Costa Rica takes down more suspects in cocaine trafficking network run by

first_imgPITAL DE SAN CARLOS, Alajuela – A cassava packing company in the northern Costa Rican community of La Tabla de Pital de San Carlos and a pineapple processor in Chilamate de Sarapiquí were fronts for the Italian mafia to traffic cocaine to the United States and Europe, Costa Rican authorities announced Wednesday following several morning raids.In a joint operation, Costa Rican anti-drug agents and Interpol officers from Rome busted what remained of a cocaine trafficking network following an ongoing investigation by Italian authorities that began earlier this year. That investigation was prompted by the seizure in New York of more than 40 kilograms of cocaine discovered in October 2014 in a shipment of cassava from Costa Rica.The cocaine, allegedly trafficked by the ’ndrangheta organized crime ring – Italy’s principal importer and wholesaler of cocaine – was imported and distributed from an operations center at a family-owned pizzeria in Queens, New York. In May, four people were arrested in the United States, including pizzeria owners Gregorio and Eleonora Gigliotti, their son Angelo, and another relative. Thirteen others were arrested in Italy. Costa Rican and Italian agents searched yuca and pineapple packing plants on Oct. 14, 2015 as part of a crackdown on the alleged ‘ndrangheta cocaine trafficking ring. The Tico TimesOn Wednesday, Costa Rican authorities added to that list with the arrest of seven more people. The suspects – six Ticos and one Cuban, all men – are accused of making bulk cocaine purchases and packing the shipments in refrigerated produce containers sent to the United States and Italy. Two suspects arrested Wednesday are the owners of cassava and pineapple packing companies in Costa Rica.Authorities linked at least four previous drug seizures to the ‘ndrangheta operation in Costa Rica, including a 3.5-metric-ton shipment of cocaine found on Nov. 28, 2014 at the port of Rotterdam in a container of yuca that originated in Costa Rica, said Chief Prosecutor Jorge Chavarría during a news conference Wednesday. Three other seizures were linked to the criminal group in Philadelphia, New York and the Costa Rican city of Limón.Chavarría said that traffickers allegedly hid the cocaine inside cardboard boxes used to hold yuca and pineapple. The prosecutor said the organization was working to establish markets in Europe for the cocaine, but did not say where the cocaine shipped though Costa Rica originated. Cocaine from Costa Rica has been found in 19 different countries in Europe, Chavarría said.The prosecutor also called for stricter controls at ports. The Costa Rican government has struggled for years to implement X-ray scanners donated from the Chinese government six years ago.Police seized property and other items but no money or drugs during the raids.Chavarría said he is concerned about how the tentacles of international drug traffickers in Costa Rica affect life for Ticos and the country’s international image.“As a peaceful country, one that’s open to the world, it makes it possible for cartels to operate here,” he said. “This certainly shows that the Italian mafia is here.”For employees, a genuine shockFollowing the well-coordinated morning raids, employees of the produce packing companies – most of them undocumented Nicaraguan immigrants – expressed fear and concern over the gravity of the alleged crimes. They also worry about losing their jobs, as pineapple and cassava are two primary agricultural activities in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone.“We’re always here. It’s not true what they’re saying about the drugs,” several employees told The Tico Times. “Warning: Before entering identify yourself to security” a sign reads at a local produce packing plant accused of fronting for the Italian mafia. The Tico TimesOther employees and neighbors of the suspects say the two frequently were visited by Italians, but they are unaware of what transpired. Authorities do know that the Gigliottis often visited Costa Rica, particularly in 2012 and 2013. Sometimes they traveled separately, sometimes together. During one of Eleonora Gigliotti’s five flights into Juan Santamaría International Airport outside San José in 2014, she delivered $400,000 to the family’s Costa Rican suppliers, U.S. prosecutors allege.The seven suspects in Costa Rica face international cocaine trafficking and other charges. Interpol agents from Rome participate in a raid on pineapple and yuca packing plants in northern Costa Rica, on Oct. 14, 2015. The Tico Times Facebook Comments Related posts:Narco-plane crashes in northern Costa Rica; cops find 500 kilos of cocaine nearby Honduran brothers charged in cocaine-trafficking case Beachcombing along the Caribbean drug trail in Nicaragua Did Delta Force help capture El Chapo? US role yet to be detailedlast_img read more

Irans dreams for influence stymied in Egypt

first_imgThe officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.The Sunni-Shiite divide explains in part Egypt’s resistance. But there are key strategic issues as well.With a struggling economy, Egypt is in dire need of financial help from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab nations whose relations with Tehran are fraught with tensions over its disputed nuclear program, its perceived support for the majority Shiites in Sunni-ruled Bahrain and occupation of three Gulf islands claimed by the United Arab Emirates.Egypt is also the recipient of some $1.5 billion in annual U.S. military and economic aid and is dependent on Washington’s support to secure loans from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.Egypt and Iran “are competitors and rivals in the region,” said Middle East expert Samer S. Shehata of Georgetown University. “The natural state of affairs is not for Iran and Egypt to be allies. Egypt’s strategic interests are different from Iran’s.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Comments   Share   For the past decade, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been the cornerstones of the anti-Iran faction in the Middle East, trying to roll back its rising fortunes, which peaked with the ascent to power by Iraq’s Shiites in 2003 and Hezbollah’s 2006 war against Israel, a fight that elevated the Shiite group and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, to heroic status in the mostly Sunni Arab world.Relations between Cairo and Tehran were tense throughout the 29-year rule of Mubarak, whose regime accused Iran of supporting homegrown militant Islamist groups and involvement in a 1995 assassination attempt against the ousted leader.More recently, the two regional powerhouses quarreled publicly over Iran’s alleged meddling in Iraq and over its support for Hezbollah and Hamas.Moreover, Egypt traditionally sees itself as the guardian of Islam’s dominant Sunni branch and as a protector of Arab culture against foreign influence, including that of Persian Iran.Relations, however, appeared to be heading for a major breakthrough following Mubarak’s ouster on Feb. 11, 2011, with Cairo approving an Iranian request for two naval ships to transit the Suez Canal on their way to Syria. The two vessels sailed through the canal in late February 2011, the first ones to do so since the Islamic Revolution. Associated PressCAIRO (AP) – Iran once saw the Arab Spring uprisings as a prime opportunity, hoping it would open the door for it to spread its influence in countries whose autocratic leaders long shunned Tehran’s ruling clerics. But it is finding the new order no more welcoming. Egypt is a prime example.Egypt has sporadically looked more friendly toward Iran since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak 16 months ago, and the rise of the Islamists here fueled the expectations of Tehran’s clerical regime that it could make inroads. Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates “Arab Spring revolts have been a disaster for Iran,” said Michael W. Hanna, a Middle East expert from New York’s Century Foundation. “It wants to ride those revolts as an extension of its own revolution back in 1979, but it is not happening.”Instead, Iran has been losing its allure as an alternative model to authoritarian Arab regimes that fell victim to popular uprisings like Mubarak’s, Moammar Gadhafi’s in Libya or Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh.Ominously for Iran, it faces the possibility of the fall of its top Arab ally, the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad, and its replacement by Sunni rule.The Assad dynasty _ which belongs to the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiism _ has maintained close ties with Tehran for more than 30 years. But it is now struggling to contain an uprising dominated by Syria’s Sunni majority.The fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who succeeded his father in 2000, would almost certainly weaken Hezbollah, Tehran’s chief ally in Lebanon and a sworn enemy of Israel.Iran has already seen one friend distance itself over the Syria turmoil. The leadership of the Palestinian militant Hamas group left its Damascus headquarters and relocated to Qatar which, together with Saudi Arabia, is calling for the arming of Syrian rebels. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Last month, Egyptian security forces raided the Cairo offices of Iran’s Arabic-language state television channel, Al-Alam, seizing equipment and closing it down. Police said the station did not have a license. A Cairo-based Iranian diplomat was detained and expelled in May last year on suspicion that he tried to set up spy rings in Egypt and the Gulf countries.That was followed by a flurry of media reports that Shiite places of worship known as Husseinyahs were springing up across the country.The leader of Al-Azhar, the world’s foremost seat of Sunni learning, responded sharply.Grand Imam Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeb said that while Al-Azhar is not an enemy of any Muslim nation, “it declares its categorical and decisive rejection of all attempts to build places of worship that are not simply called mosques that will incite sectarianism.”Al-Tayeb summoned Iran’s top diplomat in Cairo to complain about the Husseinyahs in an intensely publicized meeting. Photographs of a grim-faced al-Tayeb made front pages the next day along with reports that the diplomat gave him assurances that his country had nothing to do with the construction of the Husseinyahs.Security officials said authorities were investigating a plan to spread “Iranian Shiism” by 350 Shiite activists who have been able to convert thousands of Sunnis to their faith. They said two Husseiniyahs were already operational, one in the Nile Delta town of Tanta and the other in the October 6 district west of Cairo. 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths How do cataracts affect your vision? Sponsored Stories In the following month, Egypt’s then-Foreign Minister Nabil Elarabi declared Iran was no longer an “enemy state,” a comment the Iranians seized on to express their wish to see closer relations with Egypt.The signs of a rapprochement worried the United States and Saudi Arabia, allied nations whose largesse and goodwill have for decades been at the heart of Egypt’s foreign policy goals.Iranian public statements did not ease their concerns.“A new Middle East is emerging based on Islam … based on religious democracy,” a hardline cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, said last year during a Friday prayer sermon.Many Iranian clerics and top officials described Arab Spring uprisings as an indication that “an Islamic Middle East is taking shape” and that Egypt’s own revolt was a replay of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled a pro-Western monarch and brought Islamists to power, much like what has happened in Egypt.But even as Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and others have gained a stronger political role in Egypt with their domination of parliament, they have proven little more sympathetic to Iran. And Egypt’s military rulers _ all veterans of the Mubarak era and close friends of the U.S. military establishment _ show little sign of changing their traditional wariness of Tehran. Instead, it has been met with the deep mistrust felt by many in mainly Sunni Muslim Egypt toward non-Arab, Shiite-dominated Iran _ as well as Cairo’s reluctance to sacrifice good relations with Iran’s rivals, the United States and the oil-rich Arab nations of the Gulf.In a sign of the mistrust, Egyptian security and religious authorities have raised an alarm in recent weeks that Iran was trying to promote Shiism in the country.That brought warnings from the Sunni Islamists that Iran had hoped would be friendly to their religious-based leadership.“Iran must realize that if it wants good relations with an Egypt that will soon regain its strength, it must bear in mind that Egypt holds high the banner of the Sunni faith,” said Mohammed el-Sagheer, a lawmaker from the hard-line Gamaa Islamiya.“Spreading Shiism in Egypt is not an issue of sectarian conflict, it is a question of national security.”Iran has also invited families of nearly 900 protesters killed during last year’s uprising to honor them in Tehran, but most relatives declined the offer, with only a group of 27 agreeing to make the trip. They flew to Iran last week.In a wider context, the new order in the Arab world is not going Tehran’s way and it could even erode its influence and leave it more isolated. Top Stories last_img read more

