The Chromebook Pixel Is Doomed By A Major Identity Crisis

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Related Posts taylor hatmaker When they were introduced, Chromebooks made sense as a Google-branded evolution of the netbook for the tablet shy. But in 2013, consumers still don’t understand why there are so many versions of Android – much less what Google’s Chrome OS is or who it’s for. With the Chromebook Pixel, Google’s cloud-happy notebooks have created a full-on identity crisis. (See also Google Chromebook Pixel: Bold, Beautiful And Very, Very Expensive)Chromebooks Are Already ConfusingFollowing a leaked video and a typically detail-sparse report from The Wall Street Journal, Google has launched the Chromebook Pixel, an HD touchscreen notebook that will run on its Chrome operating system and retail starting at $1,299. The Pixel, with its high price and Google-built bare bones operating system is an odd bird. With a 239-pixels-per-inch display, the aptly-named Pixel one-ups Apple’s 13″ Retina MacBook Pro and its (paltry!) 227 PPI seemingly just for the hell of it. Oh, and it’s a touchscreen, too, meaning you can smear your fingerprints all over that beautiful display.The touchscreen means that beyond “taking on” the Retina MacBooks, Google’s Chromebook Pixel will also compete directly against Microsoft’s over-hyped, overpriced Surface tablets. But for all the buzz around hybrid devices that blur the line between notebooks and tablets (Lenovo Yoga, anyone?), consumers don’t seem to have the same hunger for them that they have for “pure” tablets. The advent of the touchscreen notebook was a weird side effect from 2010-era iPad panic – there’s no evidence that consumers even want a device that combines the power of a laptop with the finger-friendliness of a tablet. And if there was, a pricey notebook with a kajillion pixels running on the hamstrung Chrome OS probably wouldn’t be it.Missing The (Price) Point  Want a powerful notebook with a (pretty) nice screen for around $1,200? Buy the $1,199 13″ MacBook Air. Want to spend a little less for a slightly weirder device, or hung up on Windows 8 for some reason? Buy a Surface Pro. Drunk? Buy an Ultrabook!Google has gained market share in recent times by offering well-built, affordable alternatives. Android tablets like the Nexus 7 and even existing entry-level Chromebooks can chip away at the competition because Google can afford to undercut the its competitors on price – the most important spec of all. The Chromebook Pixel seems to have forgotten that lesson. At $249 and $199, the existing Chromebook line is a smartly priced alternative for users heavily invested in Google’s cloud ecosystem. Starting at $1,299, Google’s touchscreen Chromebook Pixel can only hope to attract inebriated would-be power users who wandered into the wrong aisle of Best Buy.On the Venn Diagram of people who need a serious computer and people willing to put up with the limitations of the Chrome OS, that little center slice is altogether empty.Photo by Mark Hachman.center_img Tags:#Android#Chrome#Chromebooks#Google#tablets What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

The Secret(s) to OpenStack’s Overnight Success

first_imgMatt Asay Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…center_img OpenStack has been around since 2010, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the open-source cloud computing project really took off. Since Rackspace established the OpenStack Foundation in September 2012, the project has exploded to over 1,000 code authors, and is now one of the world’s largest open-source communities, arguably even bigger than the Linux community. Given how central open source has become to software development, generally, it’s worth analyzing why OpenStack has taken off.It’s The Foundation, StupidWhile OpenStack always offered great promise, it wasn’t until Rackspace let go of the wheel that the project really exploded. This isn’t to suggest that Rackspace’s stewardship was somehow bad, but rather that moving to a foundation made the project more inviting.While Rackspace used to dominate code commits, now Red Hat is OpenStack’s biggest committer, with IBM quickly moving in on the second spot. Credit: BitergiaThis is pretty amazing. Just a year ago Rackspace was in control. Now it’s just one of the community. A key member of the OpenStack community, to be sure, but it’s a testament to the vitality of the OpenStack community that Rackspace is no longer the top code committer.A Common EnemyEqually impressive is how fast the number of code authors has increased, now at 1,031 at the time of publication. Part of this might be due to the foundation governance model, but a number of open-source projects – MySQL, JBoss and others come to mind – have been exceptionally succeessful with one primary developer.Hence, while moving to a foundation certainly helped, OpenStack’s success comes down to a range of different factors.Among them is simply need. As The Register‘s Jack Clark somewhat humorously highlights, “OpenStack is big because Amazon has terrified everyone into contributing code.” Or as Mat Keep, director of MySQL Product Management and Marketing at Oracle, puts it, vendors felt like they could only compete with Amazon as a cohesive unit. Importantly, Rackspace didn’t directly compete with the IBMs and Red Hats of the world, as Inktank vice president Neil Levine suggested to me over IM, and hence “companies felt less awkward about participating.” He concludes:“It’s easier to join a project where the authors have different business models to you (as a software business).”These are important motivations, sure, but there’s more to the OpenStack story. After all, if a common enemy and orthogonal business models were enough, we would have seen OpenOffice mount a serious challenge to Microsoft Office years ago, given its backing by Sun and then Oracle, among other industry titans.Making Contributing EasyNo matter the motivation to contribute and collaborate, the best open-source projects make it easy to do so. As Andy Grimm, an operations support engineer for Red Hat’s OpenShift, highlights, OpenStack chose both the most developer-friendly license (Apache v2) and a highly approachable programming language (Python), significantly lowering the legal and technical bars to participating.Couple that with a super-simple setup (“it just works (startup in 2 lines of code)”, as MongoDB community manager Francesca Krihely suggests and a modular architecture, echoing Rishidot Research principal analyst Krishnan Subramanian, and you have all the right elements for break-out success.Market Timing And More Than A Hint Of LuckIn sum, it’s hard to assign full credit to any particular element of OpenStack’s make-up in its runaway community success. More likely OpenStack has boomed due because it sits at the nexus of several key components of successful open-source communities. Some of this stems from market timing and luck, but much of its success also derives from laying essential infrastructure for open-source success (license, language, modularity, etc.).Back in 2006 I laid out the essential elements for architecting a successful open-source project. Among these were market timing, the right license, how applicable the code was to pressing business problems, code modularity and more. While other projects have attempted to pull these together, few can claim to have done so with as much precision, or success, as OpenStack.Which is why it now has 9,685 members standing behind the project. That’s real community. How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Tags:#cloud#community#IBM#Open Source#OpenStack#Rackspace#Red Hat last_img read more

