphasis placed on the fact that these systems were PCs — and they could do all the things “normal” PCs could do. They could run Microsoft Office. They could install peripherals like keyboards, mice, and printers. They could print. These are all things you’d require if you were planning to use Windows 8 at the office.Things are further confused by the fact that you can set up Exchange accounts in the new Metro mail app, and you’ll still be able to map a connection to a network share using your Active Directory credentials…So why not let these machines actually join a domain?Steve Ballmer said ages ago that Windows 8 is going to be Microsoft’s “riskiest bet yet,” and I think we’re starting to see why.More at ZD Netlast_img read more