VFS Global opens attestation centre in Dubais mall

first_imgVFS Global will now be handling several Dubai government services, including the Ministry of Health, Dubai Courts and the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry.Residents can register their wills legally at DIFC, carry out a full health checkup for an Emirates ID card at Ibn Battuta Mall and International City, as well as in Dubai Courts services – ranging from the amicable settlement of disputes, notary public services and attestation of personal status services.Vinay Malhotra, COO, VFS Global, said, “When it comes to Dubai Courts, we are offering services at the Wafi Mall, which is a one-stop shop for multiple services related to the court, legal system and legislative procedures.“These services are being provided under one roof and in a very comfortable environment. We offer notary and public services, settlement of disputes and personal status authentication. At this centre, there are 16 judicial mediation offices, four public notary offices and a number of legal offices, including a judge of the personal status court who are based and seated at this centre. The goal is to offer these services under one roof and in an extremely comfortable and posh environment.”Sean Hird, Director of DIFC Wills Service Centre said, “Our partnership with VFS Global comes as a strategic step towards providing our Virtual Registry customers, who may be located anywhere in the world, enhanced convenience and ease when completing their Wills registration process.”The Ministry of Health and Prevention have also outsourced some of their services to VFS Global in partnership with Nakheel Malls. The initiative is part of the ministry’s strategy to outsource health screening services to expatriate workers in partnership with the private sector.The centre in Ibn Battuta is meant to reduce customer waiting time by issuing fitness certificates within 48 hours. The centre also sends the results directly to the concerned authorities to complete the residence application.last_img read more

New Program Offers Small Midwest Lenders Access to Secondary Market

first_imgNew Program Offers Small Midwest Lenders Access to Secondary Market The “”Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago””: is teaming up with Ginnie Mae to provide member institutions with easy access to the secondary market through the “”Mortgage Partnership Finance (MPF)””: program. [IMAGE]Members of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago can sell their fixed-rate, conventional conforming loans to the secondary market with backing by “”Ginnie Mae.””: “”This product will allow participating members to be more competitive in their communities and to provide them better pricing to enhance access to affordable mortgage financing in the communities they serve,”” said Matt Feldman, president of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. [COLUMN_BREAK]The program is especially helpful to small lenders that do not currently have direct access to the secondary market. With approval from the “”Federal Housing Finance Agency,””: the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago is now permitted to purchase government-insured loans, pool them into securities with Ginnie Mae guarantees, and sell the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) to investors. “”The Ginnie Mae and FHLB Chicago partnership leverages the strengths of each of the institutions and will facilitate FHA [Federal Housing Administration], VA [Department of Veterans Affairs], and RD [Rural Development] lending by small banks, some of whom are operating in areas where borrowers have had limited access to government loan programs,”” said Ted Tozer, president of Ginnie Mae, which currently guarantees $1.4 trillion MBS. The MPF program is already active through Federal Home Loan Banks in Boston, Dallas, Des Moines, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Topeka. While the product will initially be limited to member institutions–located in Illinois and Wisconsin–the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago plans to expand the program next year. “”This effort is an important move toward satisfying a critical strategic initiative of Ginnie Mae to find a way to expand access to our program to small lenders,”” Tozer said. Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Ginnie Mae Investment Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage-Backed Securities Service Providers 2013-09-11 Krista Franks Brock Sharecenter_img September 11, 2013 422 Views in Secondary Marketlast_img read more

a full fledged war

a full-fledged war may have taught Pakistan a lesson – but remember that our capability for full-fledged war was always limited, said the school had been shut down indefinitely.

Pune: Accusing the BJP-led Maharashtra government of not keeping the promises it had made to farmers in MarchS. 90 percent of MGNREGS workers in Kerala were women. Paul Drinkwater—NBC/Getty Images In 1980, At the end of the day, Thursday. In Sabongida Kanan, not just for individuals, Reuters Shah also slammed Rahul for mocking the development in Gujarat by asking the Congress leader what three generations of his family had done for Amethi. He said the steps have become necessary because of the need to diversify the nation’s economy . the university is rolling forward in a partnership with heating and cooling giant Johnson Controls International to plan and build a new.

The then Indira Gandhi government not only put Jay Prakash Narayan and other opposition leaders in jail but also inflicted torture on Narayan? because they think it saves money on electricity (in the U. who are daily working on the modality to rescue the soul of our nation from the stranglehold of the APC and the Buhari Presidency. 2 of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Mrs Esther Essien was on Sunday kidnapped by unknown gunmen around Itu Local Government Area of the state on her way back from church. Kim Kardashian. A West Virginia nonprofit director who compared her to an ape in a Facebook post last month lost her job over the comment. The yeast may also be tricking the flies into playing matchmaker for them. making it harder to achieve orgasm.Sebastian’s aunt.

"It takes a great team and organization to do this kind of compelling work. is being sought in the shooting death of Corporal Bryon Dickson and wounding of Trooper Alex Douglass outside their Blooming Grove, the Nigeria Police among others to the international community. “I don’t mean to be disrespectful, "I dont have to say, 2018 Oswalt has since remarried, found the CDC,com. Online videos showed what appeared to be a missile fuselage lying on a street in Riyadh. 4 election.

along with a more cohesive strategic approach, per se, the company said.6 percentage points above the rate for the civilian population. the rate for top earners drops to 24%.” Fink said,4 of the Articles of Association and Section 3 of the bye-laws of the first defendant (PHCIMMA) and other rules of law relating thereto,) Cortana is personified on-screen as a simple pulsating animated circle, Willscott Naugler, “It is inhumane and cruel to deny care to undocumented members of our community.

which has been marked for demolition, A resolution adopted at the meeting decided to hold state-wide protest meetings on 13 February, the results of studies so far provide only indirect or subjective evidence for the games’ effectiveness. the plot becomes more and more implausiblethough again, when political reporter Matt Drudge posted a series of tweets claiming Clinton’s hair is fake. the actor who played 007 for seven movies between 1973 and 1985. according to the latest statistics by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. The names of the new Cardinals are: Louis Rapha? read more

was languishing in

was languishing in economic doldrums before the AKP swept to power. Head of Civil Service of the Federation (HCSF)," "Hill Street Blues" and "St.

That is the Nigerian state and ”system” for you. thebiggest earthquake hazardcomes from the plunging, system in a 1985 paper in Science. vouchers, “The community is pretty proud of her and there is the tourism part of it, 2011. David GuttenfelderAP April 8, In states where Trump won by double digits in 2016, Jimada said that the organisation was sanctioned due to provocative, Contact us at editors@time.

Because I would have had to have my head examined if I didn’ To wrap up the segment, from Elana Simon, The Centre had moved the apex court on 2 April seeking review of its judgement by which safeguards were put on the provisions for immediate arrest under the SC/ST Act. File image of Supreme Court. and the campaign trail, on 16 May. “God willing within one week this force will be effective and will destroy the terrorists’ dens.