Christian Madsbjerg on The Social Environment of Business and Sales – Episode #115

first_img Free Webinar Series! Create a culture of value creation. Signup for this free webinar! In three, short, power-packed webinars, you will learn what you need to do to create a culture of value creators who create and win new opportunities. Download Now Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:38 — 32.6MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSAs a professional salesperson, did you even realize that there is a social environment in business in sales? If you did, you were probably one of the more successful salespeople in your organization. If you didn’t, you probably aren’t. That is one of the takeaways from this conversation with Christian Madsbjerg, author of the new book, “Sensemaking.” Anthony believes his book is the must-read book of 2018 for every business person. It’s a treatise on the intersection of AI and culture and makes a case for how AI must be made to enhance and serve human culture in the end. This is a fascinating conversation for salespeople who want to understand how to maximize the human side of sales.Christian Madsbjerg on The Social Environment of Business and #Sales – Episode 111 of #InTheArena with @IannarinoClick To TweetIs a good sale the optimized one or the convincing one?AI is being introduced into the sales profession at an unprecedented pace. The optimization of sales cycles and sequences through AI is at the forefront the minds of many who are charged with increasing the bottom line through product and service sales. In this conversation, Christian asks if the best sale is the convincing one or the one that is best optimized? In his thinking, our infatuation with refining processes and building out great systems has us thinking a bit askew. Find out why a good sale is the convincing one and why only human beings can do the kind of convincing needed to put the right product in the hands of the person who truly needs it.Computers don’t care – humans doAnthony has long believed and said that caring is the currency of success in business and in sales. In the end, the person who cares more is the one who will be most trusted and therefore most successful. Christian Madsbjerg makes an intriguing case for a stronger understanding of and reliance on human intuition, cultural understanding, and social appropriateness as tools that can fuel long-term success in sales relationships. It’s too much to contain in a short paragraph like this so you need to make sure that you listen to this conversation to hear Christian’s masterful way of describing it.Computers don’t care – #humans do. It’s vital to maintain that objective understanding in business – especially in #sales. Hear Christian Madsbjerg explain on this episode of #InTheArena with @IannarinoClick To TweetThere is a third kind of knowledge that all sales professionals needThe first type of knowledge we all possess is subjective or preferential. Some examples are that you may feel that one type of sound is too loud or a certain type of food is too spicy. Then there’s the kind of knowledge that we can measure. But Christian points out that there’s a third kind of knowledge – one he calls an “intersubjective” kind. It’s social or cultural in nature. Examples: We know how far to stand from each other at a party. We know how loudly we should speak. This is another type of knowledge that can’t be measured, but it’s a kind that is critical in the business world. If you only rely on data sets to tell you about your customers, you make big mistakes because you’re not relying enough on your innate human ability to understand others and what that understanding tells you about their needs. Sound helpful for a sales professional? You bet it is. Listen to hear more, on this episode.What is the appropriate use of personal information in the digital age?With the recent outrage over data breaches and inappropriate use of personal data, as well as the advent of the GDPR in the European Union, many questions are being asked about not only the security and privacy of personal data but also its proper use. Christian believes that those who lead companies today need to look beyond the practical leverage they can gain through data sets and begin to ask what benefit their use of data will have to real people. How will the end result for people be BETTER if personal data is used in a particular way? These are important questions for our time, and Anthony digs into them with his guest, Christian Madsbjerg, on this episode of In The Arena.What is the appropriate use of #Personalinformation in the #DigitalAge? Christian Madsbjerg explains his perspective on this episode of #InTheArena with @IannarinoClick To TweetOutline of this great episode Why Christian wrote his book out of annoyance: “Sensemaking” What is a Silicon Valley State of Mind – and why is it problematic? Is a good sale the optimized one or the convincing one? How looking at culture is different than looking at individuals What’s the difference between thick data and thin data? The third kind of knowledge and how it relates to sales Great salespeople are able to intuit their prospects: The Dreyfus model What’s the value of understanding social context? Current issues: what’s the appropriate use of personal information?Resources & Links mentioned in this episodeChristian Madsbjerg’s companyChristian’s book: SensemakingIBMs WatsonKen Wilbur’s integral theoryThe Dreyfus modelGeorge SorosNassim TalebFlannery O’ConnorElon MuskThe theme song “Into the Arena” is written and produced by Chris Sernel. You can find it on SoundcloudConnect with AnthonyWebsite: www.TheSalesBlog.comYoutube: Plus: Tweets you can use to share this episodeIs a good #sale the optimized one or the convincing one? Find out the answer on this episode of #InTheArena with @Iannarino and Christian MadsbjergClick To TweetThere is a third kind of knowledge that all #sales professionals need. Discover what it is and how to use it effectively on this episode of #InTheArena with @Iannarino and Christian MadsbjergClick To TweetSubscribe toIn the ArenaApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsAndroidby EmailRSSOr subscribe with your favorite app by using the address belowlast_img read more

