The New Mastersounds Welcome Horn Section For Funky San Fran Throwdown

first_imgLoad remaining images Rounding out a two night run with a sold out show at the Independent, the New Mastersounds brought their groovy rhythms to the Bay Area with horns in tow to put on a fiery performance Friday night. After braving a broken down tour bus en-route from Colorado, the boys arrive in San Fran just in the nick of time, putting on a stellar performance Thursday night and setting the stage for a Friday night funk fest.Perhaps a bit more rested and looking out on a packed crowd, the band wasted no time getting down to business, launching into the title track of their most recent album, Made for Pleasure. Deciding to set the cruise control, guitarist Eddie Roberts steered the band towards the fan favorite “Way Out West,” getting the audience locked in and buckled down for their on their rhythmic road trip.“Hot Dog” and “Let’s Do Another” gave the crowd their first glimpse of the addition of SF staples Daniel Casares on saxophone and Mike Olmos on trumpet.  The duo, who have been touring with NMS this winter, brings a whole new dynamic to the music. With the horns, the band simply has a richer, louder, giving a high def, in-your-face technicolor sound that really complements the band’s already funky fusion.  While the band would oscillate back and forth with and without the horns, the show highlights saw Joe Tatton during “Hey Fela!” one moment smoothly channeling his inner John Tesh leading the band into a cool 80s tap your foot along inside the elevator feeling, before he and Simon Allen squashed that noise and deep dive into a Talking Heads get up and move your feet jam.  Changing courses, “Fancy” welcomed the crowd to the sounds of the islands with Peter Shand dropping that reggae bass rhythm that had the audience left, right two stepping along.Roberts absolutely shredded “San Frantico” for the San Francisco crowd, which led to some the best jamming from the entire band of the show. Other highlights, including “Dusty,” “Land of Nod” and “Pick up the Pieces,” all really shone before the band had exhausted their set list with still time on the clock.Roberts, not one to disappoint his home away from home, informed the crowd that they were now off script, deciding to launch into the band’s cover of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” which has the first timer ladies singing along, before launching into the perennial favorite, “Nervous.”As usual, the New Mastersounds didn’t disappoint reminding the Bay Area of their distinct love for the region. The full time addition of the horns on this tour has really changed the urgency of which fans need to make a point to see the boys. Be sure to catch them throughout the summer festival circuit and beyond, more information can be found on their website.Check out a full gallery of images from the show below, courtesy of Courtney Harrington Photography:last_img read more

Listen To Ivan Neville Lay Down The Funk In This GRiZ Track

first_imgThe sound of worlds colliding justify this surreal situation: GRiZ travels the country to record Say It Loud in 2015, resulting in an album of and for everyone. We’re throwin’ it back this Thursday with a real classic #TBT post of our favorite track from the record, “Take It High,” featuring the one and only Ivan Neville.The father of Dumpstaphunk, Ivan is one of a lot of Nevilles. The New Orleans-born keyboardist, singer, and songwriter’s music career began as a teenager performing alongside his father, Aaron, and his uncles, Art, Charles and Cyril in the Neville Brothers. In 1988, his first solo record, If My Ancestors Could See Me Now, landed him a Top 40 Billboard hit with “Not Just Another Girl.” A vocalist and keyboardist for Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Haynes, and so many more, the studio musician’s influences can be heard as far-fetched as with electro-soul, future-funk producer/saxophonist GRiZ. The tune is hot, to say the least. So get out your dancing shoes for this one!We spoke to Andrew Block, who helped to shed some light on this unique collaboration. “That one got recorded when GRiZ came down to NOLA with the intention of working with some singers. I told him I could hook him up with Ivan and some crushing backup singers. So I called Erica Falls, who is now the lead singer for Galactic, Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph, and Traci Lee, who all sing together in Erica’s band and in church related stuff. He also wanted to add some real guitar and bass so we just tracked that in my studio, then we went to The Parlor to record the ladies and horn section.The horns, besides Grant, were the guys from Naughty Professor, a super tight funk band from NOLA. It was one of those sessions that everything went really fast because Grant had a good idea of what he wanted and everybody was into it. So basically everyone just was throwing out ideas and trying to one up each other, but in a really positive, collaborative way. And Grant is a good enough producer to let the ideas flow, and know which ones will work best to achieve the end result he wants. We ended up doing “Good Times Roll” on the same sessions and I feel like on both of those tracks you can hear how much fun we were all having. It was such a cool session to be a part of.”Righteous!For those who can’t get enough GRiZ, he’ll be playing a full set at the inaugural Fool’s Paradise this April 1-2 in St. Augustine, FL. Even more exciting, Ivan Neville will also be there as part of Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue, featuring George Porter Jr., Eric Krasno, Nikki Glaspie, and The Shady Horns. Performing alongside Lettuce, Vulfpeck, The Nth Power, Goldfish, Brasstracks, Cory Henry, and Marvel Years, this is one destination festival that you won’t want to miss! Tickets are on sale now and available here.last_img read more

