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Ambulance crews happier with work

first_imgLondon Ambulance Service has reduced staff turnover and boosted employeesatisfaction following the introduction of a successful partnership agreementwith unions. Wendy Foers, HR director and Unison branch secretary Eric Roberts are in nodoubt that the partnership is largely responsible for the positive results ofits latest staff survey published last week. The survey reveals that the proportion of staff who say the service is goodto work for has risen from 61 per cent last year to 73 per cent. Staff turnover has also fallen from 12 per cent to 5 per cent in the 18months since management and unions drew up a statement of intent outlining thepartnership following the appointment of former operations director PeterBradley as chief executive. “We would not have made this progress over the last two years withoutthe support of the trade unions and staff and we have achieved that supportthrough this way of working,” said Foers. One of the partnership’s first achievements was to successfully lobby theGovernment to fight for more funds and draw up a four-year service improvementprogramme. This has helped revolutionise working relations between management and unionsand led to improvements in the way crews are managed, better training anddevelopment and a clear career path for all staff. Family-friendly rosters have been introduced to help staff with childrenbalance work and home lives and individual sector support rosters allowpersonnel to opt for night shifts and weekend working if these hours suit theirsituations. Team leaders have been introduced to manage and provide close support for upto 20 ambulance staff and help station officers who were previouslysingle-handedly responsible for managing 120 employees. LAS has introduced an Applying for Promotion Workshop to help staff who wantto progress through the service. By Ben Willmott Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Ambulance crews happier with workOn 23 Jul 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img


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