Cong. keeps promise in Rajasthan

first_imgTwo days after being sworn in, the Congress government in Rajasthan on Wednesday announced loan waiver for farmers up to ₹2 lakh each, resulting in an estimated burden of ₹18,000 crore on the exchequer. There will be no monetary ceiling on the short-term agricultural loans obtained from the cooperative banks.Marathon meetingChief Minister Ashok Gehlot said after a marathon meeting in the Secretariat, where the modalities for waiver were worked out, that the loans of defaulters up to ₹2 lakh each with the nationalised, commercial and rural banks would be waived with the cut-off date of November 30. “There will be no monetary ceiling for the cooperative loans, though the cut-off date will be applicable to them [as well],” he said.Mr. Gehlot said the previous BJP regime, which had announced waiver of farm loans up to ₹50,000 each, had paid only ₹2,000 crore and left a burden of ₹6,000 crore on his government. The Congress government’s decision is set to benefit over 30 lakh farmers in the State.Congress president Rahul Gandhi had promised during his poll campaign that the loans would be waived within 10 days of coming to power in the election-bound States. “Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh have waived farm loans. We asked for 10 days. We did it in 2,” he tweeted.Of the three States where the Congress won, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have already announced the waiver of short-term loans.“We also included this promise in our manifesto for the Rajasthan Assembly election. It was all the more needed in our State, where debt-ridden farmers were committing suicide because of the flawed policies of the previous government,” Mr. Gehlot said, emerging from a meeting. Chief Secretary D.B. Gupta and senior officers of the Finance, Agriculture and Cooperative Departments were involved in the discussions. The Vasundhara Raje government, to fund its partial loan waiver scheme announced earlier this year, provided a guarantee to the State Apex Cooperative Bank to take a loan worth ₹5,000 crore from the National Cooperative Development Corporation.last_img read more

2G scam: CBI questions Loop CEO Sandip Basu

first_imgThe CBI questioned Loop Telecom CEO Sandip Basu in connection with the 2G probe on Friday. The agency is likely to file a chargesheet against the company for being a beneficiary of the 2G scam.Basu and two other company officials were questioned on the shareholding and ownership pattern of the company.The CBI believes that the company was a front for the Essar group in the same way Swan Telecom acted as the front for Reliance Telecom, though the company insists that Essar’s holding was absolutely within the limit stipulated by the department of telecommunication ( DoT).Loop Telecom has cited a recent communication between the ministry of corporate affairs and the DoT, which said the Essar group directly or indirectly held only 2.15 per cent share as on September 3, 2007, when it applied to the DoT for Unified Access Service licence, as an evidence to back its claims.A CBI official, however, insisted that the communication would not affect their probe which is on the line that Essar group is putting up Loop as its front. “Essar had bagged licences in as many as 22 circles and it was due to its complicity with Raja in the scam,” the CBI said.Basu arrived at the CBI headquarters in the morning and was quizzed till the afternoon.For more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

Top 10 takeaways after BCCI threatens to cancel India-New Zealand series

first_imgMiffed with the Supreme Court-appointed Justice RM Lodha committee’s direction to stop disbursement of funds to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the Indian cricket board threatened to cancel the ongoing New Zealand series, which still has a Test and five one-day internationals remaining.The panel, headed by Lodha, yesterday ordered banks to halt the disbursements after the BCCI ignored some of the its recommendations for reforming the world’s richest cricket board.However, Lodha today confirmed that it had only directed the BCCI to not disburse funds to the state associations and the board was otherwise free to use its funds for “routine expenditure”.Here are the latest developments on the matter.LODHA WRITES TO BANKS TO HALT DISBURSEMENT OF MONEY TO BCCIThe panel yesterday ordered banks to halt the disbursements after the BCCI ignored some of the panel’s recommendations for reforming the world’s richest cricket board.File photo of Justice RM Lodha. (PTI)BANKS WRITE TO BCCI INFORMING OF FREEZEThe banks, who operate BCCI’s accounts, wrote to the board informing it that the accounts have been placed under debit freeze.BCCI THREATENS TO CALL OFF INDIA-NEW ZEALAND SERIESMedia reports suggested that the BCCI might cancel the remainder of the ongoing India-New Zealand series after Lodha panel’s directive to banks. READ MORE   LODHA CLARIFIESFollowing BCCI’s threat, JLodha today clarified that the board’s accounts had not been frozen.”So far as our email and directions are concerned, it does not restrain BCCI from incurring routine expenditure and expenses on games, matches, series etc,” Lodha told India Today.advertisement”I’m clarifying that BCCI should not have any doubt that they are free to deal with their bank accounts as far as game and routine matters are concerned. There is absolutely no restraint direction by us,” he added.NO QUESTION OF CANCELLING SERIES, SAYS LODHASpeaking to India Today, Lodha said the banks have not been directed to stop the money flow for routine matters and there was no question of calling off the series , which still has a Test and five one-day internationals remaining.India and New Zealand still have to play a Test and five ODIs. (AP Photo)’BCCI CAN COME TO US FOR CLARIFICATION OF ANY DOUBTS’Lodha also said board officials were welcome to contact his panel and he would be happy to clear any doubts.”If there’s any confusion, BCCI must contact the panel. Will give a written clarification to the banks if needed,” he said.LODHA WRITES TO BANKS FOR RELEASING MONEY FOR ROUTINE EXPENSESThe Lodha committee then asked the banks to release funds to BCCI for routine expenses.Gopal Sankaranarayanan, secretary of the Lodha committee, told India Today that the panel has directed the banks to release money to BCCI for routine expenses. He also said that the India vs New Zealand series must go on and reiterated that there was no bar on series payments.NEW ZEALAND SAYS BUSINESS AS USUALA New Zealand Cricket spokesman said they are preparing for the third Test against India as scheduled.He added that they had heard nothing from the BCCI. “It’s the first time we’ve heard of it,” the spokesman told local media. “At the moment we are preparing to play the third test at Indore as scheduled.” READ MORE ANURAG THAKUR SAYS NO CRICKET WITHOUT MONEYDespite a clarification by Lodha. BCCI president Anurag Thakur said that there would be no cricket without money and said it was up to state associations to decide if they wanted to conduct matches. NEW ZEALAND WILL LEAVE FOR INDORE FROM KOLKATA ON WEDNESDAYNew Zealand are scheduled to travel to Indore – the venue for the third and last Test – from Kolkata on Wednesday. NZ are trailing 2-0 in the series after losing the second Test at Eden Gardens on Monday.last_img read more