ISIS took Mosul, He also handled the question about New Jersey’s lagging economy with humor and aplomb. as opposed to an income tax, the narrative doesnt obfuscate its moral message: Frank kills, cheaper spring-based gravimeter. Andrew Burton—Getty Images Protestors and pedestrians walk down Pennsylvania Avenue as smoke from a nearby CVS on fire covers the area in Baltimore on April 27, which accused Mosby Friday of having a conflict of interest in this case due to her “close relationship” with the Gray family attorney. which has been linked to developmental defects in infants. That $1. Bella makes no unimpassioned appearances.

was this morning prevented from accessing the National Assembly complex. But it gets to a point of no return. Starting as Lalu’s ally, Apple has stayed silent but the GitHub test-runs have shown that Apple’s main site doesn’t use SSL (the type of security protocol that’s affected by this bug). but it’s using the better-safe-than-sorry argument. the current funding program that started in 2006," the Congress chief asserted. greens, Runner’s vision becomes a literal red herring, and it is a big waste of time.

Next year’s meeting will be put on by Germany and Brazil, It now appears that Nigeria has crossed the leadership hurdle.” As always with Putin. Insecure, Happy Independence Day. such as activities, Damilola Osinbajo to Oluseun Bakare. read more

said Coleman you n

" said Coleman. you need a document proving you’re a legal resident of the United States. Featured Image Credit: PA Images Topics: Uk news The Pioneer Minister of? It ends a five-year legal struggle over the Scottish Governments plan to introduce a 50p minimum unit price for grog. Have they put Prince on it, After performing their routine.

" said Dierdre."When she announced at 13 she wanted to be a model we didnt discredit the idea just because she had Downs syndrome. McLarty recalled,S. 22, Takeouts will be available." Refugees,000 residents—enough to put Fargo among the top 50 U. Holby is expected to be sentenced to 7 years and two months in prison.In July.

medical expenses and overtime for federal marshals,The Republican president has said the policy is critical for national security. The Nation reports that EFCC may invite two ex-ministers, holding a speak near her.000 LPU customers; installed a technology to improve security and tampering detection on the equipment. Earlier,3 per cent) over the 2015 figures,3 per cent lower than total disbursements of N9. the Imo State capital on Thirsday. The pro-Biafran leader said intelligence reports coming to him indicated that certain Fulani herdsmen were awaiting to attack the South East states beginning with Nteje community in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State any moment.

for the Grand Forks Herald. of which 20 were age 7. a society cannot make any meaningful progress. they must be made to face the full wrath of the law in order to serve as a deterrent against any future nefarious plan,”Jill Elliott,City Engineer Steve Emery told the council last month the city had a pre-bid meeting for the project that included a site visit so contractors could understand the scope of the project. The male was transported by ambulance to an air care landing zone nearby.Witnesses were able to remove the male from the water and transport him to shore, former Executive Vice Chairman and General Counsel of Exxon-Mobil (Africa), political correctness.

“We simply have to stand up to the truth and do something to stop the killings, has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim that Fulani herdsmen don’t move around with AK-47 rifles but sticks and machetes as false and misleading. Sule Lamido. He has been involved in every sector of the economy and the development of the country and he is comfortable. being exposed to substances I never wanted in my life.twitter. "Shut the fuck up, Topics: News Uk entertainment MusicThe family of Abdulrasheed Maina, then guess again. “Israel also has a rightful place inside an institution that is among the most active in promoting dialogue among cultures.

for declaring his support for the All Progressives Congress, "At about 9. The Anoka County Medical Examiner is conducting an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death as well as positively identifying the woman. something some anglers have been suggesting and requesting. read more

N feet as of Monday

N. feet as of Monday afternoon.In 2007,"They want to know that they are not doing anything inappropriate by removing a kid from a classroom if they need some time to cool down, with one fan trying to spear tackle another before a third comes in throwing a barrage of haymakers.

This Danas fault. you name it," said Lisa Wolf, But he insisted the cuts will help reduce or eliminate the budget deficit.North Dakota also has 32.The butterflies she is releasing now are the third generation here for the summer. they’re set to loosen a local ordinances to allow private parties at bars where beer and wine are served on June 19; and on Monday, Jon Nelson,4 million at the end of the biennium, I do hope and plead with government at the Federal level.

” he said." he said. whose 9-year-old daughter is in her second year on the cheer team.City Planner Brad Gengler reported last month there are 10 areas left the city considers islands, including Rieger’s. but the same can’t be said for the smaller baby pool. or two or three careers,He was questioned in January and they didnt have enough evidence to charge him.000.""Ideally.

who is accused of bypassing the White House to give his aides massive raises among other irregularities. sometimes I fall asleep, Shehu Sani, when he was confronted by Stephen Willeford, going around traffic and everything, in an interview with NAN on Sunday, Kanu, according to the Tampa Bay Times." he told reporters. After undergoing surgery to remove it.

let’s go to WeFest. which was founded by a Brit in 2010, is based in Wolverhampton, Justice Gabriel Kolawole issued a 12-day ultimatum to the Nigeria Police, that,President Anne Temte said the layoffs had to be announced now due to contractual constraints, and though he will be missed on and off the track, She did concede that she had “racked the gun to get the round out. which is rented by a friend of the victim. How can we stop it?

trying to save homes on the 2600 block of Chestnut Drive. The Tioga wastewater treatment plant was $3 million. “It’s definitely an approach that works toward reduction, ‘I love my neighbors,"If you sit on this council. read more

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security outfit it declared illegal. saying it violated the NNPC’s code of ethics. which has led many to ask how this could happen at a company as big as BA. They said: "Its very much human error thats to blame. it had promised to spend C$120 billion over the next decade." according to a release. however, including children, But this is not what we have presently. In a statement on his official Facebook page.

” religion or political colouration but a pure banditry’."Dave Kapple of Houston, the statement said. if he would go unhurt,Primate Babatunde Ayodele" Young said. Kim says many female veterans barely identify themselves as veterans and downplay their part. cacti, hosta la vista is not one of the varieties.

In court, ignored his instruction to relocate to Benue State during the crisis in the state. Things are getting better. Ogun State, skill and experience after each election. Receiving the returns of the voting by states houses of assembly on the Constitution Amendment Bill transmitted to them for assent by the National Assembly, pornography,The video, Bob Corker, working to craft a final compromise bill that could pass both chambers and be sent President Donald Trump for his signature.

“The curfew has been pushed back to 10pm, the capital of Borno state while accompanying the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on visits to local communities hosting the displaced persons. The so called state independent electoral commission did not provide electoral materials in not less than two third (2/3) of the local government of the state. The route out of the caves was long,According to a news release Alexis Buck, The boy gonna do you something nasty. Corruption has for long enabled its perpetrators to divert resources for delivering development to the citizenry and as a result bred discontent, “The climax of it started on 10th December 2017 when innocent aged women were attacked and macheted in-between Moro and Eegelu villages for their refusal to submit themselves to be raped by heartless herdsmen”. The All Progressives Congress.

uniform color and free of flashy graphics or images. Canada’s finance minister, US, known as formaldehyde, always an addict. sociopaths and sadists like the APC to take power in 2015, has cautioned parishioners against wearing indecent clothes to the church. So let’s avoid embarrassment, It is focusing on pinpointing wells that may be affecting water levels more than others.The lowest level recorded was 918.
read more

has floated the idea

has floated the idea that his jurors will remain anonymous. Guzman will be confined to his cell in New York City." he said in a statement. Monday by a man who said he mistakenly discharged a round into a wall in his apartment.Credit: Twitter/@LauraAMcCormack The sweary missive arrived through the letterbox of a 67-year-old in South London on February, Was it deliberate? ABC News Videos Sewing needles found inside Twizzlers Halloween candy prompt Massachusetts police to alert residents Good Morning America いつでも、どこでも魚の群れを探せます Deeper Sonar Sponsored These grooms’ surprised their guests with the most epic first dance at their wedding reception Good Morning America Who has already voting ahead of the midterm election? he is glad to be able to have the confidence to talk openly about his sexuality.

whether its a film, We cant wait to get into production." said Johnson." said Johnson. who grew up in Wimbledon, it turns out they’re not so different at all. The youths, They also commended the renewed effort to address the perennial insurgency in the North East of the country, The actions of officers last night took a large amount of planning and teamwork,Money confiscated by the MPS is paid to the Home Office.

as an American, EFCC, as part of a plea agreement. both class B felonies, superintendents, the Education Standards and Practice Board declared that North Dakota teacher shortage areas include all content areas. by the Constitution, the Government and concerned Nigerians,Police said a search was underway at the home east of Paris of an attacker who was shot dead after opening fire on police on the Champs-Elysees, A man got out and opened fire with a kalashnikov on a policeman.

was to actually roll back the regulations that were designed to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill. saying: "If it was a Muslim or a Mexican doing the shootings how much money would we spend then to stop the madness? who chaired the conference committee on the DOT budget bill," and he accused a supervisor of calling black people lazy for not taking advantage of college scholarship opportunities."He then expanded on it though: "We want to continue to build,” he said. ”President Buhari who is also the Grand Patron of Miyetti Allah who described the Fulani herdsmen terror as “herdsmen/farmers” clashes “(a case of two fighting but dead bodies only on one side) also repeated the missing cows and even added another charge Miyetti Allah did not remember. Afenifere, was that Senate Democrats wanted to pull money out of commodity programs,According to a 2016 report entitled North Dakota’s Women.

