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Going Mental

first_imgAsking myself lots of tough questions at the end of the Massanutten Hoo-Ha XXC mountain bike race…This past Tuesday I knocked out my second biggest run this season, and the first run of 2013, in the Shenandoah National Park. We covered 23.76 miles, we round to 24 in a case like this, over snowy and icy trails.As usual my friends and family before and after the run had the usual comments such as “what are you running from, why would you do that, how do you do that, and was someone chasing you”. If you are an athlete you have more than likely been asked the same types of questions.During Tuesday’s run I had a good amount of time to think about this. Specifically on a climb from Jones Falls that I am pretty sure I left a little bit of my soul on. I realized that while yes you have to physically be able to do these activities, I would argue that 60+ percent of it is mental.If you are one of my friends reading this, you are most likely laughing right now. For those that don’t know me well, I have had more than one blow up, bonk, and existential crisis during runs, bike rides, etc. So many in fact that friends look for signs of the “Chase Face” which signals an oncoming hissy fit.My low spots don’t represent a dislike of running or biking, etc but rather a less than superb mental strength. In Chris McDougall’s book Born To Run the theme of becoming friends with pain is present throughout. Not injury pain, etc but rather a realization and acceptance that running is sometimes hard and that you will have low points. But rather than fight those low points with curses, and maybe in my case just once crying, accept the pain and become friends with it. Remember previous low points and know that you have been there before and it will pass. After all we run, bike, swim, climb, and more because we love it and loving something means loving everything that comes with it.In a roundabout way this is also my way of calling out my New Year’s resolution. To continue to be physically fit, but also to work on my mental strength. I think that this will not only help me become a better runner but also a better person. I can’t guarantee that I won’t have a slip up, but hopefully my curses turn from anger to praise such as “I love this climb you tough son of a gun mountain” and so forth.If you want to test your mental and physical strength I encourage you to check out The Wild Oak Trail Run and the Eastern Divide Ultra 50k. Both cover beautiful trail in the state of Virginia, and will surely put you to the test. I will be at The Wild Oak run testing my physical and mental fitness so I hope to see you there!last_img read more