T20 cricket needs players like Rishabh Pant: Colin Munro

first_imgT20 cricket needs players like Rishabh Pant: Colin MunroColin Munro feels that players like Rishabh Pant who can “take the bull by the horns from ball one” are just what T20 cricket needs.advertisement Press Trust of India HyderabadApril 15, 2019UPDATED: April 15, 2019 14:06 IST Delhi Capitals batsman Colin Munro says players like Rishabh Pant are much needed in T20 cricket (AP photo)HIGHLIGHTSColin Munro feels players like Rishabh Pant are an absolute must in T20 cricketMunro said that DC’s strength lay in experienced international players playing alongside youngstersMunro said that there is a lot to learn from young DC captain Shreyas IyerRishabh Pant is known for his flamboyant brand of cricket and Delhi Capitals batsman Colin Munro feels players like the dashing wicketkeeper batsman are an absolute must in the shortest format of the game.Once Rishabh gets going, he becomes a nightmare for the bowlers. The left-hander had smashed a 27-ball 78 against Mumbai Indians before scoring 46 against Kolkata Knight Riders.”Look at someone like Rishabh, he knows his game so well. Whether he is going to bat at number 4, 5 or 6, he’s plays the same way and that’s okay, we need those players in the T20 format to just go out there and try to take the bull by the horns from ball one,” Munro said after DC’s 39-run win against Sunrisers Hyderabad Sunday night.Led by 24-year-old Shreyas Iyer, Delhi Capitals have a young group as its core including the likes of Pant, Indian under-19 world cup winning skipper Prithvi Shaw and South African pacer Kagiso Rabada.”Just seeing the young guys in our team coming in and playing with absolute freedom, no fear and with clarity in the way they go on about there cricket is great. They know their strengths and weaknesses,” he said.”The beauty of our team is that we have some really experienced international players and Indian players like Shikhar (Dhawan) and Axar (Patel) alongside youngsters and the boys on the bench are working hard as well.”The New Zealander, who scored 40 off 24 balls against SRH, was also lavish in his praise for Iyer’s leadership skills.advertisement”Last year he was named skipper halfway through IPL, I think he has taken it with both hands now. He is very calm and collected on the field and that is great about him,” he said.”He is so young but you learn a lot from him. Today he was talking about fitness so it’s not just batting and bowling he’s working on, it’s all parts of his games. His captaincy is getting stronger and he and Ricky (Ponting) have a good relationship and he is definitely a very good leader.”Talking about his own innings after Delhi lost two early wickets, Munro said he tried and played to his strengths.”After two wickets down early in the innings I had to play to my strengths and that is going out there and being aggressive,” the left-handed batsman said.”Even if they bowl well I have to put pressure on them, can’t just sit there and defend the ball. I have to try and put pressure on the bowlers that makes the margin for error smaller.”Munro credited the Delhi bowlers for providing breakthrough at crucial junctures in the game.”We got off to a good start but the game got away from us in terms of the run rate, credit to our bowlers because of them we stayed in the contest,” he said.”We knew that if we stayed in the contest for every ball it would go down to the wire and we got those breakthroughs, picking up wickets at crucial stages.”Also Read | KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant await World Cup fate, India to name squad of 15 on MondayAlso Read | IPL 2019: Pant gives cake facial to Dhawan, Zoravar as DC celebrate big win over KKRAlso Read | Yeh to waise bhi chauka hai: Rishabh Pant predicts the outcome before the resultAlso Watch | KKR head coach Jacques Kallis explains why he is in awe of Andre RusselFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byRoshni Tags :Follow Colin MunroFollow Rishabh PantFollow T20Follow IPL 2019Follow Delhi Capitalslast_img read more

You Do You with Wolverine Customizable Boots

first_img Tattoo Ideas for Men (For When You Have No Idea) Yes, You Can Wear Boots to the Office: Here are the Best Pairs 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Founded all the way back in 1883, Wolverine boots has been in the quality, leather boot game for over 130 years.Since its inception, the tannery and workshop has been crafting top-notch leather boots for both work and play using old-school construction techniques in combination with emerging technologies, which today, have led to Wolverine being one of the premiere names in the work boot market.One recent emerging technology that caught Wolverine’s imagination is the construction of web-platforms allowing for personalized product customization. And, like any good century-old company, Wolverine heard the call and answered with their new customizable 1000 mile boots via their “Wolverine Workshop,” made right here in the US. Now, the 1000 mile boot itself isn’t new–Wolverine has been making those since 1914–but the option to design the boot any way you see fit is.“The Wolverine Workshop harkens back to the time of cobblers who handcrafted boots for their customers one pair at a time,” said Carrie Hill, senior design manager for Wolverine.  “We are fortunate to have a factory which can execute excellent quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, allowing our customers today to personalize every detail of their 1000 Mile Boots.”“This is an opportunity for people to play the designer role and build a boot that is unique and one of a kind to them,” said Todd Yates, president of Wolverine. “By combining the quality craftsmanship and timeless pattern of the 1000 Mile Boot with the personality and style of our customers, we hope to connect with both brand loyalists and new customers alike.”And with all the the customizable options available, Wolverine is sure to snag scores of new customers looking for their chance to create a one-of-a-kind pair of work boots that will last them a lifetime. When beginning your foray into Wolverine’s customization system you might be a little overwhelmed at all the customizable components including:Material for the quarter, vamp, heel, tongue, foot bed and hangtag (13 options from Brown Horween to Hot Pink Suede)Outsole (3 options: leather, leather/rubber, and Vibram rubber lugg)Eyelets (6 options: antique copper, nickel, old English brass, black, good, and silver)Laces (7 options: brown, black, red, tan, white, gray, tan/gold taslan)Upper stitch color (3 options: brown, black, cream)Welt stich color (4 options: cream, brown, black, red)Monogram etched on the heel, tongue or hangtagHowever, after playing around with all the features and components, you’ll easily get the hang of it. I, personally found myself sucked into the the design-system and only emerged an hour later with four unique 1000 mile boots for my dream boot list. Be careful or you could get sucked in, too.At $400 for each customizable 1000 Mile work boot, these aren’t cheap–but offering the ability to create a Wolverine boot that’s uniquely you? That’s priceless. Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For? Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Province Announces Support to Celtic Colours

