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id Software reveals Rage installation options for Xbox 360 PS3

first_imgid Software’s latest FPS Rage is only a few weeks away now, with a planned launch on October 4 in the U.S. and October 7 across Europe. We’ve reported previously about the expected disc numbers and install size of the game on the Xbox 360, but now we have official confirmation of the options for both the 360 and PS3.If you are a PS3 owner then you’re certainly going to have an easier, or at least quicker entry into the game. It comes on one Blu-ray disc and has an 8GB installation. That’s still a huge amount of data to transfer on to your console’s hard drive, and an amount it seems id had to get Sony to agree to, but it’s worth it for shorter load times during play.For Xbox 360 owners, expect to be carrying home a heavier than usual game case. That’s because it will contain 3 DVDs as that’s the minimum number the data would fit on. The pain continues when you get home as the installation can be as much as 22GB. However, id has worked around such a big install by allowing you the option of only installing sections at a time.Due to the way in which the game playthrough works, you do not need to disc swap as you progress through the game. Disc one is the first section of the game, disc two the second, and so on. So id allows you the option of installing just the data from the first disc. Once you’ve completed that section you can uninstall it and install the second disc’s content etc.Such an option should come as some relief for gamers who already have 360 hard drives almost full of game data and digital downloads. It also means waiting to play the game won’t take as long if you choose the single-disc install option. It may mean some later frustration though, when you need to do another install.Read more at the Eurogamer Tim Willits interview, via Kotakulast_img read more