Premier Recognizes Excellence in Public Service

first_img Award winners reflect government’s commitment to public service excellence and continuous improvement, while demonstrating the courage to step into new territory to achieve their goals. They are selected by a panel of deputy ministers. “Every day I see, first-hand, the tremendous work that our public servants do. They take pride in their work and help make our province great,” said Public Service Commission Minister Labi Kousoulis. “Each year, there are public servants who go above and beyond. They exceed expectations and do something truly exceptional.” For more information about the award, this year’s recipients and their work, visit The Nova Scotia Trunked Mobile Radio 2, Project Implementation Team from the Department of Internal Services. This team completed a state-of-the-art mobile radio communications platform for all police, fire, Emergency Health Services, ground search and rescue, municipal Emergency Management Office units, 14 provincial departments, and the RCMP. Team members are Todd Brown, Marion Pye, Tom Conrad, Suzan MacLean, Scott Hawkes, Matthew Boyle and Paul Maynard. The Integrated Resource Management Team, western region, Department of Natural Resources. This team modernized the province’s approach to the approval of forestry harvesting on Crown land. The team members are Daniel Swim, Donald Sam, Duncan Bayne and Quentin Jackman. Marjorie Davison from the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency. Ms. Davison played a major role in creating the first system of apprentice mobility in Canada. Her innovative thinking and leadership have meant that young tradespeople can gain the experience they need to advance their careers. Premier Stephen McNeil honoured 12 public servants today, June 7, with the most prestigious award a government employee can receive. The Premier’s Award of Excellence recognizes exceptional efforts of public servants who deliver high-quality programs and services to Nova Scotia families, communities and businesses. Premier McNeil presented awards to two teams and one individual. “Today we celebrate and thank several outstanding employees who are doing great things,” said Premier McNeil. “I am impressed by the excellent work being done every day by public servants and it is an honour to present this award to employees who are making a difference in our province.” This year’s recipients are:last_img read more

Saudi King Salmans brother dies at 96

first_imgRiyadh: Saudi Arabia was gearing up Monday for the funeral of King Salman’s elder brother, the royal court said, after he died at the age of 96. “His Royal Highness Prince Bandar bin Abdulaziz al-Saud passed away,” the royal court said Sunday in a brief statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. “A funeral prayer will be performed for his soul… on Monday… at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.” The prince was the eldest surviving son of Saudi Arabia’s founding monarch, King Abdulaziz. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US The royal court did not elaborate on the cause of his death, but some local media said he had been ill for several years. He was not said to be a politically active member of the royal Al-Saud family which counts thousands of members, only a handful of whom wield direct influence over the kingdom. His sons, however, hold key government positions. Prince Faisal bin Bandar is the governor of Riyadh while Prince Abdullah bin Bandar is the head of the Saudi National Guard. His death comes as King Salman’s son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — who sidelined his cousin as heir to the throne — consolidates his grip on power.last_img read more