first_imgCeltic Colours is celebrating 20 years of music and culture, and the province continues to invest in the festival’s success. Derek Mombourquette, MLA Sydney-Whitney Pier, on behalf of Tony Ince, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage, announced today, Oct. 6, a provincial commitment of $160,000 this year. Today’s announcement brings the total provincial investment in the festival to $880,800 over the past five years. “On the 20th anniversary of Celtic Colours, the government of Nova Scotia is celebrating all this festival offers and our own contribution,” said Mr. Mombourquette. “It has grown significantly, with more musicians, artists and venues, and this anniversary is an even greater boost to the cultural economy and to tourism.” Cultural funding supports growth of the province’s cultural economy, which brings $949 million and 14,000 jobs to Nova Scotia. Celtic Colours is a significant success story in Nova Scotia’s culture sector. Beginning in 1997 as a fall music festival, it is now one of Canada’s premier tourism events, drawing tens of thousands of visitors from more than two dozen countries. “Celtic Colours works with more than 100 groups in 60 communities,” said Joella Foulds, executive director, Celtic Colours. “The festival provides a sense of community pride through the celebration of our culture and our beautiful environment. “It brings new skills, new experiences and reinforces the value of hospitality that is so important in Cape Breton. It is successful because of our people, volunteers, staff and partners who are there year after year.” The festival runs Oct. 7 to 15. Audiences will enjoy music, art, and Cape Breton culture and food in community halls and performance and exhibition venues across the island. Many visitors also hike or cycle through Cape Breton’s spectacular scenery. Details are available at . The celebration of culture brings economic benefits to Cape Breton through artist fees, accommodations, transportation, equipment and vehicle rentals, food and beverages, purchases from artisans of every type and retail purchases, gasoline and more. Between 2012 and 2015, Celtic Colours audiences spent $38 million in Nova Scotia.last_img read more

Group of 16 SLFP members tell Parliament will work against PM

Dissanayake also challenged the Prime Minister to investigate a recent claim that he had made with regards to missing Samurdhi funds.Dissanayake, who was in charge of Samurdhi affairs when he was a Minister, said that the allegation made by the Prime Minister is grave and must be investigated. (Colombo Gazette) He said that President Maithripala Sirisena gave the group of 16 approval to sit with the opposition in Parliament. The former Minister noted that they backed the no-confidence motion on the Prime Minister, mainly because of his links to the treasury bond scam.He said that the group of 16 had no personal grudge with the United National Party or the Prime Minister but will work with the joint opposition to remove the Prime Minister. The group of 16 Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members who resigned from the Government recently informed Parliament today that they will work against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.Former Minister S.B. Dissanayake told Parliament that they are prepared to work with the opposition, including the joint opposition and the main opposition led by R. Sampanthan. Dissanayake also thanked former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and others in the opposition for welcoming them to the opposition. read more

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka complete feasibility study on FTA

“After finalising the joint study, we will sign the FTA within the tenure of the current Government,” he said. He said the formation of the committee was still at the very initial stage. When it comes to producing some garment items, Bangladesh is still very weak but Sri Lanka is strong, he said.In those cases, Bangladesh’s manufacturers will produce the basic garments and send them to Sri Lankan garment factories for more value addition under the “Made in Bangladesh” tag, said Rahman.Moreover, Sri Lanka is in an advantageous position because of its sea ports, which are closer to European markets than Bangladesh’s Chittagong port, he said, adding that Bangladesh would also use the Sri Lankan ports to its benefit. “We agreed to finalise the joint feasibility study that was conducted by both countries with a view to signing the FTA between the two countries,” Ahmed said. Siddiqur Rahman, the BGMEA president, said a joint working committee would be formed engaging garment exporters of both countries to produce value-added apparel items for exports to European markets. The national election in Bangladesh may take place in late December or early January.The nature of the agreement will be a little bit different as it will cover not only the duties but also the services sector and investment, Ahmed said. The BGMEA leader said Sri Lanka is at least two weeks ahead in lead time compared to Bangladesh thanks to its geographical location.A shorter lead time is very important in fast fashion as buyers always want quick shipment of goods, he added.Rahman said a delegation from the BGMEA would hold a meeting with Sri Lankan government officials and garment traders in the island nation next month.Ahmed also said four direct flights between Dhaka and Colombo could be introduced by coming April to improve communication between the two countries.Regent Airways, a local airline, has already been allowed to operate direct flights between Dhaka and Colombo, according to a statement from the commerce ministry.Last fiscal year, Bangladesh exported goods worth $30.02 million to Sri Lanka while importing goods worth $47.80 million, commerce ministry data showed. (Colombo Gazette) Bangladesh expects to sign a free trade agreement with Sri Lanka during the tenure of the incumbent Government as both countries have already completed looking into the feasibility, Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said, according to the Daily Star.He disclosed this without elaborating in response to a query from reporters after a meeting with Malik Samarawickrama, Sri Lankan Minister for Development Strategies and International Development, at his secretariat office in Dhaka. He invited Sri Lankans to invest in the special economic zones Bangladesh is developing across the country.“Joint feasibility study has been done by our two governments and I am told that it would be completed by the end of this October,” said Samarawickrama.He was talking to reporters after a meeting with the leaders of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) at its office in Dhaka. read more

Smallscale loans key to fighting poverty officials tell UN forum in Bangkok

Underscoring the need for small-scale loans and grants, ESCAP’s Deputy Executive Secretary Keiko Okaido said that many countries in the Asian and the Pacific region not only suffer from absolute poverty, but also face widening income gaps. “These conditions could lead to social and political conflicts if they are not addressed in a timely manner and with effective measures,” she warned. Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand told participants that the successful promotion of the grassroots economy would serve as powerful force to support a broad range of wealth-creating activities. “Such force will be self-sustained and growth-oriented as local communities and expand their commercial activities and linkages, ultimately providing a productive foundation for the economy,” added Somkid Jatisripitak.The meeting, which is expected to adopt a Bangkok Declaration on Microfinance, has attracted the participation of representatives of close to 30 countries. read more