The Claypool Lennon Delirium Share Psychedelic Video For ‘Cricket & The Genie’ [Watch]

first_imgPerhaps one of the most excitingly new things to come this summer is The Claypool Lennon Delirium. The seemingly unlikely duo of Primus bassist Les Claypool and Beatle offspring/Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger leader Sean Lennon came together in a psychedelic collaboration one could have never dreamed of, but wish they had. One might even describe the combination of masterminds as pure magic. Their first single “Cricket & The Genie” dropped the day after the duo’s name mysteriously appeared on the Bonnaroo lineup back in January. Claypool plays bass on the track, while Lennon does vocals and all of the other instrumentation. Claypool describes Lennon and the project quite colorfully, saying, “Sean is a musical mutant after my own heart. He definitely reflects his genetics – not just the sensibilities of his dad but also the abstract perspective and unique approach of his mother. It makes for a glorious freak stew,” he told Pitchfork.Today, they share a lyrical video to supplement the previously released track. Before the psychedelic morphings of the digital world are the lyrics to the song. Seeing the words spelled out across the screen provides a bizarre understanding to what Claypool and Lennon came up with during their songwriting process. Watch and listen to the track below:Claypool explained earlier this year that he met Lennon on a joint tour and they became friends backstage. “I asked Sean if he’d like to come to Rancho Relaxo and see if we couldn’t get some interesting sounds on tape. Next thing I know he’s staying in my guesthouse over the holidays and we’re drinking vino, hunting mushrooms and throwing musical pasta at the walls.”Lennon adds, “The Claypool Lennon Delirium will (gently) melt your face with heart-pounding low-frequency oscillations and interdimensional guitar squeals. We look forward to seeing you very soon.” The feeling is mutual. Learn more about the track and how the unlikely duo came together here.[via CoS]last_img read more

Big Gigantic, Emancipator & More Highlight The Bonanza Campout 2016 [A Gallery]

first_imgLoad remaining images A full gallery of Bonanza Campout images can be seen below. Situated near Park City, UT, the annual Bonanza Campout brought a number of talented artists out to the Rocky Mountains last weekend. Among the many performers were groups like Big Gigantic, Cold War Kids, Emancipator, Savoy, JR JR, and so many more! The pristine environment and banging music made for an ideal weekend for music lovers, one that will not soon be forgotten!Thanks to the festival, we have some beautiful photographs by FDM Media to share of the festivities. Keep on rockin’, Bonanza!last_img