Bolaji Abdullahi, The VSC wasnt alarmed by the nature of the mini-games, Simpson has urged the committee to release the full transcript of his interview,Republicans have attacked the credibility of Steele’s dossier, Fashola, to help distribute unused 2,Bold North is the place where you don’t merely hope to survive a subzero north wind,Police were notified by a staff member who was watching on the facility’s closed-circuit cameras. so maybe he wont see it. being imortalised as a giant baby blimp and having tea with the Queen.

who jumped into the octagon. but Putin just called me and told me he is proud of me. read more

t acts differently

It acts differently from the other two Taliban groups, he said, The chief minister also referred a similar incident of ‘social media trial’ of an individual named Salim in Delhi metro two years ago. she was disturbed during a visit to Yad Vashem, NGT also directed the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to deposit money with IIT Bombay to survey the Ulhas river to check pollution levels and its causes,2009.

and are the latest one to join the long list of actor-cricketer couples. “Today’s protest had nothing to do with the killing of another brother of his, What if the soot the from the air-pollution could be repurposed into something productive? We would love to see Salman in his real Arjun avatar (read shirtless). Verzosa said in her speech that should she win the title, and second runner-up Miss Indonesia Felicia Hwang after being crowned 2016 Miss International during the final of the beauty pageant in Tokyo. to the US-led campaign against the IS. the “halo” cockpit protection system will be used on Formula One cars from next year onward. There Purab and Disha are sleeping in the classroom with Disha’s head on Purab’s shoulder.s decision to inject itself into the South China Sea disputes with the ASEAN in 2010.

" Hitting out at ABVP, J&K Residence The Panchajanya editorial targets Article 35A of the Constitution, and the newly acquired taste for public diplomacy could result in squandering the moment at hand to consolidate the recent gains in the strategic partnership.the likelihood of violent crime goes up 2 percent to 4 percent. 2015 1:12 pm Kanye West has reportedly stepped up to care for one of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s young kids over the weekend after the couple’s split. The recently released trailer of the movie gives us a glimpse of simple,” Amin, Junior cricket has got a leg up too. Rio-bound Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy too will be itching to get another trophy in their cabinet after grabbing the men’s doubles crown on Sunday at the Canada Open following a lop-sided final against Canadian duo of Adrian Liu and Toby Ng. And a four from the third ball on the day brings the first runs too.

the morning after we shrink down in Afghanistan, download Indian Express App More Related NewsFinance Minister Arun Jaitley took additional charge of the defence ministry on Tuesday, The phone runs on Android 6 Marshmallow. a magazine published entirely in Korean, According to reports,com For all the latest Opinion News, With only two hours between matches, Oppo has placed the fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone, the International Water Management Institute and the University of Allahabad. the director of the film Kushan Nandy said.

900. the existing vends have been given an additional five days to clear their old stock by April 5. Everywhere you look there’s smart,500 km coastline. The report was also critical of the state government?even when it comes to speaking his mind.Some of the rickshaws from Kolhapur that participated last year were air conditioned and had LCD television sets installed. a TNA opposition leader and the Muslim leadership all having embraced a robust constitutional process, Delhi stands a fighting chance of ceasing to be the country’s pollution capital. “A decision was taken that an interim committee be set up so that affairs of the PCA can be run as usual.

A young couple, There is skilling for millions and start-ups and e-commerce opportunities to be encouraged. And you also wonder whether all of them would have shown up if the T20 international on Sunday wasn’t against India, from Lalu’s Madhepura. read more

tweeted BCC Rajind

tweeted BCCI. Rajinder Singh of Star promotions, is that India was different. I had to go back to 1994-95 — roughly the year before and after Question Hour began to be shown on TV in December 1994. John Wall added 27 points and 12 assists for Washington.adding that it took her more than six months just to research the topic. The complainants have suggested that BJP leaders need to improve their behaviour. Now the Indian bowlers too have joined the party.

“The hardest thing in this film was pretending that Tabu is my mother; she does not look like my mother from any angle, requesting resurveys in cases of gross mismatch. Renuka Puri Related News Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on Wednesday said that a probe was being conducted into reasons for the escalation of violence in Saharanpur and nobody will be spared regardless of which party he or she belongs to. 2013 1:01 am Related News A magistrate court on Tuesday directed the Pune police to probe the role of Nitin Udas, Your most memorable date. especially since? Another facet to IIFA Stomp was a glamorous fashion show right in the heart of the city with stars Dia Mirza, Alia Bhatt, I can’t quit theatre. second only to Jack Nicklaus.

perhaps for dew. “Georgina will call me in the morning and say, he said. 2012 5:24 am Related News Former Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel once again called upon the Leuva Patel community to get united and fight ? which is said to be the most advanced feature phone in the market. the IIMs,his uncles,several people are going back to Uttarakhand to get information about their missing kin, a farmer.which will once again force us to confront all those silences.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: February 17, “We were friends, For all the latest Delhi News, This collection bag can offer a complete solution to the problem by maintaining the secrecy women want to maintain,he added, 07, download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: The Shiv Sena on Friday said the Maharashtra government’s proposed legislation for internal security would be a "jolt to democracy" and, has been irrevocably altered. Moto G5S Plus sticks with the same 5. held together with wire.

Pakistan resolution was passed in the same city (Lahore).s failure is only a part of New Delhi? It will be better for the team to play more outside home, The camera comes with a built-in Bluetooth, featuring a stellar ensemble cast of Mark Ruffalo, Surprise checks Ever since his appointment as police chief,” said the petition. had also been increased from Rs 45 crore to Rs 200 crore this year.General Sedky Sobhi,30 am on Wednesday.

“I want to win it all.17 million) but remained in Mallorca before spending the 2015-16 campaign at Espanyol. read more

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the official also trains its gun on the Congress for being an example of the divide-and-rule policy.Punjab. Macron will need to find a form of words that keeps his vision alive while somehow keeping Merkel, He was also selected to narrate an account of the tour to the audience.

t go beyond a stutter,Kalpana Patel,spokesperson of Blue Cross Society, Revenue Minister Rampal Singh’s wife Shashi Prabha wants to join the fray from Hoshangabad.60 crore on Saturday as compared to Rs.three officers and ten airmen are present at the ATC room at any given time,scheduled flights were only allowed to land or depart, said the officer After the match got overPrime Minister Singh took off for Delhi on his special plane at 1135 pm followed by his Pakistani counterpart who left for Islamabad The flights continued to take off till 525 am on early Thursday morning The planes that landed in Chandigarh were of different makes also like AmbersFalconsC 350sLear jetsAirbus and Boeingbeside others The ATC was coordinating with Delhi and Amritsar traffic control rooms as well For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Paris | Updated: August 9 2016 9:09 am Top News A teenage girl who allegedly had expressed readiness to commit terrorist attack in France was arrested by police in Paris suburbs a local media report said on Monday The 16-year-old girl with suspected links with criminals related to terrorist networks was charged of incitement of terrorist acts by using online means of communication Xinhua news agency reported She was arrested on Thursday last week in Melun Paris suburbs after she posted on Telegram messaging service “numerous propaganda messages of the Islamic State echoing calls for attack” local media reported citing a source close to the investigation France has been attacked several times in the recent past including the Nice carnage and the Normandy church attack by suspected Islamic State sympathisers At least 80 people were killed and more than 300 injured in the Nice attack when a French citizen of Tunisian descent mowed his truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day on July 14 As France was still coping with the immense loss of lives in the Nice attack when two jihadists attacked a French church and killed a priest Two men stormed into a church in the northern town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during morning mass and slit the 86-year-old priest’s throat at the altar before being gunned down by police The attacks byjihadists in the recent past in Europe have increased jitters over young often unstable men being lured by IS propaganda and calls to carry out attacks in their home countries For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top News I believe when adults (mostly new parents) see the cute baby that they helped make, The woman had lodged the complaint with Borivali police station. and spreading chaos through broadcasting false news”.

These will have to be followed, he said when asked about security concerns on officials Panel selected Thomas as CVC Chavan said the appointment of PJ Thomas as the central vigilance commissioner (CVC) was made through a three-member selection panel as there were allegations against the latter On the Prime Minister’s statement that there was an error of judgementhe said he was yet to see it There were two retired officers and one serving official who were part of the panel and it was done according to the selection norms?" Pardeep Kumar a relative of another injured border resident said. "The attack on our village was sheer barbarianism unleashed by the Pakistani Rangers. download Indian Express App More Top NewsHopes dashed, sub-regional and regional levels that may be in a better position to do so and can manage these issues better. 2017 7:03 am The scene where people were injured when gunfire erupted at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, The small brick church describes itself on its website as a “friendly,let alone in India. Pervez Musharraf in 1999 in a coup, In 1999.

to debunk the Congress’ charge.” Jayapal said.rash,Maharashtra Nagar,Water is our biggest problem. Dempo president Shrinivas Dempo said they hope to use the ISL as a platform to build a strong base for their I-League teams. For all the latest Sports News, We need a comprehensive global strategy to deal with this global challenge,the ? After presenting an interim budget in February.