Life and death Mistake sent one family to funeral home the other

first_imgDoctors told Jody Littlewolf that her daughter was brain dead and should be taken off life support, but the mother couldn’t shake a strange feeling she had about the teenage girl lying in front of her.Littlewolf repeatedly refused to have the girl whose body had been badly battered in a car crash taken off the machines keeping her alive in a Calgary hospital.“I just knew something wasn’t right.”A two-hour drive south of the city, at a funeral home in Cardston, Alta., Judy Medicine Crane and several relatives had gathered to pick out a casket and flowers for her daughter, who had been in the same collision.Medicine Crane hadn’t been allowed to see the body — too much trauma, a medical examiner had told her.When a funeral home employee later handed her a velvet bag with her girl’s jewelry inside, she was perplexed. She had never seen the necklace, bracelet, silver tongue stud and pink nose ring. Her daughter didn’t have a pierced nose.Medicine Crane questioned the worker about the nose ring. “He just looked at me and said, ‘Oh, it could have been while the vehicle was rolling around and, like, got stuck in her nose.’”“That was what his answer was. And I was just trying to make sense of it.”The two mothers would struggle with more questions following the crash near Standoff on the Blood Reserve on July 31, 2005. After three days, it would be discovered that the girls, close friends who belonged to the same youth group, had been mistaken for each other.Littlewolf’s daughter, 15-year-old Chantal Many Grey Horses, was not the girl in the hospital bed. She had died in the crash.And Medicine Crane’s daughter, 17-year-old Misty Medicine Crane, was not in the funeral home. She was the one in hospital.It was a mix-up similar to one last month when two junior hockey players from the Humboldt Broncos were misidentified after a fatal crash between the team’s bus and a semi-truck.Two days later, it was discovered that a player believed to be dead was actually alive in hospital, while a player thought to have been injured was dead in a morgue.Littlewolf, of the Piikani Nation, says the uneasiness she felt about the girl in the hospital bed turned to certainty when she asked the nurses if she could help wash the body.Littlewolf and Chantal would often hang out at home and massage each other’s feet.“I was standing at the foot of her bed,” she recalls. “Just when I ran my thumb up her foot — I felt the texture. I knew that was (the other girl) Misty right then and there.”At the same time, a nurse told Littlewolf she had the same eyes as the girl in the bed. The mother ran out into the hall and prayed and cried. She told people the girl wasn’t her daughter, but they didn’t believe her.“Everyone was telling me I was in shock.”Medicine Crane, who lives in Lethbridge, Alta., says that as she and the family sat in a restaurant, she continued to voice concerns about the girl they were planning to bury. A niece asked if anyone had checked for a tattoo.Medicine Crane had forgotten about the skin design. A month before the crash, for Misty’s birthday, the pair had gone together to get inked. Medicine Crane got a small heart with a zebra on her ankle.Misty had the words “life” and “death” put on the back of her left shoulder.Medicine Crane raced back to the funeral home. After arguing with staff, she finally got to see the girl’s body.She had no tattoo.There were frantic phone calls and the two families switched places at the funeral home and the hospital.Medicine Crane said her daughter was alive but already gone. When doctors showed her an image of Misty’s brain and explained that she had suffered more than 200 strokes, she agreed to have her taken off life support.She and her family then went back to the same funeral home and continued with the burial plans.Blood Tribe police said at the time that they had relied on other passengers in the car to identify the girls.Medicine Crane says one of the witnesses had just met her daughter the day of the crash. And most of them had been drinking and were likely to have been unreliable.She also doesn’t understand why no one asked the families about identifying features such as piercings and tattoos.Both mothers say they were angry but have since accepted the mistake and moved on.“I’m sad that it had to be that way,” says Medicine Crane, who adds she would have liked to have had more time with her daughter in the hospital.“But I can deal with it now. I can be stronger about it.”Littlewolf says she’s glad she had the time in the hospital, even though her girl was never there. She’s sure her daughter’s spirit heard her talking and whispering “I love you.”“That’s what got me through it without putting blame on people,” she says.“If I kept that anger, I’d never be able to move on.”last_img read more

Hulu sued for not offering audio service for blind customers

first_imgBOSTON – Advocacy groups have sued Hulu in an effort to force the subscription streaming service to provide an audio track that helps people who are blind or visually impaired enjoy TV shows and movies.The federal lawsuit filed in Boston on Monday asks the court to declare that Hulu’s failure to provide services for the blind violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. The groups say Hulu has refused to do so despite repeated requests from advocates and blind customers.“They want to enjoy Hulu like everyone else in the country,” said Meredith Weaver, an attorney with Disability Rights Advocates, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of the American Council of the Blind, Bay State Council of the Blind and a blind Massachusetts couple.A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles-based Hulu didn’t immediately respond to an email Tuesday.The groups want Hulu to provide audio tracks that describe a scene, facial expressions or actions during a pause in dialogue. The audio track “describes what a sighted person might take for granted and blind or visually impaired person can otherwise only experience through whispers from a sighted companion,” the lawsuit says.The lawsuit also seeks to ensure people who use screen readers can use Hulu’s website and applications. Screen readers convey what’s seen on a website or apps using audio or braille.“Movies and television are pillars of American culture,” said Kim Charlson, president of the American Council of the Blind. “As delivery of such media transitions to video streaming services, it is critical that these platforms be accessible in order to ensure the inclusion of blind and visually impaired individuals in contemporary society.”Most major movie companies already provide audio description tracks, and audio exists for many TV shows and movies that are available on Hulu, the lawsuit says.Netflix in 2015 started offering an audio track for the show “Daredevil” that features a blind superhero after fans complained. In a settlement reached last year with the American Council of the Blind and others, Netflix agreed to expand its audio description offering and make its website and mobile apps accessible for people who rely on screen reading software.The Hulu competitor says it now provides audio description for most its original titles and some other TV shows and movies.___This story has been corrected to show that the president of the American Council of the Blind is named Kim Charlson, not Kim Charleson.____Follow Alanna Durkin Richer at @aedurkinricher . Read more of her work here .last_img read more