6 Things About Homeland’s Finale That Went Horribly Wrong

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York [dropcap]O[/dropcap]n behalf of our respected readership, we three Long Island Press perpetrators—Jaime Franchi, Rashed Mian and Spencer Rumsey—would like to issue a public apology. When we collaborated to write our Squawkler about Homeland, we anticipated a thrilling–or at least coherent–season finale.Obviously, we were going on bad intel.The finale of Homeland fizzled out in a disappointing series of disjointed scenes attempting to reconcile the earlier plot points. Everything wrapped up, but rather than in a neat bow, we were presented with a horrid mess of hackfleisch. Very humbling to our hubris.Let’s dig in, shall we?1. Otto During: The president of the During Foundation, and Carrie Mathison’s former boss, Otto proposes. A business relationship? Marriage? We can’t be sure. It was totally creepy and utterly out-of-nowhere, especially since a few episodes back, Otto had confided to Jonas, Carrie’s German lover, that due to her instability, he didn’t even want her working for the foundation any longer. Now it looks like he’s offering her the keys to the castle.2. The subway scene: After the buildup that was—we don’t know, almost the entire season?—the scene where Carrie foils the plot of evil terrorists to poison the Berlin subway station with sarin gas is resolved within the first three minutes of the last episode in such an unexciting, ho-hum fashion that Carrie has literally 2 seconds to convince the skittish Qasim to confront and shoot his own cousin while she sneaks upon them and opens fire. The bad guys die. She saves the day. The show goes on. For another 40-odd minutes.3. Carrie returns to her apartment, takes a nap, and awakens to have sex with Jonas, the boyfriend who’d broken up with her earlier in the season when the shit started getting real, terrorist/CIA-wise. So that looked like a sweet righting of wrongs, a coming back home. Until we realized that Jonas still wanted to break up, suspects she was the mysterious blonde who singlehandedly saved Berlin, and so wants nothing more to do with her—a conversation that might have been better to have pre-sex, we think. At least, she gets a foundation sweatshirt as a parting gift. What the actual fuck, Homeland-writers?4. Seeing the light: Carrie learns that Quinn is in emergency surgery due to a severe brain hemorrhage. Things look bleak. So she heads to the chapel where she is bathed in a supernatural white light that we guess was God? We don’t know. After we hear Quinn’s voice-over about how he doesn’t believe in horoscopes and fate, etc., which Saul interrupts (a great bit), the “Highway to Heaven” illumination appears again, just as Carrie bends over to snuff him out. Which would have been fine if the show hadn’t been so clear-eyed and reality-based up until now. We didn’t watch her beloved Brody go into the light. We saw his body jerking as his neck snapped and his airways closed as he was hung in an Iranian town square, both Carrie and Saul powerless to help. So why do this now?5. Is it because: Carrie is “not that person anymore” as she tells her ex-CIA boss, Saul Berenson? Not the person who just saved mankind (or at least Berlin)? Not the only one (yet again) with the instincts and the talent to uncover insidiously evil plots that go unnoticed by the entire intelligence community? Not the one haunted by 9/11 and compelled to never let an attack of that scope and scale happen against her people ever again? Now that Jonas is officially gone and with him her sense and obligation to lead a normal life, why wouldn’t she take her rightful place at the throne of the CIA and just fix the world now?6. Because of Frannie? WHEN IS CARRIE GOING TO CALL HER DAUGHTER AND TELL HER THAT SHE ISN’T DEAD AFTER ALL?As season finales go, it was lame, padded and, worst of all, exhausted. What were we thinking? We figured this show had managed to capture the zeitgeist of all the western cultural anxiety about terrorism and repackage it into a provocative, profound program that would have something more to say! But these writers seemed like they couldn’t get it over with fast enough. Maybe the producers were being water-boarded by HBO at an undisclosed location. Showtime let us down big time. No adrenaline rush. No edge-of-your-seat suspense. And now, no Quinn—unless he pulls a Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and returns from the white beyond. Alas, that’s a different network. Can Homeland redeem itself in season 6? We’re hoping for much better intel.(Photo: Carrie convinces Qasim to attempt to disrupt an impending terror attack in Berlin. Credit: Homeland/Facebook)last_img read more

Don’t make these marketing mistakes at your credit union!

first_img 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Credit unions have a unique position in the banking industry, offering a more personal, customer-focused experience than other institutions. When it comes to credit union marketing, your brand should embrace this characteristic and reflect it throughout your marketing tactics.Keep reading to discover seven credit union marketing mistakes and how to correct them.1) Diverging from Your StrategyTo make the most of your marketing dollars, begin with a strategic plan that helps you achieve your business goals. As you brainstorm and execute your strategy, avoid personal preferences that veer you off course and craft frequent, consistent messaging that drives your point home to customers.2) Leaving Branding Off the TableDefining your brand is a key component to credit union marketing. What sets you apart? continue reading »last_img read more

Topa taking on the postseason with the Brewers

first_imgGame two of the series is Thursday at 10:08 p.m. Topa’s father Bob and sister Kristy are watching closely from home. “I remember him being in kindergarten and bringing home a shirt that says, ‘I want to be a professional baseball player,'” said Kristy. Both Bob and Kristy always imagined themselves watching Justin’s debut in person. The Milwaukee Brewers are taking on the Dodgers in Los Angeles for a best of three wild card series. Only the home team’s family is allowed to attend the series to limit the number of guests in attendance. “He’s proving that he was made for this. So we are so excited for him and so proud of him.” said Kristy. “You could see, he was back having fun,” he said. “Seeing all these experiences he’s had over the last month in general has been unreal,” said Kristy. (WBNG) — One month after making his Major League Baseball debut, Chenango Valley graduate Justin Topa is experiencing postseason baseball firsthand. “Emotional, exciting, and nervous all at the same time especially when he comes in the game,” said Bob. If the Brewers make it past the Dodgers and advance to the National League Division Series, the Topa’s will do whatever they can to be there. It took Justin seven years to make it to the big leagues, and he faced some adversity throughout his journey. In six appearances over the last month, Topa posted a 2.35 ERA with 12 strikeouts, across 7.2 innings pitched. Kristy and Bob say playing big league baseball has been Justin’s dream since he was a child. “We definitely never pictured his debut without us being there,” said Kristy. “With that being said it’s awesome we can still at least watch.” ” I don’t care where I have to go. I will be in the stands,” said Bob. Bob said he could tell when Justin was cut by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2017, the game wasn’t as fun anymore. After spending a year playing Independent League ball, Bob said it returned. last_img read more

