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Curious seagull steals GoPro camera gives us birds eye view

first_imgGoPro cameras have got a growing reputation of being the sportsman’s camera of choice for catching the action first hand. Head-mounted, they give onlookers a great view of the action, be it skiing, surfing, snowboarding, or sky diving. You can also attach one to a hunting dog with great results.One of the advantages of the GoPro is how small and light they are while still managing to capture HD video at a decent framerate. One of the disadvantages is they are also shiny and therefore attract the interest of curious birds.AdChoices广告As the video above shows, one GoPro owner left his camera on the ground unattended for a few seconds. A curious seagull saw his chance and went in for the kill, grabbing the camera and taking flight with the shouts of protest from the owner fading into the background.You’d be crushed if this happened, right? I mean, what can you do? There’s no way to chase down a fast-flying bird carrying your expensive device in its beak. But this guy got lucky and tracked his stolen camera down to the top of a castle wall. In order to get it back he had to do a bit of climbing, though.We think it was worth the stress and workout to get it back, however. It’s not often we get to see a bird-s eye view of flight over the streets of Cannes, France. I’m sure getting a seagull to willingly wear a camera and fly around would be much harder to achieve.via YouTubelast_img read more