UN initiative allows youth to look cool while saving the planet

1 October 2008An updated version of an initiative by two United Nations agencies, seeking to reverse current “throw-away” trends by reducing waste from discarded products such as mobile phones and outdated fashion, allows youth to stay on top of trends while also taking part in the fight against climate change. Produced by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the YouthXchange Training Kit seeks to promote sustainable consumption among youth worldwide.This year’s kit, revised from the previous 2002 version, includes a new chapter on how to balance aspirations of dressing fashionably while being aware of the impact of consumption on global warming.Young people often try to establish their identities and seek social inclusion through what they purchase, but this exacerbates problems such as the depletion of the ozone layer.YouthXchange, one of UNEP’s most important youth sustainable consumption-related activities, empowers young people “to make different choices in their daily lives and be actors of change,” said Gabriela Monteiro, one of the agency’s youth advisers.UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner voiced hope that through their purchasing patterns, youth can influence the wider world and back the successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol, whose first commitment period ends in 2012, expected to be concluded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December next year.“Young people in developed and rapidly developing economies can play a massive part in fighting climate change while being cool and keeping the planet cool, too,” he said.The scheme, translated and adapted into 19 languages, also discusses the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development from 2005-2014.“Buying a product, whatever it is, is never a neutral act for the environment,” said UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura. “Its production, its use and the management of the waste it generates, all [have an] impact – to a greater or lesser degree – on our planet.” read more

Government says plant in Kuliyapitiya not by Volkswagen

Some Government statements had claimed yesterday that the Kuliyapitiya vehicle assembly plant is by Volkswagen. “This scandal that rocked VW was a complete shock to everyone, obviously including us in Sri Lanka. Apparently Senok Automobiles who had signed for VW had attempted to save the agreement and continue with the investment as planned. However, at one point, I believe after much negotiations, the Government had decided it would be better not to go with a dedicated VW assembly plant due to possible legal issues that could crop up due to the massive fallout from their emissions scam. This we knew today when the PM explained the sequence of events to us,”  the Deputy Minister said.He said that given the BOI agreement had still been in place with Senok Automobiles for the original VW assembly they had rescued the project by agreeing with the BOI to go ahead to establish the plant to assemble various makes of European automobiles.“At this point the BOI should have announced to the press the change. It’s unfortunate it was not done as all of us were caught by surprise and now have to face this allegation of attempting to hide facts,” he added. “In my new job as the Deputy Minister of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs I met with the then Ambassador of Germany HE Dr Jurgen Morhard in Early January, 2015. At this meeting the Ambassador indicated that Volkswagen had attempted to set up a plant in Sri Lanka since 2008 but failed due to ‘various’ reasons. I indicated to him that we would be delighted to have VW set up a plant in Sri Lanka and we initiated discussions between the Government and the company. Having initiated the possible investment, HE the Ambassador and I moved out. In that, handed over the responsibility to the implementing parties and the policy ministry at the time was not an implementation office, rather a planning office. We were told the discussions continued among the various stakeholders locally. We were informed that Volkswagen’s local agent Senok Automobiles representing the car maker negotiated terms with several government authorities to get necessary clearances,” he said.In mid-August 2015 BOI and Senok Automobiles signed an agreement to establish an assembly plant for Volkswagen in Kuliyapitiya.However in just a matter of a couple of weeks after signing the agreement, on 3 September 2015, Volkswagen, after months of denial, had admitted to the EPA in the US that they had cheated on emissions tests on some of their diesel models in the US. On 18 September 2015, the EPA went public with this admission of guilt. President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe placed the foundation stone yesterday for the construction of the vehicle assembly plant in Kuliyapitiya.Meanwhile, in a post on his Facebook, Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva said that he was responsible for the initiation of the Kuliyapitiya project and that the project was to involve  Volkswagen. The Government says the vehicle assembly plant in Kuliyapitiya is not by German automaker Volkswagen.Kurunegala District Parliamentarian and Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam told the Colombo Gazette that the Government never said the vehicle assembly plant in Kuliyapitiya is by Volkswagen. The Deputy Minister said that the vehicle assembly plant was then renamed Western Automobile and the foundation stone was laid for an automobile assembly.“At no point at the foundation laying ceremony (which I could not attend) had there been any mention of the plant being for VW. In fact since I moved out of my earlier portfolio of Deputy Minister of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs to the new one in the Foreign Ministry in August 2015, I had no dealings with the project and was sincerely unaware of the various changes until it was explained today. I would appreciate that fact be respected before plunging in to accusation of hoodwinking. However if the BOI explained the changes when they happened it would have been a lot better,” he said.The Deputy Minister noted that as a country Sri Lanka can be satisfied that the assembly plant is being established and many jobs will be created besides thousands of training opportunities for young people. (Colombo Gazette) Soon thereafter the VW stock crashed and the senior management was fired. Later some 30,000 jobs were cut and it has thus far cost the carmaker some US$ 18 billion in losses. A spokesperson at Volkswagen had however told Sirasa TV today that Volkswagen does not have any direct investments in Sri Lanka at the moment. read more

Experts convene in Geneva to discuss follow up to 2001 UN antiracism

The experts include former Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan bin Talal, founding member and Vice-Chairman of the Foundation for Inter-religious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue in Geneva, Edna Maria Santos Roland, President of the Board of Directors of the Fala Preta Organization of Black Women in Brazil, who served as Rapporteur-General of the World Conference; Salim Ahmed Salim of Tanzania, former President of the UN General Assembly and the Organization of African Unity; and former Polish Prime Minister Hanna Suchocka.The fifth member of the panel, former Finnish President Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari, currently Co-Chairman of the East West Institute and Chairman of the International Crisis Group, is unable to attend the meeting, which will run through 18 September.The experts will also discuss cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. read more