Here’s where the jobs are for October 2020 — in one chart

first_imgThe U.S. economy added more jobs than expected in October and the unemployment rate fell sharply even as Americans continue to grapple with Covid-19 and its dampening impact on business.The Labor Department reported Friday that nonfarm payrolls increased by 638,000 and the unemployment rate was at 6.9%, both better than expectations of 530,000 jobs added and an unemployment rate of 7.7%.- Advertisement – The professional and business services sector was a bright spot in October with a net addition of 208,000 jobs. The government said about half of that gain was thanks to the hiring of temporary help workers.Employment also increased in services to buildings and dwellings (+19,000), computer systems design and related services (+16,000), and management and technical consulting services (+15,000).“Notable job gains occurred over the month in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, retail trade, and construction,” the government said in a release.“Retail trade added 104,000 jobs, with almost one-third of the gain in electronics and appliance stores (+31,000),” the Labor Department added. “Employment also rose in motor vehicle and parts dealers (+23,000), furniture and home furnishings stores (+14,000), clothing and clothing accessories stores (+13,000), general merchandise stores (+10,000), and nonstore retailers (+9,000).”— CNBC’s Nate Rattner and Crystal Mercedes contributed reporting. The sector, which added 271,000 jobs last month, saw about 80% of that growth from restaurants and bars that rehired workers even as the U.S. set records for new daily Covid-19 infections. Despite the labor market’s stronger October, employment was below its February level by 10.1 million, or 6.6%.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – While much of the month’s upside came from the food service industry, some of the largest losses came from the public sector. Government employment fell by 268,000 across federal, state and local levels.Government hiring has been choppy in recent months thanks to a combination of volatility in federal hiring for the 2020 Census as well as weak demand for workers at public schools and universities.On the federal level, the Labor Department said government employment decreased by 138,000 thanks to a loss of 147,000 temporary 2020 Census workers. On the state and local levels, education employment fell by 61,400 and 97,800, respectively. CNBC studied the net changes by industry for October jobs based on data contained in the employment report.The leisure and hospitality industry continued its rebound after the coronavirus and efforts to contain its spread walloped spending at restaurants, hotels and bars earlier in the year. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Government wants traditional markets to remain open despite pandemic

first_imgTrade Minister Agus Suparmanto has asked traditional markets across the country to remain open to prevent sellers from incurring losses caused by the government’s social restriction measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.Sellers at traditional markets in 285 cities and regencies recently reported that their revenues had fallen 39 percent while retailers have seen a 90 percent drop in revenue, said the minister. As a result, some sellers have closed their shops, resulting in a 29 percent decline in the number of sellers at traditional markets.Last year, more than 2.8 million sellers traded at over 15,600 markets across the country, according to data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS). “We have to solve this as soon as possible so that small sellers, enterprises, farmers, fishermen and breeders who sell their products to the markets do not suffer further losses,” Agus, a National Awakening Party (PKB) politician, said in a statement released on Saturday.Read also: Shop from Home program revives traditional markets affected by COVID-19Customers have stopped going to markets to shop for groceries in compliance with the government’s social restrictions to contain the unfolding COVID-19 outbreak, which has infected more than 11,000 people nationwide.Agus said markets could stay open while complying with health protocols and by offering online grocery shopping services like those in Jakarta. Markets could also split sellers into two groups so that they could take turns operating. Topics :center_img City-owned market operator PD Pasar Jaya, which manages more than 105,200 stalls at 153 markets across Jakarta, is facilitating online shopping by providing a list of sellers’ phone numbers on its website and social media accounts, allowing customers to directly contact sellers and have them deliver groceries via app-based ojek (motorcycle taxi).House of Representatives Commission VI overseeing trade and small and medium enterprises (SME) agreed with the minister. Faisol Riza, the commission chairman from the PKB, said regional administrations could move some sellers to temporary markets in cleaner and more open spaces, such as parking lots, so that trading could continue to take place.Read also: Salatiga opens traditional market with physical distancing requirements in place“Commission VI wants traditional markets to continue operating but does not want them to become places where the coronavirus spreads,” Aria Bima, the commission’s vice chairman from the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), was quoted as saying in the same statement.Therefore, the head of Indonesia’s COVID-19 task force, Doni Monardo, said his office would issue an edict to allow traditional markets to operate so long as vendors complied with health protocols, such as wearing masks and gloves and washing their hands regularly.last_img read more