Watch Bruce Springsteen Jam With Phish In Honor Of His 67th Birthday Today

first_imgThere are few musicians who have achieved the incredible success and longevity of Bruce Springsteen. The Boss was born (in the U.S.A.) on September 23, 1949. He has been playing music for over fifty years and has released eighteen studio albums in that time—all of which have received at least a Gold certification, and the majority of which have gone Platinum at least once over. He’s earned countless awards for his work, including twenty Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, an Academy Award, and induction into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.To his scores of die-hard fans, Bruce’s live performances are an equally significant facet of his legacy. Springsteen has played thousands of shows over the course of his career, building a devoted following of fans that keep coming back to his shows. He has developed a reputation as a road warrior, mounting extensive tours with performances that push four hours per night and that feature constantly changing setlists. Many fans follow Springsteen and the E Street Band, going to countless shows in different cities around the world.In honor of the Boss’s 67th birthday today, watch him jam with Phish—another band that has earned a deeply devoted following with their live shows—at Bonnaroo in 2009. Springsteen reportedly stayed an extra day after his performance at the festival just to catch Phish, and they invited him up to help them close out their first set, running through rock n’ roll standard “Mustang Sally” and Bruce’s “Bobby Jean” and “Glory Days.” Happy birthday, Bruce!“Mustang Sally”[via YouTube user Eric Wolfe]“Bobby Jean” [via YouTube user CapturedAlive]“Glory Days”[via YouTube user Robe5k]last_img read more

Circles Around The Sun Announces First-Ever Headlining Performance At Brooklyn Bowl

first_imgLast year, the Neal Casal-led group Circles Around The Sun made their debut by composing the psychedelic setbreak music at the Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” celebration. The music spawned something of a cult following, so much so that the band released their instruments as an album in 2015. Around that time, Casal said that the band would never perform live.As fans already know, that sentiment changed when Circles Around The Sun appeared on the Lockn’ Festival lineup. The band treated fans to an otherworldly performance, capturing their unique compositions with psychedelic overtones for the late night crowd. (Watch it here). Casal, along with bassist Dan Horne, drummer Mark Levy, and keyboardist Adam MacDougall, put on one of the best performances of the weekend.Fortunately for us, the band will soon be active again! Circles Around The Sun announced a new performance on November 23rd, hitting the Brooklyn Bowl for their first-ever venue performance and second-ever live performance ever! Tickets and more information can be found here.last_img read more

Bob Weir, Jerry Harrison, Les Claypool, Members Of SCI & More To Play John Perry Barlow Benefit Show

first_imgBeloved Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow has encountered health problems over the last few years, and now he needs our help! Fortunately, as Barlow has inspired an incredible number of musicians, those artists will join forces to help raise money for his recovery.Taking place at the Sweetwater Music Hall on October 24th, the fundraiser will feature Bob Weir, Jerry Harrison, members of The String Cheese Incident, Lukas Nelson, Sean Lennon & Les Claypool, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and more for an intimate performance! There will also be auctions at the benefit, and all proceeds will go directly towards Barlow’s recovery.For those who can’t make it but want to help, check out this Wellness Trust link. You can find tickets for this exciting event here.[H/T JamBase]last_img