Roots cofounders sell majority stake to Searchlight Capital investment firm

Roots co-founders sell majority stake to Searchlight Capital investment firm by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 26, 2015 4:05 pm MDT Last Updated Oct 26, 2015 at 5:03 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – The co-owners of prominent clothing chain Roots Canada are selling off a majority stake in the company to a private equity firm as another wave of retail competition hits Canada.Roots — known for emblazoning its famous beaver logo across sweatshirts and other garments and dressing Olympic Games athletes — will now be owned by Searchlight Capital Partners LP while the retailer’s co-founders, Michael Budman and Don Green, maintain a smaller stake.The unspecified “significant investment” by Searchlight Capital, which has offices in Toronto, New York and London, will be used to launch the brand’s next stage of growth.Budman and Green say they both intend to remain actively involved with Roots.Searchlight Capital has invested in other Canadian companies, including rubber boot maker Hunter Boot Ltd. and Canadian frozen food retailer M&M Meat Shops.In a statement, Budman said the duo met with the co-founders of Searchlight before signing the agreement.“We were impressed by how well they understood and respected our brand,” he said.“Not only do they have relevant experience, international expertise and financial resources to draw on, but they are also committed to Roots staying true to its long-standing values, culture and quality products.”Roots also has to contend with the soaring popularity of fast fashion retailers like H&M, Zara and trendy, lower-priced brands like Topshop.And next spring Hudson’s Bay (TSX:HBC) plans to throw open the doors to the first Saks Fifth Avenue stores, while U.S. department store chain Nordstrom is also opening stores in big cities across the country.Despite the competition, Roots hasn’t budged on embracing its Canadian identity and reputation for durability.When Target Corp. entered Canada, Roots signed a partnership where the U.S. discount chain stocked its Beaver Canoe home decor offerings and some of its clothing.Roots operates 245 retail stores across Canada, the United States and Asia. read more

Colombia agreement to reintegrate children from FARC welcomed by UN envoy

“I feel privileged to be here today with the Colombians and welcome this important commitment, which puts the issue of children at the heart of the peace process and promises to change their lives. This is an urgently needed step for children who have never known a country at peace,” said Leila Zerrougui, the UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, speaking at the event in Havana, which has been hosting talks between the Colombian Government and FARC since 2012. Ms. Zerrougui congratulated the parties who led this process, as well as the guarantors and others, in particular the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Colombia, which have supported these negotiations from its onset. “The signing of this agreement is a historic moment for all the Colombians. It is an opportunity we cannot miss, to give children a present and future they deserve,” she declared.As part of the commitment, children under the age of fifteen will be released first, following by the separation of all children under 18. Today’s commitment includes core principles to ensure that separated children will be treated primarily as victims, and that their best interests will be considered as a matter of priority in the reintegration into their communities.“Today we celebrate, but tomorrow the work begins to help children rebuild their lives and transition into a peaceful civilian life. The United Nations and partners stand ready to support this process,” concluded the UN Special Representative.According to the UN, hostilities in Colombia between the Government and the FARC have disrupted the lives of more than a quarter of a million children since peace talks began three years ago between the parties to the conflict. Later in the day, UNICEF also welcomed the agreement by the Colombian Government and FARC-EP, Colombia’s main armed opposition group, for the release of all children under the age of 15 from FARC’s ranks. “This is a historic moment for the children of Colombia,” said Roberto de Bernardi, UNICEF Representative in Colombia. “UNICEF stands ready to support the release of all children and their reintegration into their families and communities, in accordance with national and international law,” he added. Peace talks between the Government and FARC to end over five decades of conflict started more than three years ago, leading to significant improvements on the ground: Between 2013 and 2015, the number of children killed or injured by landmines and unexploded ordnance halved while the number of displaced children dropped by 40 per cent, according to a recent UNICEF report.However, the report, Childhood in the Time of War: Will the children of Colombia know peace at last?, also notes that an estimated 1,000 children were used or recruited by non-state armed groups during that period, and over 230,000 children were displaced.“As the country moves closer toward peace, it is critical that all children who have paid the price of this conflict, either directly or indirectly, receive the protection, support and assistance they need,” Mr. de Bernardi said. read more

Mid year 2005 CV registrations up again

Rolling year registrations at 395,741 up 4.8 per cent on year to June 2004 YTD CV registrations up 5,818 units and 3.0 per cent to 200,017 Positive monthly growth for medium vans, light and medium trucks ‘2005’s strong growth continues: Medium vans, light and medium trucks bucked the downward trend in June, on the back of orders won last winter,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. ‘Despite mixed fortunes for some segments, the main message is that 2005 commercial vehicle registrations are on course to hit or beat last year’s levels.’ If you have any questions, please call: Robin Dickeson Tel: +44 (0)2 073 449 222 Mobile: +44 07 974 435 641 E-mail: DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