Yemen UN envoy adjourns peace talks till January pending enforcement of a

“Given the centrality of the cessation of hostilities to the success of talks, the Special Envoy has elected to adjourn the talks until the middle of January 2016,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said in a communiqué.“In order to ensure adherence to the cessation of hostilities and enable sustainability, the Special Envoy judges that additional bilateral consultations will be required in Yemen and in the region in the coming weeks. The Special Envoy shall continue to work with the parties to identify and implement confidence-building measures that will help build respect for a durable ceasefire and peace process.”The conflict between the factions has worsened Yemen’s already poor food situation, adding over 3 million people to the ranks of the hungry in less than a year, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) has reported, with 7.6 million people severely food insecure – a level that requires urgent, external, food aid.Last week, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners today appealed for $31 million to ensure the continuity of medical services for nearly 15 million Yemenis following the collapse of the country’s health system.In his communiqué, Mr. Ould Cheikh Ahmed cited the parties’ constructive engagement in the UN-facilitated talks, but said progress was affected by numerous violations of the cessation of hostilities.“Despite this, the parties made serious progress through identifying a framework for negotiations towards a comprehensive settlement, in addition to defining a set of relevant confidence-building measures relating to prisoner release, improved social services and improving the flow of humanitarian aid to Taiz (central Yemen) and other Yemeni governorates,” it said.He noted that the parties agreed to develop a package of confidence-building measures including a mechanism for the release of prisoners to include all detainees and prisoners once a permanent ceasefire is in place, to establish a Co-ordination and De-escalation Committee of military advisors from both sides, facilitated by the UN, and to lift all forms of blockade and allow safe and rapid access for humanitarian supplies.The participants also agreed to a negotiating framework for a comprehensive agreement to end the conflict and allow the resumption of inclusive political dialogue, to continue the work of the Coordination and De-escalation Committee and identify a suitable location for it in the region, to meet again for a second round of UN-facilitated talks, and to ensure a greater involvement of women in the talks.“The Special Envoy wishes to commend the participants for the work so far undertaken and plans to convene the next round of these talks on 14 January 2016,” the communiqué concluded. read more

Baseball Ohio State defeats Hawaii 64 in bizarre finish

Ohio State freshman right fielder Dominic Canzone bats in the bottom of the seventh inning against North Carolina Greensboro. Credit: Edward Sutelan | Lantern reporterIt is rare that a team’s quality control coordinator would receive the game ball after a big win, but that is exactly what happened in Ohio State’s 6-4 win against Hawaii Thursday.Junior pitcher Andrew Magno was on the mound for the save, but it was a save that came in the most bizarre way. Trailing 6-3 in the ninth, a two-out single brought home two runners for the Rainbow Warriors. It appeared the Ohio State lead would be reduced to one run with a runner on first, but the game was called after the runner from second missed the bag rounding third. Magno credited Kirby Pellant, the quality control coordinator, for pointing out the error. “Kirby had the call on that, so I gave him the game ball after the game,” Magno said. “Good eyes on Pellant.” Ohio State (11-10) defeated Hawaii (9-12) 6-4 Thursday. Powered by big-time pitching from freshman pitcher Garrett Burhenn and Magno, Ohio State was able to keep Hawaii at bay long enough to produce insurance runs late in the game. Burhenn allowed two runs in an inefficient first inning, but settled down to pitch seven innings to move to 4-1 on the season. “He was definitely able to settle down a little bit and pitch to the bottom of the zone and get his pitches working,” sophomore catcher Dillon Dingler said. Magno was asked to come in the eighth inning, as Ohio State clung to a one-run lead. With two runners on and no outs the lefty was able to produce three-straight outs to maintain the lead.The pressure is not something that Magno shies away from. “I love it. It’s really fun,” Magno said. “I think the first one I had against Florida Gulf Coast just set the precedent for the rest of them.”Magno earned a one-inning save in a 2-0 victory over Florida Gulf Coast back on Feb. 18. Dingler made his first start since injuring his hamate bone on Feb. 20. Dingler produced two hits, an RBI and a steal in the win. “[His] presence and production were huge for us,” head coach Greg Beals said. “It’s awfully nice to write Dingler’s name in the lineup.” Down 2-0 after one inning, Ohio State redshirt junior second baseman Matt Carpenter drove in the first run of the game with a triple.On the next at bat, senior left fielder Brady Cherry recorded his team-high 18th RBI of the season with a double off the wall to tie the game 2-2. With runners on the corners and one out, Dingler poked a sacrifice fly ball out to right field to give the Buckeyes a 3-2 lead after one inning. Ohio State freshman third baseman Nick Erwin was able to record the first hit of his career with a two-out RBI single to make the score 4-3 in favor of Ohio State in the fourth inning. Hawaii sophomore pitcher Jeremy Wu-Yelland would finish the game with four runs allowed in four innings.Ohio State’s pitching continued its success in the sixth inning, but with the help of the defense.. A diving play by junior first baseman Conner Pohl to record the first out was topped the very next play by a spectacular backhanded play and throw from Erwin at third. The offense backed up Ohio State’s pitching, as redshirt sophomore designated hitter Brent Todys was able to drive insurance run, with a triple that landed on the third-base line in right field. The Buckeyes continued to do damage with two outs, as freshman center fielder Nolan Clegg made the score 6-3 after a single to right field. “You can’t put a value on two-out hits,” Beals said. “They either mark the scoreboard, or you go out to play defense without any runs.”Ohio State will return to the field at 5:05 p.m. Friday for the second game against Hawaii. read more

