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The 20 purposes of Espanyol for a 2020 uncertainty

first_imgEuropeIn contrast to LaLiga, Espanyol is still alive in Europe after being first in the group. In front of the Wolverhampton Wanderers a hard fight for a competition that owes one or two will be fought.The cupWith the appearance that this course does not matter, the parakeet squad has already passed a round. This year marks 20 of the title harvested in Mestalla, the first since 1940.MVPIn 2020 it is also requested, if the performance improves, that the best players do not leave the club in summer, as has been happening with Borja Iglesias, Hermoso, Gerard Moreno …RenewalThe renewal of the squad will be inevitable with 12 players who have just signed up. It will be crucial that the costumes are balanced and not like a lot next summer.Finite debtChen is asked to end the debt by increasing the capital of 50 million, if he covers it, which did not happen in 2016.Managing DirectorAnother sangria that must be stopped is that of senior executives. After Ramon Robert and Roger Guasch, José María Durán has returned. His success will be that of the club and its fans.FemaleSo in need of triumphs and of maintaining the category as the first male team is the female, whose change of coach can lead to permanence.SubsidiaryThe other side of the coin is until today a Espanyol B that links seven wins and aspires to promotion promotion. That I could play it and climb would be a huge sign …SectionsThe agreement of Espanyol with the Espanyol Sports Sections, which should be realized as soon as possible, was almost ready for caramel.Naming rightAnd this purpose is valid for 2020, and for any year since 2009: that the club find a commercial name for its stadium. PermanenceNone of the following questions will be possible, or at least viable, without the first: that Espanyol retains the category. Today that priority purpose is five points away.RevalueTo get saved, it is essential that players who emerged last year do it again immediately, such as Marc Roca or Melendo. They will be the first signings.SigningsBut Espanyol needs reinforcements, and as soon as possible. The sports management works on it and dreams the fan with a Dani Osvaldo that solves the goal and the coldness of the team.SolidityThe parakeet starts the year being the most thrashed in LaLiga, with 34 goals received. The goal can only be to stop the bleeding. The system change will help.GoalSimilarly, with 12 goals, he is the least top scorer team. An urgent solution if you want to maintain the category.Cornellà factorAnother emergency is to win a game at home, after recording the worst start in the parakeet history. Saturday comes the first opportunity, although before the less affordable rival.InfluxBlushing is the assistance to Cornellà, the worst in percentage of the entire First Division. As Abelardo indicated, it is the team that should push the stand, and not vice versa.The VARAnother interesting alliance that should be fed is that of the arbitration collective. All clubs feel harmed by the VAR and protest, except for Espanyol. Should I do it.DockIt goes without saying that any parakeet asks 2020 to stop the comings and goings of coaches that were lived and suffered last year. The club needs minimal stability.QuarryOne of the Espanyol seals cannot stop. Every year talents arise. In 2019 they did Víctor Gómez or Campuzano.last_img read more