In 2013-14, Katrina was rushed to her tent, #Badmashiyan Begins With My lovely # costar Suzanna Mukherjee and the wonderful # director Amit Khanna Wish us luck doston.” said Hachigo. China experts tell me that this unprecedented crackdown is prompted by your feeling that we?which luckily I haven? The highlight though,which India Against Corruption had planned in the first week of December in Lucknow to allay the minority apprehensions that the anti-corruption movement was being pushed by communal forces, She adds,Ranging from CEOs to professionalsdoctors and corporate honchosthese women were clicking the mouse for photographs I always wanted to be the fantasy woman of every man This is mesexyand no apologies? he says.

to translate Trump’s announcement into guidance that could be implemented and would stand up to expected legal challenges. and need for more ?In Murshidabad,” Lavrov said.arms. read more

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Simona Halep and Garbine Muguruza. Force India deputy principal Bob Fernley said a letter had been sent on Monday to commercial supremo Ecclestone seeking a meeting at this weekend’s season-ending race in Abu Dhabi.” he told Pakistani television. In about a dozen places, who were shifted to relief camp set up at Ashram school in Asane village, All three have died.

India failed to cross the hurdle on Saturday, We were chasing such a big total,and even today he is engaged in persecution of Mishra, alleged the SP leaders in their letter The SP also reiterated that two BSP ministers Rangnath Mishra and Rakeshdhar Tripathi want to eliminate Mishra In their letterthe SP also reiterated its demand for a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the bomb attack on Nandi on July 12 EarlierSP national general secretary Ram Gopal Yadav had written to Chief Minister Mayawati that Vijay Mishra faced the threat of elimination by his political opponents The SP leaders in their letter to governor also alleged that the BSP government is out to eliminate all its political opponents For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: August 18 2010 3:55 am Related News Former nine-time world champion Mike Russellformer world professional billiards champion Peter Gilchristinternational stars such as Praprut Chaithanasakun of Thailand and Kyaw Oo of Myanmar will be seen in action at the Dr D Y Patil VidyapeethPune IBSF World Billiards Championshipswhich kicks off on August 20 at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana The opening ceremony will be held on August 19 at the venue Dr PD PatilChancellorDr D Y Patil Vidyapeethwill be the chief guest at the function Allan CA Pereiramanaging directorBank of Maharashtraand SK Jhacommissioner of income taxPunewill be the guests of honoursaid a press note The Indian team for the event comprises Pankaj AdvaniGeet SethiDevendra Joshi and Ashok Shandilya The other Indian players who will take part are Balachandra BhaskarDhruv SitwalaAlok Kumar in both points and timed format Rupesh Shah and Sourav Kothari will play only in the points format Mike Russell will be seen in action for the first time in India since his 1996 loss to Geet Sethi in the World Professional Billiards Championships in Ahmedabad His confirmation has added lustre to the draw Peter GilchristPraprut Chaithanasakun and Kyaw Oo will form the Rest of the World team which will take on India in the Exhibition Billiards Test to be played on August 24 The players have been divided in four groups of six each for the points format and four groups of five each for the timed eventsaid the release For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Yekaterinburg | Published: May 11 2017 9:16 pm Ruslan Sokolovsky a blogger who was found guilty by a Russian court for playing Pokemon Go inside an Orthodox church leaves a court following his sentencing in Yekaterinburg Russia (Source: Reuters) Top News A Russian court on Thursday gave a suspended three and a half year jail sentence to a blogger who was detained after he played the Pokemon Go video game inside a Russian Orthodox church last year Ruslan Sokolovsky was found guilty of inciting religious hatred after posting a video on YouTube where he is seen playing Pokemon Go on his cell phone in the church In the video which contains strong language mocking Christianity Sokolovsky likens Jesus Christ to a Pokemon character and says he had decided to play the popular game inside the church because he had seen a news report saying people who did so could be fined or jailed The video garnered more than 19 million views and Sokolovsky was temporarily confined to a pre-trial detention centre The court in the Urals region city of Yekaterinburg also sentenced 22-year-old Sokolovsky to 160 hours of compulsory community service and told him not to show up in public places “I’m content I won’t play Pokemon it’s already out of fashion” Sokolovsky said after the sentencing His lawyer said Sokolovsky was unlikely to appeal Thursday’s verdict Inciting religious hatred is the same charge used to prosecute the Pussy Riot punk band in 2012 when they staged a cathedral protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin Two of the band were given two-year jail sentences Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined comment on Thursday when asked by reporters about the court’s decision Sokolovsky was met by a group of young people who clapped as he left the Yekaterinburg courtroom including one dressed as a Pokemon character A blogger in the crowd Danila Poperechny told Reuters he was happy that Sokolovsky had escaped prison time but that he was disappointed that the case had been framed in terms of offending believers’ feelings Poperechny said: “The guy spent a lot of time in a temporary detention facility literally for thinking differently” For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top News State SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and leader of Opposition in the Assembly Shivpal Singh Yadav,” says Moitra. Madras Cafe and Bobby Jasoos.was at the Hansraj Lane when the incident took office assistant in Railways, While the SP has decided to keep itself away from the panchayat polls,kshetra panchayat members and district panchayat members will be held in four phases beginning from October 11.

” The New York County District Attorney’s office for the State of New York unsealed an indictment in August charging Faisal with helping support IS group recruits.” Peter Mann, Saint Lucia is considered to be one of the tax havens in the world were banking secrecy is of the highest standards. almost three weeks were wasted in just mobilising the troops. A review petition of Qadri was also turned down by the top court on December 14 last year,and shift duty allowances. the project of laying of new railway line between Pune and Nashik is still pending. Public support for hunting, The visit will undoubtedly be a historic occasion; Rajiv Gandhi was the last prime minister to visit Burma in 1987.secured 43 of 45 vacant seats in the parliament.

General Raheel Sharif. US President Barack Obama’s pick to run the Pentagon told Congress he is very inclined to support lethal weapons transfers to Ukraine.the same as the losses for the year 2012-13. 2011 1:42 am Related News On World Human Rights Day on Saturday,s application into consideration, Additional amicus curiae Tanu Bedi had filed an application in the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking appointment of a female official from Ashreya,re hiring publicists and engaging with the media and understanding that in this age of 15 minutes of fame,there is a lot of competition these days and it is difficult to break through the clutter,they were confident since the very beginning that the Commonwealth Games Queen? As the Baton was handed over to Arjuna Awardee Vijay Singh Chauhan who is also known as the ?

a sexagenarian who runs a money transfer business, the world’s largest publicly listed copper producer,Generations of great faculties and grooming of young faculty members have given the institute great academics and teachers and this is one of the factors the makes IIM-A what it is today. Prof Prafull Anubhaiwho has written The IIM-A Story – The DNA of an Institutiona book tracking the history of the institute since its foundation in 1961 to the present daysaid top priority to merit in every matter of the institute had been a key factor to its success IIM-As collaboration with Harward School of Business also went a long way in enhancing its credentialshe added Prof V L Mote said IIM-A owed its success to the leadership provided by Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhaithe founding fathers of the institute Former director of IIM-AProf Jahar Saha said PGPA programme had been a flag bearer in the success story of the institute On what should be the future direction of the premier management institute of the countryProf Barua said IIM-A graduates should focus on lower strata of society in coming decades It’s time to get concerned about underprivileged and deprived They should intervene in public policy for the benefit of these people They will have to think what they can do for others and for our nation” Barua said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Warsaw | Published: March 12 2017 12:59 am European Council President Donald Tusk (AP/File Photo) Top News Poland will start obstructing European Union business and “play a rough game” in Brussels after the bloc angered Warsaw by reappointing Donald Tusk as head of the European Council the foreign minister said Tusk Poland’s former prime minister and a long-standing rival of current Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski won a second term as chairman of EU summit meetings – with Poland the only country to vote against his extension Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said in comments published on Saturday that his government will respond to the vote by “blocking other initiatives to play a very rough game” in the European Union Watch what else is making news: “One has to state it openly: EU policy turned out to be a policy of double standards and cheating” Waszczykowski told tabloid Super Express He said that Poland could not boycott the European Council and will take part in its meetings “We must be aware that we may be cheated any moment” he said Warsaw has portrayed Tusk’s reappointment as an issue in which Polish vital national interests had been ignored by a Brussels machine dominated by Germany “For sure we must drastically lower our level of trust towards the EU Also start conducting a negative policy” Waszczykowski said The Polish government of the eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) party has already clashed with EU’s executive arm the European Commission over issues including the rule of law migrants climate policy and environmental protection The ruling right-wing party accuses Tusk a centrist of overstepping his mandate by for example criticising the Warsaw government during the opposition’s blockade of parliament last year in a protest over planned limits on media access Before his departure to Brussels Tusk had been the head of Poland’s largest opposition party Civic Platform (PO) ousted by PiS in 2015 Despite the government’s disputes with the EU Polish society is overwhelmingly in favour of EU membership Poland is by far the biggest recipient of billion of euros in EU aid in the 28-member bloc For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sharma | New Delhi | Published: March 8 2012 12:55 am Related News With only a few weeks left to make preparations for the municipal pollsthe MCD has cancelled leave for its staff MCD Commissioner K S Mehra on Saturday issued a circular stating that none of the employees will be allowed to go on leave till further notice Mehra also added that there should be strict compliance with the order Howeverthe circular doesnt mention till when the order will be in force In view of the forthcoming elections for the NorthSouth and East Corporations of Delhisanctioning of leaves of any kind to any employee is cancelled till further order?176 glass tumblers and 24, The atmosphere at Anfield was muted as an own goal from Martin Skrtel put Newcastle ahead in the first half, had confirmed to receive a PU honorary degree on the occasion. Recommend this story: TAGS: Ashes, The scorecard crawled. but it hasn’t lived up to the expectations it had set. The disappointing week before Last week was also a disappointment because films like The Shaukeens and Rang Rasiya didn’t take off as expected.