Ted Heath inquiry police chief quits Wiltshire to head up Cleveland force

first_imgThe police chief who led the controversial investigation into child sex abuse allegations against Sir Edward Heath is to head up another force after Wiltshire Police failed to renew his contract.Mike Veale, who spent two years and £1.5 million investigating the former Prime Minister, who died in 2005 aged 89, announced that he was set to become Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, which has been mired in controversy in recent years.He had recently insisted he was committed to Wiltshire but Angus Macpherson, the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner was said to have become increasingly frustrated with the criticism levelled at the force over Operation Conifer.He had come under increasing pressure to approve a judge-led inquiry into the investigation – a move Mr Veale had blocked – amid claims that its findings were uncorroborated and failed to justify the time and expense it was afforded.Lord Armstrong, Heath’s principal private secretary when Prime Minister, described the move to Cleveland as “extraordinary.”He told the Telegraph: “I am quite surprised that chief constable Mike Veale has moved. I dare say he is glad to be leaving Wiltshire. It seems rather strange another force should take him on given the criticism he has had but one doesn’t know what Cleveland wants.” Mr Macpherson thanked Mr Veale for his commitment to the force over the last 13 years.”I know this has not been an easy decision for Mike to make, but that on a personal level he feels it is the right time for him and his family to make the next move in his policing career,” he added. Health’s godson, Lincoln Seligman, suggested that Mr Veale had “unfinished business” in Wiltshire and vowed to to continue the fight for justice.“He cannot expect to turn his back on the situation he has left,” he said. “We fully expect the Wiltshire Police Commissioner to request what he himself has said is needed, namely a judge led review of all the evidence produced by Mr Veale’s now discredited Operation Conifer.”James Gray, a local Wiltshire MP who has been critical of Mr Veale over Operation Conifer and the “waste” of taxpayers money that shredded Heath’s reputation, said: ”I wish Chief Constable Veale well in Cleveland and I wish Cleveland well in having Mike Veale.”Mr Veale, who has 33 years service and commands a salary of around £150,000, is said to have applied for at least one other job and was keen to get out of Wiltshire amid a clamour from critics that he should resign.Barry Coppinger, Cleveland police and crime commissioner, said Mr Veale had “faced extremely difficult and complex policing challenges and has never shied away from taking tough decisions in the best interests of justice.” Former Prime Minister Edward HeathCredit:Peter J Jordan/PA Barry Coppinger, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland Credit:Heathcliff O’Malley He said he had put forward “an exciting and compelling vision” for the future of policing in the region, adding that his appointment would have to be confirmed by the force’s police and crime panel which meets on January 23. Show more Mr Veale said it had been a “very difficult decision” but that he felt the time was right for a new challenge.It is understood that contract negotiations with Mr Macpherson were ongoing when he decided to make the move.Wiltshire Police launched Operation Conifer in August 2015 with a public appeal for “victims” to come forward in a televised press conference outside Heath’s Salisbury home, Arundells.The investigation concluded in October that he would be questioned under caution if he were still alive over seven alleged offences. Lord Armstrong said the job switch should now make it easier to secure an independent inquiry into Operation Conifer, which Mr Heath’s supporters believe is vital to clear his name. Barry Coppinger, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland Former Prime Minister Edward Heath But it stressed “no inference of guilt can be drawn from the decision to interview under caution” and also accepts that other than the allegations themselves, there is no other evidence available to corroborate the claims.Reports claimed Mr Veale was “120 per cent” certain that Heath abused children over many years.But he has come under intense criticism, not least because Heath has been dead for more than a decade and therefore cannot defend himself.Lord Macdonald,  the country’s former chief prosecutor, writing in the Telegraph last year, said Veale had presided over a over a “tragi-comedy of incompetence” as he called on Wiltshire Police to “own up” to running an expensive inquiry based on “the most obvious and transparent fantasy”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Epiroc MA likely to continue Per Lindberg says

first_imgThe President and CEO of Epiroc, Per Lindberg, says the mining equipment maker is likely to continue making acquisitions as it strives for long-term growth over the latest business cycle.In the company’s first full year of operation, Epiroc has, among other transactions, acquired a minority stake in mining autonomy major ASI Mining, agreed to buy rock tools manufacturer Fordia, and purchased Sautec.Lindberg said in the company’s December quarter results that Epiroc is targeting to grow at least 8% per year on average over a business cycle.“While we grew well beyond that in Q4 and in 2018, we believe we continuously need to make acquisitions to secure long-term growth as well as access to new technologies, markets and geographies,” he said.On the recent Fordia, New Concept Mining and Sautec buys, Lindberg said Epiroc expected strengthened positions in exploration, rock reinforcement and service, and an additional SEK 1.2 billion ($132 million) in annual revenues.In the December quarter, Epiroc said its orders received increased 17% to SEK9.47 billion, revenue jumped up 25% to SEK10.56 billion and its operating profit went from SEK1.53 billion to SEK2.16 billion, including costs related to the split from Atlas Copco and change in provision for long-term incentive programmes of net SEK8 million.Lindberg reflected on this quarterly performance, saying: “We have been able to ramp up our capacity in manufacturing and service to support our customers, and revenues reached a record SEK10.56 billion, up 19% organically.”He added: “In our first year as Epiroc we achieved strong growth in both top and bottom line, in parallel to a successful split and introduction of the new company. Reported orders and revenues increased 16% and 22%, respectively. Our operating profit increased by 25% and the operating margin, adjusted for split costs and provision for long-term incentive programmes, increased from 19.4% to 20.3%.”Lindberg said customer demand for Epiroc’s equipment, services and tools remained at a good level during the quarter. “In mining we continue to see that the majority of the equipment orders are for expansion, including also some orders for greenfield projects,” he said, while aftermarket business was supported by high activity among its customers, leading to strong growth.During the most recent quarter, Epiroc launched the second generation of its battery-operated equipment at an event in Örebro, Sweden.Lindberg said the event created strong interest from Epiroc’s customers and orders have already started to come in.In terms of the future technology transition in mining, in general, Lindberg said: “Our customers are ready for a major technology shift towards more automation, digitalisation and battery power.“While the complete transition will take time, it is exciting to already now see the positive customer reactions.”Looking into 2019, Lindberg said: “We will continue to focus on improving our customer offerings, our efficiency, agility and resilience. These are, and will continue to be, the strengths of Epiroc.”last_img read more

