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Western Digital Thai factories starts producing hard drives again

first_imgThe price of a hard drive has skyrocketed over the past few weeks due to major flooding in Thailand effecting many of the hard drive manufacturing companies and their plants. Western Digital was especially hard hit with its two largest plants being taken offline and cutting production capacity by 60%. That’s a big hit considering the company produces 30% of the world’s hard drives.There is good news, however. Western Digital wasn’t expecting to restart production at the effected plants until later this month, but the clean-up operation has gone better than expected and production has already restarted, at least partially.Considering how bad the flooding got, it’s impressive how quickly operations have been brought back online. Western Digital’s plants were 6 feet deep in water on October 15, but pumping saw one of them cleared by November 15. Just two weeks later on November 30 production began again.Hard drive pricing is set to remain high for some time even with manufacturing underway once more. Western Digital doesn’t expect to be back up to near full capacity until at least March next year. Even so, 120 million hard drives will ship for the quarter ending in December, some 50 million below what was expected before the flooding occurred.If you are in need of a hard drive then hopefully you can wait out the high pricing. If not, then opting for a lower capacity drive or seeing if there’s any discounts in the run up to Christmas seems to be your best options for saving some money. Alternatively, it might even be the right time to buy that SSD you’ve been considering.More at Forbeslast_img read more