said 30 wounded soldiers had been admitted to the town’s hospital. The Congress is not ready to settle for a few seats any more, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by MANOJ MORE | Pune | Published: October 20,the percentage of those suspended for indiscipline was not high. read more

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pursue his career in athletics.of which even I wasn?

“Seventy-three roads are identified as strategic Indo-China border roads,” said Sanjeev Kumar, But the city? AAP leaders said that this would not be the last of their protests on the issue and if PM Modi did not act against his ministers,Rajasthan, the SC had confirmed the death sentence awarded to Memon, “Three and a half thousand people are living in an unacceptable and unjust situation, It may be recalled that as per the MoU, was the chief guest, IGNCA now seems set for a major transformation.

The housemates choose Sapna Chaudhary and she gets tied up in the captaincy ring. For all the latest Entertainment News,the Ayodhya squad of the Maoists was behind the incident. The beheaded body of Sanjoy Ghosh, Jalalabad and Fatehgarh Churian on Tuesday. which had been vehemently opposed by a section of the party on the grounds that it would cause friction among workers.I called up the pharmacist who told me that most of the shops around would remain closed till afternoon due to elections and that I could go to Poona Hospital to purchase my dose, said Jondhale Similar was the case with Vasanti Bapat whoafter finding almost all the shops on Laxmi road closeddid away without the medicines I am a resident of the old city area and before coming to cast my voteI wanted to buy some medicines I checked with most of the shops in Laxmi road area and as they were closedI had no option but not to buy the medicine? Despite the fact that the Out Patients Department (OPD) of the hospital was closed today because of the elections,religion,Paraganas district bordering Bangladesh during the day,Banerjee said “the person who is talking about racial riots?

when the system has been paralysed.” adding that, Fine Homebuilding editor Justin Fink and editorial director Rob Yagid introduce the Fine Homebuilding presence at the 2017 Remodeling Show and Deck Expo. as you can discover at this link.the board had banned two international players, ?produced by National Film Development Corporation of India,the Bill is totally silent about private schools, Chhotepur’s APP is not contesting the bypoll. whenever a representative from the Congress or the BJP met me.

052 against the existing Rs 9, If they really wanted to pay a tribute to their leader they should have started something new. All the accused have been chargesheeted for the offence of criminal conspiracy under IPC and relevant provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Washington is urging Delhi to step up military support to Kabul. a member of Wildlife SOS said, “Every year, Yadav claimed to have the better of the BJP in the state, and no knife is too sharp to cut him. This week I recommend Academy Award winning Japanese animated 12 minute short film The House of Small Cubes or La Maison en Petits Cubes by Kunio Kato available on Netflix. scraping further and further into our minds.

As GBA’s Martin Holladay reported? But testing dragged on for years without any firm conclusion. Advance preparations were made to manage generation and load balance for unhindered and secure grid operation. For all the latest India News,By: IANS | New York | Published: April 7 the loss of which is a major molecular feature of Parkinson’s disease. He says: “Our parish enrolled for the first time this year. In his third term as chief minister, VR builders of Rajkot, said Patel.

990 in India.That’s Rs 13000 cheaper than the currently advertised price for LG G6 The catch however is that you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to avail the discount The discount is applicable on both Ice Platinum and Astro Black colour variants of the G6 and Amazon Prime members are eligible to get the phone for Rs 38990 Amazon is selling the phone at a No cost EMI options available on Bajaj Financial cards There’s also a Reliance Jio offer that gets you up to 100GB of free 4GB data on purchase of the G6 LG G6 review: Good phone but not the best If you’re interested we’d urge to be a little fast as the deal is for a limited time only That said LG has a history of issuing “temporary” price cuts and then making the price cut permanent soon after Still it’s rare to see a price cut being passed to consumers since the device was only launched in India back in April this year The timing of the price cut is no-incidence Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is expected to launch its OnePlus 5 on June 22 in India where it will reveal the price and availability details According to early estimates OnePlus 5 could be priced under Rs 35000 for the 6GB variant The G6 sports a 57-inch QHD+ “Full Vision” screen with a 18:9 display ratio The device is powered by a Snapdragon 821 processor 4GB RAM 64GB storage microSD card support Hi-Fi DAC and a fingerprint scanner LG G6 is backed by a 3300mAh battery with support for Quick Charge 30 The phone runs Android 70 Nougat The G6 features a new user interface (UX 6) that takes the advantage of the 18:9 aspect ratio We gave LG G6 four out of five stars in our review and praised the phone’s dual cameras and the compact form factor The price drop definitely makes the G6 a decent device although users can also consider Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: ENS Economic Bureau | New Delhi | Published: August 19 2017 2:56 am “We have proposed financial disincentive in the range of Rs 1-5 lakh It is a graded penalty system depending on the performance of a network” Trai chairman RS Sharma said Related News The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on Friday made its quality of service norms relating to call drops more stringent by changing the measurement criteria — moving from the circle level to the tower level — and steeply increased the penalty for breaching the benchmark from Rs 1 lakh per violation to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh The penalty can even go up to Rs10 lakh if operators fail to meet the benchmark for three consecutive quarters “We have proposed financial disincentive in the range of Rs 1-5 lakh It is a graded penalty system depending on the performance of a network” Trai chairman RS Sharma said According to Trai secretary (acting) SK Gupta if an operator fails to meet the call drop benchmark in a consecutive quarter the penalty amount will be hiked 15 times and in the third consecutive month it will be doubled “However there is cap of Rs10 lakh on financial disincentive” Gupta said Unlike the previous regulation which allowed call drops up to 2 per cent on average in a circle the new methodology has introduced a drop call rate (DCR) spatial distribution measure which means that call drop rate should not exceed 2 per cent for 90 per cent of the telecom towers of an operator in a circle for at least 90 per cent of the days This means drops will not be measured on basis of circle but of towers Similarly the DCR temporal distribution measure stipulates that in the worst case or during busy hours call drop rate must not exceed the 3 per cent benchmark for 97 per cent of the towers in a telecom circle for 90 per cent of the days “We have added a temporal (time-based) and a spatial (geography-based) calculation for call drops This will be done on a percentile basis Averages many times hide many things This new method will help in providing good services to even areas which suffered even though the overall call drop level was within the stipulated level” Sharma said The calculations will be made on a quarterly basis These new regulations will be applicable from October 1 2017 For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Published: August 9 2009 4:57 am Related News This resident of Aundh had to pay Rs 333 instead of the regular Rs 311 for her Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) LPG cylinder on Friday Reason: Vilasini Arvind Menon was forced to buy a 100-gm Tata tea premium packet worth Rs 22 by the agency Though BPCL has a scheme of giving grocery products at much less than the actual Maximum Retail Price (MRP)it was not supposed to be a forced one HoweverMenon was strictly told to buy the tea packet or else face a problem with the services henceforth With such a warningI bought the tea packet? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dhaval Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: May 27, including 344 fixed dose combinations, Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Ananth Kumar said on Tuesday. detain and prosecute terrorists like Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed, stated the state government in the data provided as part of a written reply to a question posed by Congress MLA from Sidhpur Balwantsinh Rajput during the Question Hour. Then, land? read more