Ousmane Dembele asks Anthony Martial about Manchester United transfer

first_imgDembele has struggled with injuries at Barcelona (Picture: Getty)Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho sits atop that wishlist, but United will find it tough to convince the forward to snub interest from the likes of Real Madrid, Liverpool and Barcelona.United’s transfer plans are likely to be disrupted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has forced football in Spain and Great Britain to be suspended.Premier League chiefs are hopeful postponed games can be played during the summer, which could see the opening of the upcoming transfer window delayed.MORE: Barcelona accidentally leak new Manchester United home kit for 2020/21 seasonMORE: Emre Can raves about ‘world-class’ Manchester United transfer target Jadon SanchoFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement Comment Coral BarrySunday 19 Apr 2020 5:37 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.2kShares Ousmane Dembele asks Anthony Martial about Manchester United transfer Martial is international team-mates with Dembele (Picture: Getty)Manchester United are weighing up a transfer move for Ousmane Dembele and the Barcelona star has asked Anthony Martial about life at Old Trafford, reports say.Dembele, 22, has found life at Barcelona difficult since his big-move switch from Borussia Dortmund in 2017, struggling with injuries and form.The Frenchman has long been linked with a move to the Premier League and Spanish publication Sport claim Arsenal and United are making checks on Dembele.Read the latest updates: Coronavirus news liveADVERTISEMENTBoth Arsenal and United are seeking information not only about Dembele’s injury woes, but about how his personal life might or might not contribute to his issues at Barcelona.AdvertisementAdvertisementMartial is international team-mates with Dembele and has been at United for five years.Dembele has sought Martial’s advice about a transfer to United, but the details of their conversation or what the attacker might have told his compatriot is unknown.United are on the hunt for a new attacker and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has drawn up several potential targets. Advertisementlast_img read more

Investors remain unconvinced on financial benefits of diversity

first_imgSome major asset owners remain unconvinced about the importance of diverse workforces, according to research by think tank New Financial.In a report published this month – Diversity from an Investor’s Perspective – the organisation said it had found a notable division in mindset between those that believed diversity was important and those that did not.“Despite pressure from government, regulators, peers and society to challenge a lack of diversity in the workforce, there is still a widely held and deeply entrenched belief in the investment industry that improving diversity compromises returns, and/or comes at a cost that is not worth paying,” it said.Some “believers” saw diversity as part of their fiduciary duty, New Financial said, but others feared a focus on diversity could be a violation of fiduciary duty. State Street’s ‘Fearless Girl’ statue was moved from Wall Street in New York to Paternoster Square in London, close to the London Stock ExchangeThe group’s report analysed responses from 100 asset owners around the world, and built on previous research into the subject published last year. The 2018 report found “broad consensus across the investment industry that diverse voices enhance investment performance by increasing diversity of thought, which in turn improves decision making, investment idea generation and guards against group think”.The 2019 report found that the most commonly cited reasons for improving workforce diversity were:to improve decision-making;to attract and retain talent;to innovate and compete;to reflect members and communities; andto enhance financial performance.New Financial said these reasons were “not mutually exclusive; rather they overlap and reinforce each other”.Research for the 2019 report – which was conducted with the UK’s Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association and supported by law firm Pinsent Masons – gathered information on asset owners that had been identified as “the most progressive on diversity”.European pension funds surveyed include the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, Alecta, Railpen and Rabobank Pensioenfonds. Progressive asset owners and the most forward-looking firms from other parts of the investment sector were developing and refining their messages to bring round sceptics, it said.“For those asset owners in our sample that said diversity enhances financial performance, the business case is clear,” the report said.However, many among the unconvinced wanted to see hard data showing that using diverse fund managers would improve returns. “Such a data set is a tricky proposition and the evidence is unclear,” New Financial stated.last_img read more