HP Interview with Manolo Cadenas My second life in Poland

Manolo Cadenas Experienced Spanish coach Manolo Cadenas leads Polish vice-champions Orlen Wisla Plock in third season. Former legendary coach of BM Ademar Leon (1995-2007) wants to make something similar with the second best Polish squad and he has “free hands” to make it as good as possible. talked with him in Zagreb before the match against Croatian champions at VELUX EHF Champions League.Manolo, are you happy in Poland?– I am very happy in Poland. I came there as a 58 years old man, but me and my wife, we are both happy.Do you thought only five years ago  about going abroad, for example to Poland, to work as other TOP Spanish coaches who conquering Europe in this moment?– Never. Our League was very strong with Ciudad Real, Barca, Portland San Antonio, Ademar Leon, Valladolid, CAI Zaragoza, it was amazing competition. Since financial problems began, I started to learn English and think about international career. A lot of coaches and players are abroad, but that is good experience for all of us. For me, it is a new life.Would you like to come-back to some Spanish team. Do you think about that?– It will be difficult, but I don’t think about come-back. I am in very good era in Plock. We are improving, starting to be a very good team in Poland, but also in Europe. I am looking forward for my future in Poland.You are in specific situation, both far away from trophies in Poland against Kielce and Europe. How to motivate people around you and set specific goals?– The first goal is to be competitive. That means we want to win every single match. We have problems as Kielce is on very high sports level, but our disadvantage in comparation with them are also referees. Of course, they were better than us in some matches, although they have other kind of support. It’s difficult, our budgets are different. They can sign any European TOP player of from Wisla, but we are trying to be better. We are trying to be competitive even with them.MANOLO’S CAREER:Naranco de Oviedo (1986-1989)Club Handbol Cantàbria (1989- 1991)Club Balonmano Valladolid (1991-1995)Club Balonmano Ademar León (1995-2007)Futbol Club Barcelona (2007 – 2009)BM Granollers (2010-2012)Orlen Wisla Plock (2013-)Spain (2013-)It was shocking to see fighting scene between Talant Dujshebaev and you during one of the derby matches…– Both coaches were hot in the same moment. Blood was hot, but after match I congratulated him, even after that little fight. We gave a hug to eachother. It is forgotten. Both of us made mistake. We have to make better image for coaching profession.How you would describe Spanish coaching revolution with Rivera, Dujshebaev, Pastor, Ortega, Martin you…– Spanish coaches are ready to lead the teams on the highest level as they have experience from strong ASOBAL. We were ready to learn from all foreign coaches and players who played in Spain for many years. The main characteristic of the Spanish coach is work on improvement of collective play. You can see that also on Spanish player worldwide. Our mentality helps us in that direction.How do you see eachothers? Are you colleagues, rivals, how strong are relations between you?– Our relations are good. Valero Rivera and Talant Dujshebaev won all the major trophies, others working in a little less ambitious teams, but in general, level of Spanish coaches are very high.What is biggest difference between Spanish and, for example, Nordic coaches?– Spanish league was a hell. We learned a lot from foreigners. We are giving a lot on tactics, maybe more than Scandinavians.Do you like new system in EHF Champions League?– It is early to say. Let’s see the first half of the season and then we can make some clear opinion.You are targeting fifth place in the Group?– Fifth or sixth. Group is very strong.Who is the biggest favorite to win the VELUX EHF Champions League?– It is difficult to say, but look Paris with Karabatić and Hansen. They have a lot of options.How far away is Wisla from Cologne?– Vardar was close last year to play in Cologne. They had good matches against Kielce, and before that, we had good matches against them. We will try, our team is improving, we have great potential, we have to develop all aspects. We beat Barca, Veszprem, Flensburg in EHF CL matches, why not?Spain needs medal at the Olympic Games.– Of course, that is biggest goal for all the teams.Who can beat France, it looks that you are closer?– I meet them in two occasions in Denmark and Qatar, and I lost both semi-finals. It is extremely difficult – concludes Manolo Cadenas. ← Previous Story FC Barcelona without Dani Sarmiento next two months! Next Story → Mladen Bojinović a rescuer in Tremblay? read more