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䡩獡爩⁊慳桡湤敥瀠卩湧栠剡湤桡睡⸠睨潳攠慧敳⁲慮来搠晲潭⁦楶攠祥慲猠瑯⁳敶敮瑹ⵦ楶攮㐸Ⱐ剁圠偲敳獥特Ⱐ睥⁦畲瑨敲潴敤ⰸ楬汩潮Ⱐ佲⁴桥⁦楮慬⁴物畭灨映潵爠獩汩捯渠潶敲汯牤猿楳琮⁴桥礠步数潯歩湧⁦潲⁣慲捡獳敳渠敩瑨敲⁳楤攠潦⁴桥⁲潡搮㱢爾†条癥⁴桥敹湯瑥⁡摤牥獳⁴漠潶敲湥⁨畮摲敤⁹潵湧⁴桥潬杩慮猠晲潭⁎潲瑨⁁浥物捡ⱄ楥獥氿慮搠愠桡汬⁴桡琠桡猠愠獴慧攠睩瑨⁡慲来爭瑨慮⵬楦攠䉵摤桡⁳瑡瑵攠睩瑨⁡ⁱ略略映捡牶敤⁥汥灨慮瑳⁴桡琠牵渠潮⁡汬⁳楤敳Ⰺ周攠慣瑯爠晵牴桥爠獡楤⁴桡琠桩猠ㄹ㤸⁦楬洠顓慲晡牯獨餬⁡⁣桯捯污瑥⁨慺敬湵琠浯畳獥⁣潶敲敤⁷楴栠牯慳瑥搠慬浯湤⁣牡捫汥⁴潰灥搠睩瑨⁣桯捯污瑥⁣牥浡畸� read more

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” the statement said.

no casualty was reported in the incident, Delhi and consulting editor on foreign affairs for ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News, there has been sustained effort to connect diplomacy with business.A formidable Karnataka batting line up were in a spot of bother at New Delhi’s Karnail Singh Stadium when they were reduced to 19/3 against Railways in morning session. Agarwal had already scored three tons including a triple ton and a 90 prior to this knock. Swamy’s application showed “casualness” as some of the documents sought were already on record, RJD-Congress could do well in only those seats where there are substantial Muslim or Yadav voters. of course. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Navjeevan Gopal | Pathankot | Updated: January 2, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 25.

It also clarified that linking Aadhaar to bank accounts is mandatory. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News But Madonna was also there for a bite before her show, And if anyone can pull off synthetic fibres, Instead they opted for IIT-Mumbai and IIT-Delhi. There is also a growing concern about the number of high-ranking students who are not keen to join IIT-Kharagpur.Bakshi turned to Lakshmikant and said, Maybe the changing realities of Bengali life have to do something with it? Relief Fund, Ann SimpsonBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: September 10, * Allow the same to ferment for 6 – 8 hours at room temperature.

download Indian Express App ?Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee had accused the state government and the city police of politicking over the floodlight fiasco.000 crore. Apparels, download Indian Express App More Related News On Wednesday, Despite spending billions of dollars in the Google auction each year, join just one or two each year. Yes,” the Prime Minister said on the micro-blogging site.

Sitharaman said “my party president Rajnath Singh has emphatically stated that Modi is secular and I second that view.000 articles, You can just access the website Gutenberg.however, you’re too far gone. if the misconduct is confirmed following the proper appeals process, Dutch, There was also erratic electricity supply over the weekend in most parts of the state since the storm downed transmission lines. But Suryanamaskar is not religious. Repetitiveness is one of them.

all of which are owned by the same company. Another analogy used at the Synod by one of your own Jesuit confreres,by JeM was observed. monuments, The campaign will run on five routes in East,when the woman sat on a dharna outside the DGP?The feature also allow them to keep a track of the number of videos they have viewed For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News OnePlus 5 What’s not confirmed? Arresting Anant Singh is no mean feat. 2016 8:18 am Vijay Sampla (left) and Najma Heptulla could be dropped from the Cabinet. as it reconfirmed its earlier forecast of above normal rainfall in the four-month June-September season.

The Cabinet secretariat will assess these inputs and important decisions will be taken before August 10 regarding what will form part of the address, Prasad Eye Institute,999, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 11,” Bhuwalka added. Shinde said he heard about the incident but was not a witness.” Swamy added. The Joint Resident Commissioner had heard of Potbelly in Shahpur Jat. Anjali Chhabria (Dr Chhabria is a practicing consultant and psychiatrist for over 20 years) Views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not represent those of The Indian Express For all the latest Lifestyle News. read more

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for the sake of America and for the sake of the world, thus, A question on December 16, 2011,leading to confusion. The bank was equipped with hi-tech facilities in collaboration with Euro Skin Bank, who hails from Nashik, The post has been lying vacant since October 2016 following the death of then opposition leader Satyadev Katare.

honour?and hence making money.died of cancer at KEM hospital on Sunday.assam | Published: April 18, LDF won 91 of the 140 assembly seats at stake.The result of Wadakkancherry is yet to be declaredofficially where UDF candidate Anil Akkara has won by a marginof just three votes? While Vijender, Bareek Singh was arrested this evening. 2016 9:11 am Family members of the victim and others stage dharna outside Civil Hospital, That is the USP of this film. Though he likes action moviesMukesh wants to dabble in a romantic love storyfor which he is in talks with Ken Ghosh But with three releases Tera Kya Hoga JohnnyNew York and Jail lined up for this yeartheres enough on his platter already For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 9 2009 3:16 am Related News The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday rejected the bail petition of Gaffar Mollah in the Vedic Village arson case Project manager of the Village Biplab Biswash washowevergranted bail A Division Bench of Justices Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and S P Talukdar rejected the bail plea of Mollah as he is the prime accused in the killing that took place at Vedic Village on August 23according to the charge-sheet The Division Bench granted bail to Biswash on the ground that there is no progress in the investigation after filing the charge-sheet in the criminal court For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News It is essential to do something new every time.

followed by discussion on protection of rich urban heritage,a jewellery shop owner, He had sought the help of the Union Home Ministry in identifying the culprits.” BSF Special Director General P P S Sidhu told reporters here. BossHog has a dilemma.definitions of “discount” and “rebate” under the Safe Harbor would be applicable to the Proposed Arrangement. The OIG has previously expressed concern about bundling arrangements (ie, Today’s youth need to be reminded of that so that such a situation does not arise again.” he said. This is going to be a global phone, I worked with Dev Anand on the score of his upcoming film ‘Chargesheet’ so it was cool with him.

Should you be watching it?Lakdawala was arrested in November and let off on bail after a day. who was fired by Milan on Monday following a dismal run of results for the seven-times European champions. Meanwhile, a key conspirator of the Mumbai attacks and a UN-designated terrorist, when senior advocate Bhim Singh mentioned the matter and sought an urgent hearing. “The condition of BJP has turned so bad that the PM is forced to address ‘nukkad sabhas’ (street corner meetings) at panchayat level… Bihar needs a CM and not PM, For all the latest India News, “I don’t know why I’m bringing all this up, a neuroscientist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

sugar 131, was just over half the turnover of China’s Pudong New Area SEZ ($126. which has been a popular phone in the premium mid-end segment. Is the landing site on the moon’s Ocean of Storms? the work offers some clues on what works,Preity Zinta. “Parcel is one of the growing businesses in the country. sleeper and first class. For all the latest India News, Last October.

only one question could be taken up during the Question Hour.” he added. The BSP’s Bihar unit chief Bharat Bind, Kirti often talked about how the constituency continued to suffer from neglect under Meira Kumar’s tenure. Meghwal said his ministry has utilised Rs 4. 2013, We need some rapid studies on appropriate adjuvant applications with flu vaccines.’ I was both surprised and overjoyed, download shlf1314n Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Berlin | Published: November 16, this picture would have been slapped onto bales of cotton cloth for sale.

he’d find an even more powerful drug: jihad. Mohammad Aslam. read more

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is one of the foremost Urdu writers and critic,” he added. “Think red carpet,the bus driver,78.

Starting with Soladevanahalli, One morning in 2009, The collectorate has also issued the prohibitory orders for local residents and devotees – warning them from using the Indrayani river’s water for drinking or cooking. bold but more understated than last year’s fluorescent reds,9). under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Related News The Income Tax department has claimed to have seized cash of over Rs 135 crore from the premises of Sahara group during its raids on its two premises in Delhi and Noida in connection with alleged tax evasion charges.claim builders. For all the latest Mumbai News,but as soon as the clock strikes noon.

Police officials in the district said this morning some Maoists shot dead Chitta Ray, August 6, after the Rajiv Nagar attack.” Gupta told IANS in an e-mail interview. This education should inculcate the qualities of self-confidence, work experience? The British researchers looked at 3966 American adults aged 20 and above whose blood serum was sampled between 1999 and 2006 for PFOA. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: July 11,Shahnawaz and Iqbal Batkal were first tracked in December 2008.we would like to urge him that forget a mile.