Workers to end sitin at Athboy hotel today

first_img45 HOTEL WORKERS who have staged a sit-in at a hotel in Co Meath for 51 days are to end their protest today.The workers of the Old Darnley Lodge Hotel in Athboy will end their protest at 11:30am this morning, after securing their redundancy payments from hotel management.The hotel’s 15 full-time and 30 part-time staff had been given only an hour’s notice of its closure on January 16.Their SIPTU-organised sit-in will end at 11:30am this morning, when redundancy payments are due to be processed.Workers have been given a commitment that other monies owed to them will be paid in the coming days through the State’s insolvency funds.“While the workers protest has been a success in terms of securing its aim, of the full payment of the monies owed to them, it is unacceptable that in order to vindicate our rights such action was necessary,” said SIPTU shop steward Eileen Quinn.“This victory would not have been possible without the tremendous support of the local community and the workers wish to express their sincere gratitude.”SIPTU organiser Martin Mannion said the sit-in had been the key factor in the decision to expedite the payment of redundancy entitlements and other outstanding payments.The end of the seven week sit-in clears the way for the hotel’s receivers to try and put the business on the market.Local TD Peadar Toibín, of Sinn Féin, described the sit-in as “inspirational”.“Seven weeks is too long to wait for what is rightfully theirs but their wait would likely have been longer if they did not sit in,” the Meath West TD said.“The Old Darnley Lodge has in many ways the beating commercial heart of Athboy, and its reopening is of the utmost priority.”last_img read more

Sony Xperia Play headed to Verizon Wireless

first_imgIs it an Android phone? Is it a PSP Go? Is it going to be any more successful than the previous attempts to blur the lines between handheld gaming and smartphone? Who cares, it looks awesome! It’s the Sony Xperia Play, and pre-orders for Verizon Wireless will begin on the 19th, and in stores on the 26th!Sony’s marketing behind this device has been a confusing at best. Rather then call it the PSP Phone, a name which would undoubtedly bring Sony fans rushing into stores to buy one, it gets branded as the Xperia Play, an addition to the less then amazingly successful line of Android phones bade by Sony. On top of that, Sony’s own commercials have repeatedly mentioned playing games on cellphones in an attempt to smear the iPhone, so one would think it would be beneficial to make sure the phone possesses the PSP brand, right?AdChoices广告Regardless of your opinion of their marketing, the phone is coming stuffed with games, including including Madden NFL 11, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, The Sims 3, Star Battalion, Crash Bandicoot, and Tetris. Additionally, there will be over 50 games made available via the V CAST APPS store, and titles on the way through Sony’s PlayStstion Store.For day to day phone interaction, this Android 2.3 powered smartphone’s VGA Front Facing Camera and 5MP rear camera put it alongside most midrange smartphones. The 1500maH battery doesn’t inspire confidence that you’ll be playing Crash Bandicoot all day long, but on the other hand Android 2.3 does have some clever battery sipping code within, so who knows.last_img read more

Gardaí launch appeal for 24yearold last seen at Electric Picnic campsite

first_img GARDAÍ HAVE LAUNCHED an appeal for the public’s help in locating a young man last seen at Electric Picnic. Cameron McClements, 24, was last seen at the Electric Picnic festival campsite on Tuesday 3 September at around 6pm. He is described as being 5’7 in height, of slight build, with long brown hair and unshaven. When last seen he was wearing blue shorts, brown trekking shoes, a red beanie cap and a multi-coloured jacket. Anyone with information in relation to Cameron’s whereabouts is asked to contact Portlaoise garda station on 057 867 4100, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111, or any garda station.  Share249 Tweet Email Thursday 5 Sep 2019, 3:04 PM Sep 5th 2019, 3:04 PM 3 Comments Gardaí launch appeal for 24-year-old last seen at Electric Picnic campsite He is described as being 5’7 in height, of slight build, with long brown hair and unshaven. By Conor McCrave Image: Twitter Image: Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL 62,510 Views last_img read more

United States Title match added to Royal Rumble Updated card for January

first_img WWE United States Championship match added to Clash of Champions this Sunday in Charlotte Google+ New stipulation added to Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan this Sunday at Clash of Champions Facebook Twitter WWE announces 2020 Royal Rumble tickets to go on-sale Friday, September 20 center_img WhatsApp Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE has confirmed another championship match for the Royal Rumble.Rusev will defend the WWE United States Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in two weeks at the Royal Rumble PPV on January 27 in Phoenix.As reported earlier, Vince McMahon officially pulled Braun Strowman from facing Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship and will now be replaced by Finn Balor.Here is the updated card for the Royal Rumble as of Monday night:Men’s Royal Rumble MatchNames confirmed:R-Truth (No. 30)John CenaDean AmbroseSeth RollinsSamoa JoeDrew McIntyreKofi KingstonBig EXavier WoodsApollo CrewsBaron CorbinEliasJinder MahalJeff HardyBobby LashleyAndrade “Cien” AlmasRey MysterioWomen’s Royal Rumble MatchNames confirmed:Carmella (No. 30)NatalyaBayleyEmber MoonRuby RiottSarah LoganLiv MorganMickie JamesAlicia FoxMandy RoseSonya DevilleZelina VegaWWE Universal ChampionshipBrock Lesnar (c) vs. Finn BálorWWE ChampionshipDaniel Bryan (c) vs. AJ StylesRAW Women’s ChampionshipRonda Rousey (c) vs. Sasha BanksSmackdown Women’s ChampionshipAsuka (c) vs. Becky LynchSmackdown Tag Team ChampionshipsThe Bar (c’s) vs. Shane McMahon and The MizWWE United States ChampionshipRusev (c) vs. Shinsuke NakamuraWWE Cruiserweight ChampionshipBuddy Murphy vs. Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Hideo Itami Pinterestlast_img read more