Taoiseach rules out giving voting rights to all in Seanad elections

first_img“That’s an issue that we need to look at for all future referenda, but I think people will be even more confused about elements of how the Senate might be structured,” Kenny said today.The government intends to legislate for a 1979 referendum result which would extend the franchise for elections to all third-level graduates, but proposals allowing for everybody in the State who is eligible to have a vote have been ruled out.The Taoiseach said he did not “believe that the framers of the Constitution intended that you’d have a universal suffrage for the Senate in the same way as the Dáil”, pointing to the political deadlock in the US because of disputes between the House of Representatives and the Senate.No more referendumsHe also said he had “no intention of going back for another referendum” regarding the Seanad following the defeat of the proposal to abolish it in October.Kenny met with Seanad and political party leaders in Leinster House today to discuss how Standing Orders could be changed to give the upper house greater powers of scrutiny.He said that the Seanad’s Committee on Procedures and Privileges (CPP) will look at issues such as allowing the upper house to have scrutiny of European legislation, and for Ministers and committee chairpersons to come into the chamber to deal with Oireachtas Committee reports.He also said that there needed to be better planning so as that Ministers can be given notice to come to the Seanad when they are requested to do so by Senators during the Order of Business.“So I think there are quite a number of procedural issues that we can deal with to make the running of the Seanad, within the existing constraints of the Constitution, far more effective and I would like to see that happen,” he said today.He also said that other issues, including possible further legislation, will be dealt with by “a task force representative of the different groupings” within the Oireachtas, which will look at “the implication of any other piece of legislation that might be involved here”.Read: All third-level graduates to get vote as part of Seanad reforms agreed by CabinetEnda Kenny tells the Seanad: ‘I come in peace, not in war’ THE SEANAD SHOULD have a role to scrutinise European legislation and Oireachtas committee reports, but there will be no more referendums on the issue and no universal suffrage for elections to the upper house, the Taoiseach has said.Enda Kenny was speaking today as he cited a report from Referendum Commission about the two recent referendums which he said showed that 55 per cent of those who voted were unclear about the ballot papers and what they meant.last_img read more

Toux du nourrisson des médicaments seraient contreindiqués

first_imgToux du nourrisson : des médicaments seraient contre-indiquésParis, France – Plusieurs médicaments destinés à soigner la toux chez le nourrisson ont été déclarés défavorables par l’Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé (Afssaps). Plusieurs sirops sont notamment concernés. L’annonce de l’Afssaps se base sur une estimation de la Commission d’autorisation de mise sur le marché, qui a étudié le rapport bénéfices/risques de plusieurs antitussifs. Cette commission a estimé que les antitussifs antihistaminiques H1 de première génération (comme le Phenergan, Théralène, Toplexil, Calmixène) étaient plus défavorables que favorables pour les nourrissons, entraînant parfois des dépressions respiratoires et des complications neuropsychiatriques.A cela s’ajoutent également les suppositoires terpéniques pour le risque de convulsions qu’ils peuvent entraîner. L’Afsapps conseille aux médecins de proposer davantage de mesures hygiéno-diététiques pour les nourrissons atteints de toux, et moins d’antitussifs si cela n’est pas absolument nécessaire. Les parents peuvent se renseigner sur le sujet sur le site Internet de l’Afssaps. Le 29 octobre 2010 à 16:12 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Pokemon Go nearby tracker getting major update

first_img Guarantee 1000+ CP1/17For Pokemon that can evolve, their starting CP will dictate whether or not their final evolution will hit the coveted 1000+ mark. While each Pokemon grow at different rates, you can use PoGoToolKit to estimate their final CP.Photo Credit: @iBlali on Twitter.<><> .@PokemonGoApp / @PokeVisionGo / @YangCLiu HERE IS A VIDEO FOR THOSE ASKING. 🙂— Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) August 9, 2016The tracker will now be broken up into two sections, “Nearby” and “Sightings.” The former shows you which Pokestop Pokemon are near, and lets you highlight the one you need to head towards, while the latter shows which Pokemon are out in the field. This confirms quite a few players’ suspicions that Pokemon tend to spawn closer to Pokestops. For now, “Sightings” works much like the current tracker– showing a general list without any clear direction about which way you should go.Niantic has always held to the line that even when it worked, the tracker wasn’t quite what they wanted it to be. This is just a test and it could all change quite a bit before the final update rolls out, but if this is the direction the company’s moving, I’m feeling pretty jazzed. The nearby tracker in Pokemon Go has had a rough couple of weeks. But developer Niantic has started testing a new tracking system that looks like it’ll please just about everyone.For all three of you who haven’t started playing Pokemon Go, the nearby tracker was supposed to help players hone in on Pokemon. Like people on safari, it let you keep tabs on rare creatures and work out how far away they were. Or at least… it was supposed to, but the feature’s been broken pretty much since the app launched.As of this week, Niantic has rolled out a new version of the tracker to a “subset of users” for testing, and it looks… pretty damned great.last_img read more