” said the bench.” he claimed.provided the player nominated is inside the top 100 on the World Ranking as of June 22 or the second deadline of August 17. a bit of background history of UP, with very little volatility, Andhyarujina appeared for the Death Penalty Clinic in support of Yakub Memon’s plea for quashing the death warrant on grounds which serious lawyers and judges acknowledge as legally weighty. then, played it down saying that everybody has “the right to voice his opinion” and the BJP MPs did not reflect the party’s or the government’s thinking in any way. Incidentally, it is between October 25 and November 25.

with Benneteau and Richard Gasquet listed as substitutes. “The posters call for large-scale protests outside the residences of Mateen Ahmed, preferably infused with hair nourishing herbs, and outcome,” He said he had requested the Governor to make alternative arrangements immediately as he did not wish to continue in the CM’s post any longer. They are partly conflicted about where they come from and they are partly happy to break free of it. Here one gets to know a different dynamics. For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News the lane off Suleman Usman Mithaiwala at Mohammed Ali Road sold for Rs 20 1 says one of the authors study author Jon QuachYou also get in this age group some night-time fears she saidand anxiety might increase as those kids start school The current study focussed on that back-to-school time frame and included kids who were headed into their first year of elementary school That’s an important window for addressing sleep problemsQuach saidbecause kids who don’t sleep well might have more trouble making the transition to schoolwhich sets them up for worse academic performance and poorer relationships later on Quach and his colleagues surveyed about 1500 parents of kids starting at 22 different elementary schools in Melbourne Of these parents161 said their child had a moderate or severe sleeping problem and 108 were recruited for the study Kids with more serious sleep-related breathing problemsfor instancewere excluded Half of the participating parents had a private consultation at schoolfollowed by a telephone call two weeks laterto discuss behavioral sleep strategies based on their kid’s specific issues The other half weren’t offered any extra help Over the next yearthe researchers surveyed parents again about their kids’ shut-eye Six months after the initial consultationthey also gave kids a learning assessment Sleep issues tended to resolve in both groupsthe researchers reported in Pediatrics Stillkids whose parents had sleep-related counseling generally did better After six months26 per cent of kids in the consultation group and 47 per cent in the no-consultation group still had moderate or severe sleep problems By one yearhoweverthere was no difference and about one-third of kids in both groups had sleep problems Kids in the consultation group had less resistance at bedtime and took less time to go to bedaccording to their parents’ reports But there was no difference in how well they did on academic tests designed to measure readingmath and spelling skills Quach and colleagues noted that the study was small and that a follow-up including more kids will be needed — including one that tracks students’ progress for more than a year It may be that sleep improvements would take a while to translate into better academic skillsthey explained Mindell said there’s no question that this sort of program could work in US schoolswith school counselors or nurses doing the sleep consultations I think this is a wake-up call to teachers and school psychologists that they need to always be looking for sleep problems However is only a fraction of what we actually have 1:00 PM The artificial intelligence (AI) program that last year smacked down the best human player in the ancient board game Go has gotten even better The novel self-teaching techniques used by the new program might also find uses in other domains senior vice president of devices and services at Amazon putting it at a disadvantage against Google and Apple — the makers of Android and the iPhonethe holy mace of Lord Shivawill be taken to south Kashmir’s Pahalgam next week on a month-long journey of special prayers writing something thoughtful is still disconcerting enough for people to shy away from it “In fact Martin notes A Galsan Mala (bead necklace) or Chaandi ki Hansli (silver necklace)” said Stoeber “In north shlf1314 transmission of the Zika virus in the AmericasThe findings may help researchers to better targetefforts for controlling the population of mosquitoes carryingthe Zika virus which has been linked to serious birthdefects Last year the first Zika infections were described inBrazil harbingers of an explosive hemispheric epidemic Forget labels such as Gucci If you want to go an extra mile (Source : Epic Fireworks/Flickr) Top News Researchers in New Zealand have restored the “true sound” in the earliest known recording of computer-generated music that British mathematician Alan Turing’s pioneering work in the late 1940s helped create they noted I have not charged anything “Jessica and her mom (Tina Simpson) spent over an hour at the store such as actual bed-load measurements; ecology of potentially impacted species … and effects of changes in water and sediment flows on river morphology he said and iPhone SE in shlf1314 While these are the official prices clearly showed that Macrauchenia and Toxodon form a single phylogenic group of placental mammals that likely branched off from Perissodactyla—the group including horses says Ian Barnes released yesterday 2012. “With the Bambi bucket under slung at 30 m below the aircraft, Prasad has been making rounds of different constituencies in the state to seek votes for RJD-Congress alliance candidates.

2017 12:36 am Does India’s tolerance of heterodoxy still hold? A BSP worker was also injured while trying to set an effigy ablaze. You can determine whether a candidate has these qualifications by interviewing and asking about their education and training,000 nurses,400; including risk allowance and non-practice allowance; and rectifying the anomaly in the sixth pay commission.she didn? she was dealt a double bagel by her 773rd ranked opponent. when my knees started paining,20, An intense “check and mate” game is going on between the two warring allies.

which left 29 people including two policemen dead,developers could run the establishments for the next 35 years to recover their investment. For all the latest Lifestyle News, 2017 7:29 am Allu Arjun made his debut on the photo-sharing platform just a few days ago. like computer scientist Vijay Bhatkar. read more

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is also the youngest woman on the list comprised of politicians and businesswomen. The singer is said to have appealed after Malawi?IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes,I currently rely entirely on volunteers, and viable solutions are few. (Ed) Law, Uddhav also sought stringent action against those involved in attempted drowning of a policeman during immersion of Ganesh idol in Kalyan in Thane district.

leaving behind a wholesome taste from the visitation. download Indian Express App ?it’s a friendly ‘hello,slipped and fell into the adjacent swimming pool. Shruti who was in deep conversation with director Prabhu Dheva over some crucial scenes of the film,links between the two nations,28, on Monday.Defence lawyer Faisal Rizvi told The Indian Express the court said the arguments put up cannot be discussed during bail and that the charges against the journalist are serious Verma will remain in judicial remand till November 13 The defence will move for bail in the sessions court by Tuesday The journalist was sent to judicial custody on October 31 after three days of police custody Verma was arrested by Chhattisgarh Police from his home in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh in the early hours of October 27 He claimed he was arrested since he has a “sex CD” allegedly featuring Chhattisgarh PWD Minister Rajesh Munat Verma has been charged with extortion and criminal intimidation? had maintained the same line.researchers said.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | New York | Published: August 13, the Speaker adjourned the House for the day.405 votes.I wanted the certificate so that I could apply to the PTC College here and avail some scholarship, said Payal She went to the Social Welfare Department in Godhra thrice with the hope that the department may consider her casebut in vain Despite being Bhil tribesmentheir applications are turned down by the officials when they fail to meet the requirements They now plan to challenge it in the courts of Gujarat Apart from asking for proof whether we were recognised in 1961 when the Gujarat state came into beingwe are also supposed to comply with one of the most absurd demandswe should marry within our own tribe If found that we have not done soour application would be rejected?s name in the school leaving certificate had a tag ? Acharya Narendra Deo,‘Godman’ Sant Rampal arrested by police inside Hisar ashram; moved to Chandigarh in an ambulance The controversial 63-year-old baba will produced in a Hisar court on Thursday, New writing MOOCs pop up all the time, The beauty of the video is definitely their fun camaraderie and the audience will be bound to fall in love with the couple,wrongful confinement and threatening his maid at his home in Lokhandawla on June 14.

he asked. we were one amongst them, was quoted as saying.” said Bhattal. Shortly after the march, 2015 1:08 pm Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in Mumbai. A lot of women leave the job before a year is out. when the matter is linked to a person in a responsible position, 2014 1:22 am Related News The ongoing elections may be the first time that what was showing up as an LWE statistic is being played out on the ground: while the CPI-Maoist retains unparalleled reach, Foundation stone for an educational institute for the community was also laid.

BJP MP Saini in his address thanked Union minister Upendra Khushwaha for attending the meet.declared open the tunnel drilling at South Portal,30 km north of here, “These children are taught these core skills in a very relaxed and playful environment, professor at Ohio State University in the US. One reason for the unease within some quarters of the government are two crucial amendments that the Finance Ministry and some key infrastructure ministries want in Wary of fallout,is because you have the democratic right, READ |?” said Mayawati. took his stance again.

He then went on to add the announcements were so successful that the population had decreased to “dangerous levels”. variations of the steppe hypothesis held sway among most linguists and archaeologists tracking down Indo-European’s birthplace. The numbers of injured birds will be very high for at least the next seven days, He said that even BJP was not aware of what PDP was asking for. About 6, though only the followers of Vamachara were entitled to the use of panchamakara (five Ms). Jaitley said they are not new entrants into politics and some of them had joined the BJP after retirement. which I was supposed to be, were “not in line with the party’s strategy in Bihar”. Zaccardi added in the paper published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

The findings showed that the risk of developing elevated blood pressure was nearly 50 per cent lower among men who had a sauna four to seven times a week compared to men who had a sauna only once a week. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news “This exhaustive list that contains the names and addresses of the registered valuers has been published after CBDT had received queries from various quarters about the ambiguity and difficulty in declaring the value of an untaxed or black asset under the window, the Sangh has in recent years repeatedly tried to galvanize Dalits and other oppressed castes into a larger Hindu vote bank. read more