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AMD Bulldozer CPU beats world record again achieving 8461GHz

first_imgOn August 31st AMD and a group of well-known overclockers including Brian McLachlan, Sami Makinen, Aaron Schradin, and Simon Solotko managed to set a new world record for CPU frequency using the unreleased and overclocked FX-8150 Bulldozer processor. Before that day, the record sat at 8.309GHz, but the Bulldozer combined with helium cooling (liquid nitrogen wasn’t good enough) reached a new high of 8.429GHz. But impressive as that frequency is, it has already been beat.So what has changed between the end of August and now? Well, the FX-8150 has been launched, and anyone can pick one up. One of those people is an overclocker from Taiwan going by the name of Andre Yang who has claimed to have pushed the chip to 8.461GHz (a whole 32.31MHz faster) with the CPU-Z output below as proof:Yang used an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard and ran the Bulldozer chip at a core voltage of 1.992V. The CPU-Z readout was submitted to the CPU-Z Validator and showed he was also running a Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 and 2GB RAM making this a pretty sweet system regardless of the record being achieved.With an independent overclocker beating what AMD could produce itself using special, not off-the-shelf cooling, we shouldn’t be surprised to see this record beaten a few more times. Will we see 9GHz surpassed? It depends on how good some of those Bulldozer chips are AMD is shipping out to retailers.I also believe the AMD record will continue to stand as I doubt Guinness was on hand to validate Yang’s new record. Hopefully AMD is tracking him down and making sure his new high frequency using their chip gets recorded officially.More at Xbit Labslast_img read more