Battery Pack Deals Save Up to 75 Off on Portable Chargers

first_img Having a portable charger these days is a must. Between smartphones, tablets, and watches, it’s impossible to get through the day without desperately hunting for a power outlet. Fortunately, there are some great portable chargers that can prevent you from ever having a depleted battery.Here are 10 portable chargers that you should seriously consider.SCOUT Wireless 5,000mAh Portable ChargerLike things built-in? This charger comes with a built-in wall charger and built-in cables. It even has Qi wireless charging so you can wirelessly charge your new iPhone or Android phone without using any wires.MSRP: $80Our Price: $39.99 (50% off)3-Port Charger with Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger & Power BankSick of carrying around separate chargers for each of your devices? This charger has Qi wireless charging, high-speed USB ports, and a USB-C port, so it can charge everything in your arsenal from one battery.MSRP: $129.99Our Price: $34.99 (73% off)GOSPACE SuperChargerLooking for a charger that can charge all your devices simultaneously? This charger can handle up to four devices at once via USB, USB-C, or Qi wireless charging.MSRP: $99.99Our Price: $44.99 (54% off)Nomad Tile Trackable PowerPackSick of constantly losing your chargers? This charger has Tile technology built in so you can locate it whenever it goes missing.Price: $119.95Powerup Wireless Charging 10,000mAh Dual USB BatteryA charger doesn’t do you any good if it’s not on you. This charger is so lightweight that you can toss it in your bag and completely forget that it’s there.MSRP: $69.99Our Price: $24.99 (64% off)SolarJuice 26,800mAh External BatteryLooking for a charger that will last forever? This charger has enough juice to recharge your iPhone XS 10 times. It’s also solar powered so it’s perfect for camping.MSRP: $99.99Our Price: $46.99 (53% off)Water-Resistant Dual-USB Solar ChargerThe last thing you want is a charger that breaks easily. Fortunately, this charger is dust and water resistant so it’s perfect for any intense physical adventure.MSRP: $29Our Price: $19.99 (31% off)World’s Fastest Recharging 10,000mAh BatteryThere’s nothing worse than a charger that takes forever to charge. But this charger completely recharges in just 30 minutes so you’ll never have a dead charger when you desperately need juice.MSRP: $119Our Price: $69.99 (41% off)Swisstek 40,000mAh Power Bar With AC OutletLooking for a charger that also supports your laptop? This charger has three ports for mobile devices and an AC outlet so you can keep your laptop powered up and ready to go.MSRP: $229.99Our Price: $124.99 (45% off)20,000mAh Crush-Proof Portable Power BankWish your charger was as strong as your hard suitcase. This Rimowa-inspired charger is crush-proof so you never have to worry about accidentally sitting on it.MSRP: $105.95Our Price: $79.95 (24% off)Like these deals? Check out Vault — you’ll get four premium tools, including NordVPN and Dashlane, to supercharge your online security. Enter code VAULTONE to try it out for just $1! Stay on target This $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 TodayThis Easy-to-Fly LED Drone Performs Acrobatic Moves last_img read more

Senate president questions Oregononly bridge plan

first_imgPORTLAND — Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney says he’s not interested in building a new bridge over the Columbia River without the support of Washington state.The Salem,Ore., Democrat supported the Columbia River Crossing in a March legislative vote, but he said he had only agreed to build half a bridge.“I don’t want to be the guy stopping it,” Courtney said. “I’m just saying this is no way to build a bridge to another state. The kind of ill will that you could create would be with you for a long, long, long time.”The original plan called for each state to contribute $450 million toward a $3.5 billion light-rail and freeway bridge linking Portland and Vancouver. But the project appeared dead when the Washington Senate did not approve that state’s share of the funding.Supporters in Oregon are trying to resurrect the plan by relying only on state money, the federal government and tolls. The plan would require Oregon lawmakers to lift a condition that says Oregon can only spend money on the bridge if Washington does.last_img read more

Shooting outside Dimond Courthouse leaves one woman dead

first_imgDownload AudioA gunshot that rang outside the Dimond Courthouse late this morning has left one woman dead and rattled nerves in the heart of the Capitol City.Juneau police outside the Dimond Courthouse, where a woman died from a gunshot wound. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/KTOO)Reports of the shooting came in just after 11 a.m. today. Police think 34-year-old Miranda Ellen Davison shot herself in the chest with a handgun. No one else was hurt.Davison was in the news last year after taking a hatchet to flat screen televisions at Juneau’s Wal-Mart.At a related court hearing in May, prosecuting attorney James Scott spoke about her state of mind. Scott said it was “highly likely” her actions were the result of suffering from “an emotional or psychiatric disorder,” The Juneau Empire reported.Court records show Davison’s public defender asked for a competency evaluation. That evaluation is confidential. Davison eventually pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge in the case.Several first responders performed what appeared to be chest compressions on Davison at Monday’s scene.The courthouse, which has a security checkpoint and a metal detector at its public entrance, took additional security measures after the shooting. Across the street in the Capitol, lawmakers in the House cleared their chambers as the news spread. Several nearby schools also took additional security measures.Authorities cordoned off Fourth Street between the Dimond Courthouse and the Alaska Capitol after reaching the scene. The street was reopened before noon.last_img read more