Egypt finalizing 1.2 billion arms deal with France

first_imgTypical warshipEgypt’s President Abdel Fattah El Sisi will meet with France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls who will be in Cairo for two days to discuss cooperation on war against terrorism and economic ties.The arms deal by Egypt worth 1.2 billion with France has army equipment such as fighter jets, warships and aircraft carriers.Egypt’s President has visited France numerous times since he was elected. The two countries last year trade was worth at least 3 billion dollars.last_img

Discover Dominica Authority News Update for the week ending Friday May 11, 2012

first_img 6 Views   no discussions LocalNews Discover Dominica Authority News Update for the week ending Friday May 11, 2012 by: – May 12, 2012 Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img Share Share ** Discover Dominica Authority observes Courtesy Week**Discover Dominica Authority in collaboration with the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association and Ministry of Tourism observed the week of May 8 to May 11 2012 as Courtesy Week. This formed part of the Tourism Awareness Month activities. The objective of the week is to promote the understanding and the value of respect, discipline, good manners and positive social interaction to the development of tourism. During the week long activities the authority highlighted the important practices to maintain as a hospitable people and as a destination seeking to succeed in the Tourism Industry. The DDA organized radio discussions and airing of customer service tips to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in the development of tourism. The Authority hopes to continue with different activities throughout the year at schools and to the general public as reminders. Throughout the week persons were ask to smile “Just Smile”; a simple act of courtesy which can change the day of a visitor, a friend or a fellow Dominican. Throughout this week persons were also ask to take heed of the tips which were aired daily on the media.**Tourism Awareness Month Marketing Symposium**As part of the Tourism Awareness Month activities The Discover Dominica organized a marketing workshop on Tuesday May 8th at the Garraway Hotel. The Authority recognizes the value and “pull that national and cultural events have within the tourism industry and therefore took the initiative to invite members of the cultural community and key stakeholders in the industry such as artists/ entertainers/events coordinators and agencies with a marketing or export mandate on ideas for developing a marketing strategy and marketing activities for Dominica’s culture and festivals. The marketing strategies developed from the symposium will be used for marketing and promoting Dominica’s event and culture with a view to increasing the visitor arrivals and expenditures. **Health & Wellness Expo**As part of Tourism Awareness Month of activities, the fourth annual health and wellness expo was held last weekend. The expo focused on the promotion of natural health and wellness services and products and includes exhibitions on herbal medicine, yoga, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. Presentations were also held on meditation, Touch for Health, Biochemistry, Raw Food, Pain free birth and martial arts. The Expo was coordinated by Terri Henry who is a health and wellness consultant provided further strengthens the health and wellness market that the Discover Dominica Authority is continuing to promote and develop.**Tourism Awareness Month – Portsmouth cleanup campaign**The Discover Dominica Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Cobra Tours will be undertaking a massive cleanup and beautification campaign in the town of Portsmouth on Saturday May 12th, 2012 from 7:00am. The designated area for the cleanup is from Secret Bay to Belle Hall Beach. A short ceremony will precede the event. The Authority is pleased with the many sponsors who have agreed to participate in the cleanup campaign. The entire community of Portsmouth and environs, and all tourism partners are invited to support the event.Press Releaselast_img read more