Jerry Garcia’s Search For The Soul Of Americana With The Hart Valley Drifters

first_imgIt may seem odd that Folk Time, an album by a short lived bluegrass collective known as Hart Valley Drifters out of San Francisco in 1962, is getting breathless national coverage 54 years after the fact. The buzz makes sense when you hear one of the names involved… the fellow on the banjo and guitar named Jerry Garcia. For the countless fans of Garcia and the Grateful Dead, the recently unearthed music is a musical treasure chest of prototypical Americana exploration from their fallen idol. While the performances presented here are definitely raw and the bluegrass bonafides of the players questionable, the spirit of love for the material is not.Starting with band introductions, we meet the Hart Valley Drifters, a collection of college age friends that also includes noted Garcia collaborators, songwriter Robert Hunter and David Nelson of The New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Though all three would go on to make great strides in not just learning the “bluegrass and old-timey” music, as Garcia calls it in the intro, they were key in introducing the genre to a legion of new listeners through their work with The Grateful Dead. Their life long dedication to the form is what makes this snap shot into their earliest attempts at bringing the songs to life in a modern setting.Many of the tracks on Folk Time are traditional songs like “Roving Gambler” whose origins have passed into iniquity, though at the time they were receiving fresh interpretations by contemporary acts. The second track on the disc, “Ground Speed,” was also released the year before by the famed Flatt & Scruggs Band, and was surely heard by the avid music collectors in the band. Comparing the two contemporary performances reveals a lot of where Jerry Garcia was coming from, instrumentally at least, and where he wished to be.The late fifties and early sixties folk renaissance was the flip side of the surge in popularity of jazz music, another genre Garcia would come to embrace. While jazz featured free flowing musical experimentation that Garcia would later embrace, bluegrass is a music of structure and tradition. It is said that before one breaks the rules it is best to learn WHY the rules exist. Following that logic, Garcia’s work here putting in the due diligence, studying song craft, gave him the knowledge needed to explore the furthest reaches of his art with the surety that made him a such a trusted musical partner.In his work on the album on both guitar and banjo, Garcia shows flashes of the smooth runs and insightful ability to find the core of the melody he is playing. His fellow players are all up for the challenge, though their blended vocals seem to lack a certain comfort, likely due to their youth. A tentative nature seems to mark the instrumental performances on Folk Time as well, but the simple fact that they tried illustrates the timeless appeal of the music of the strings, prairies and mountains. What drew these eager young musicians into the art form is the honest simplicity that still exists to this day.With so many of the form’s greats alive at the time and putting out recordings that have moved on to be iconic versions, this album likely would have fared poorly if it had been released way back when. Now that it is in the hands of fans and students of Jerry Garcia’s work, Folk Time becomes a touchstone in his career, a bridge between where he was and what he eventually became, a many faceted voice that changed the world.last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee & Spafford Kick Off Their Run Together In Richmond [Full Audio]

first_imgUmphrey’s McGee is hosting up-and-coming jam heroes Spafford on a number of dates this Winter and Spring. The two bands teamed up in Richmond, Virginia last night at The National for their first of two nights. Both bands are known for their compositional fluidity, seamless transitions, and extended jamming, making for a great pair all around.Umphrey’s set started off with a rare combination of “Mantis Ghetts” > “Mantis” into “Thin Air” after starting with “Andy’s Last Beer.” The first set also included the 6th ever version of “Draconian.” Second set also brought an “In The Flesh” > “Another Brick In The Wall” Pink Floyd pair from The Wall, before jamming into “Ringo”, “Tribute to the Spinal Shaft”, and “The Fuzz”, possibly hinting at a theme for the night’s setlist considering the day’s earlier events with the Inauguration. The set ended with “Final Word” back into “Mantis”, before returning for a “Glory” > “Kid Charlemagne” encore.Similarly, Spafford opened their set with “America” to honor the historical day.Thanks to taper opsopcopolis, you can enjoy both shows below: Check out Spafford’s tour schedule below, including all dates with Umphrey’s McGee and more![photo by Phierce Photo at The Tabernacle]last_img read more

Prince’s Previously Unreleased “Our Destiny”/”Roadhouse Garden” Appears On “Purple Rain” Reissue

first_imgPrince‘s seminal album Purple Rain is due for a re-release on June 23, with a Deluxe and Deluxe – Expanded Edition through NPG Records and Warner Brothers Records. The release features six previously unreleased tracks. In celebration of such, the labels have shared the second recording, a mashup of “Our Destiny”/”Roadhouse Garden.” Both tracks were recorded together at a June 7th, 1984 performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis, which also served as a celebration for Prince’s 26th birthday, just a few weeks before Purple Rain was released.The first track “Our Destiny” features the vocals of Lisa Coleman of The Revolution, while “Roadhouse Garden” features Prince as lead singer, with backing vocals from Lisa and Dr. Fink.Get Down:last_img