SIC visits Child and Police Project in Nellore

first_imgNellore: Andhra Pradesh State Information Commissioner (SIC) and retired police officer BV Ramana Kumar suggested to the children to strive hard for reaching higher goals in their life. He visited the Child and Police Project (CAP) in the city on Saturday along with senior officials and appreciated the old students, who are pursuing engineering and nursing courses. Also Read – Telugu Day fete held at DPS Advertise With Us He explained that they are going to join 47 students in the ZP High School located in Podalakur road area and also said that they would provide amenities to the students for getting good results. District Judge G Venkata Krishnaiah appealed to the teachers to provide a healthy environment to the students and encourage them in sports and games along with regular studies. CAP Headmistress M Jayamma said that they would provide the best teaching to the students. Additional SP (Admin) P Parameshwar Reddy, SSA Project Director Jaya Bharathi and others were present.last_img read more

Khaleda doing fine says jail physician

first_imgKhaleda has been in jail since 8 February. File photoBangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Khaleda Zia is in good health, according to a jail physician.Mahmudul Hasan, who usually treats the BNP chair in the jail, on Thursday said the former prime minister is taking food timely and is doing much better now.”Khaleda is 73. So, it is very natural that there will be some age-related complications. Besides, she had histories of back pain, knee pain and arthritis. Because of all these she feels unwell at times. But the rumours are not true, she does not have any serious ailment. We are always taking good care of her, doing everything for her betterment,” Mahmudul said.Earlier on the day, Khaleda’s press wing officer Shairul Kabir Khan quoting BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the latter could not meet the party chair because of her illness.Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, “Khaleda Zia told the jail authorities that she was feeling well. The civil surgeon was then asked to look into the matter. She did not meet party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on the pretext of her illness.”On Wednesday, a lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Commission said the BNP chair could not be produced before the court in Zia Charitable Trust for unavoidable reasons. A Comilla court then served a show cause notice on the Dhaka jail authorities regarding Khaleda’s failure to appear before the court.Khaleda’s lawyers then alleged that she needed better treatment.On 8 February last, the Dhaka Special Court-5 convicted the BNP chief and sentenced her to five years’ imprisonment in the case. She was then sent to the abandoned central jail on Nazimuddin Road in the capital.last_img read more

Africans Seek Deeper Cultural Exchange with Black Americans

first_imgAn African dance group performs a cultural dance at the D.C. Africa Festival. (Courtesy Photo)Mei Turay emigrated to the United States from Sierra Leone as a young boy with his family more than 30 years ago and settled into the District’s Columbia Heights neighborhood with ease. His cultural identification quickly took on that of many native Africans who moved to D.C. in the 1970s – Black American popular culture when among friends, and a strict adherence to Sierra Leonian values at home.“There were certain stereotypes of Africans that I wanted to separate myself from growing up – especially since most often they were negative things like starving kids on television, civil unrest, and later, HIV infections,” said Turay, who did not readily admit he was African until the release of Eddie Murphy’s 1988 film “Coming to America”. “I learned to hide my accent as much as possible and do the things my friend did so they wouldn’t associate me with those images.”Turay said that with cultural events like the annual D.C. Africa Festival (held Sept.27 at the Ronald Reagan Building), Black Americans are afforded a glimpse into the history, language, art, food, and rituals of their ancestral homes. Barring such cultural exchanges, Turay said he believes Black Americans would continue to view African nations as backwards, primitive, impoverished, and desolate.South African student Mariah Chetty concurred with Turay, saying cultural festivals have an immense effect on Black Americans who claim their African ancestry without a complete understanding of it. What Blacks do not know, Chetty said, can be harmful to their self-identity. “For Africans living in America, the cultural exchange is almost always one where we are learning from Americans, rather than Americans learning from us,” said Chetty.  “Every Black person should make a sojourn to the Motherland at least once in their lifetime because popular culture is not always popular and in the same way Black Americans would not want the world to think of them using representatives from reality housewives shows, South Africa is not all poverty, disease, and Mandela memorials.”Chetty points to the vibrant Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood, which the Nigerian government said earned an estimated $3.3 billion with 1,844 movies produced in 2013 alone. There are also successful businesswomen like South Africa’s Toy Majola, who customizes one-of-a-kind stilettoes through her ToyGal Shoes, for Black women globally.“I applaud cities and states that spotlight the diversity of Diasporic African cultures, especially in places with high concentrations of Black Americans. Every one of the 54 countries and nearly 3,000 languages should be acknowledged because it proves we are many, but one,” Chetty said. “We are all one family, and Black Americans are a branch on that family tree. We just have to get a point where we all recognize that it is the same tree.”last_img read more