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Bernstein analyst: 100% renewable energy transition looking more and more feasible

first_imgBernstein analyst: 100% renewable energy transition looking more and more feasible FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Barron’s:Electricity generation is the largest single contributor to the carbon emissions that are warming the planet. It accounts for 42% of global emissions, and that share is likely to grow as transportation increasingly is powered by batteries instead of oil.As countries announce ambitious plans to wean their economies from fossil fuels, their efforts to shift how they generate electricity will determine whether they can hit those goals. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which helps governments come up with plans to shift to renewables, has estimated that 86% of electricity can be generated with renewables by 2050.That number might seem high, but more data is now supporting the potential for an aggressive shift in power generation. In a new report, Bernstein analyst Meike Becker examined how countries can get to 100% renewable electricity generation by 2050, and the analysis has some good news about the potential for renewable generation.Becker’s report found that countries will take widely different paths to renewable generation, based on their natural resources. If coal and oil deposits determined a country’s fate in the 20th century, the force of its rivers and strength of its sunshine will likely determine its path in the 21st. Countries that generate hydroelectric power are way ahead in terms of producing clean power. Norway generates 98% of its electricity from renewable sources, largely because of hydro power. As of 2015, Brazil got 75% of its power from hydro sources. Canada relies on renewables for 67% of its electricity.But even in countries without rushing water generating much electricity, Becker sees a feasible path to renewable generation. In Belgium, for instance, hydro accounts for just 7% of generation. What’s more, Belgium depends on nuclear power for about 30% of its electricity, and the country plans to phase nuclear out by 2025. Nonetheless, Becker expects Belgium can generate at least 75% of its electricity with renewables by 2050 by relying on solar, wind and a variety of other technologies, including so-called “combined cycle gas turbines” that use gas and steam for power. The key to doing this is being able to generate and store power at times when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, using batteries and technologies that can use other fuels more efficiently.The chances that countries can generate all their electricity with renewables by 2050 are “at this point very close to 100% for countries with good resources and a bit further away if conditions are less favourable,” she wrote in an email to Barron’s. Nonetheless, countries without the same resources can still generate “very high share, and usually higher than what most people currently think, I would say.”More: The path to 100% renewable power is looking more achievablelast_img read more

Women’s lacrosse steadily improving

first_imgThe SportsCenter Top 10 plays list is one of the ultimate pinnacles in all of sports. In fact, if I had to list the 10 things I would want to accomplish in sports if I were an elite athlete, making ESPN’s Top 10 list would definitely be one of them — somewhere between striking out Barry Bonds and getting my name engraved on the Stanley Cup.So when I read in the press release from earlier this year that the new offensive coordinator for the USC women’s lacrosse team had once graced that trademark ESPN segment as a player, I knew she was legit.She’s Alyssa Leonard, a former star from the Northwestern women’s lacrosse dynasty, who snuck in at No. 10 on the list with a brilliant behind-the-back shot.But the most impressive parts? She scored it against USC. And only four months before being hired to coach the school she just schooled. The highlight occurred on April 26 last year, when the Wildcats took down the Women of Troy 12-7, during Leonard’s senior season. By late August, she was hired to be a part of USC’s staff.It’s not unusual for USC women’s lacrosse coaches to come from Northwestern, the powerhouse that has won seven national championships since 2005. USC’s head coach Lindsey Munday hails from Northwestern, as did Hilary Bowen, the former offensive coordinator for whom Leonard took over. If the goal is to be the best, you might as well learn from the best.While USC lacrosse is still a couple years from breaking into the upper echelon of national programs, the team has made tremendous progress in only its third competitive season. This year is no exception, as the Women of Troy look like legitimate contenders for a conference championship and an NCAA tournament bid.The 2015 season has featured a seven-game winning streak for the Women of Troy, a program record. The streak included three wins over Mountain Pacific Sports Federation rivals, propelling the team into second place in the conference standings — San Diego State, which hosts the Women of Troy on the last day of the season, sits in first at 4-0.The seven-game winning streak was sandwiched by three tough losses. The Women of Troy open the season against none other than Northwestern inside the Coliseum. USC nearly shocked the lacrosse world and had the Wildcats trailing by seven goals at the start of the game. Northwestern rallied to tie the game in regulation, however, and ultimately pull out a 12-11 win in overtime. The heartbreaking comeback was followed by a tough 7-4 loss at Stony Brook, USC’s worst offensive output of the season. The seven-game winning streak started after the Stony Brook loss and ended this Monday at Boston College after USC fell to the Eagles 16-12.There’s obviously still room for improvement for the team. No. 6 Northwestern, No. 9 Stony Brook and No. 3 BC are the only three ranked teams USC has played this year. Despite the seven-game winning streak, the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association national poll does not have the Women of Troy in the Top 20 because of their struggles against ranked opponents. But the overall performance of the team over the season shows noticeable improvement both from last season and as a program in general.Though the old saying goes that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, I think there is something to be said about the fact that USC has played some of the best teams in the country competitively.The Northwestern game in particular shows the potential of the club, even though part of that can likely be attributed to a slow start by the Wildcats in their season opener on the road. Compared to the last time Northwestern faced USC in the Coliseum, when the Wildcats won 18-5 two years ago during USC’s first game in program history, it’s obvious that the program has come a long way in just those three short seasons.The overall numbers on the season also tell an important story about the progress of the team. Not only are the Women of Troy close in games that they’ve lost, but they’re also dominating in games that they’ve won.The Women of Troy are averaging 13.3 goals per game, more than two points better than the 11.5 averaged the year before. USC is also holding opponents to only 7.7 goals a game, about another two-goal improvement from the 9.6 goals a game surrendered last year.The toughest part of the MPSF schedule still remains for the Women of Troy. The three teams to beat USC in conference play last year — Colorado, Denver and Oregon — all have yet to play USC this year. Additionally, USC’s matchup with Stanford, the one ranked MPSF team, is set for later next month.But the Women of Troy look to be in good position to finish in at least sixth place in the conference standings and make the MPSF tournament. The Women of Troy were bounced in the first round of the tournament last year but look capable of running with every team in the conference this year. Winning the tournament would earn USC its first ever NCAA tournament bid, which would be another huge step forward for the national reputation of the program. The Women of Troy are absolutely heading in the right direction, and it’s only a matter of time before they get there. This year’s team still needs to prove it can finish against the best competition for it to be a possibility this season, but the potential to do so definitely seems to be there.Like any program, the eventual goal of the team is to legitimately compete for national titles every year. USC has the resources to do so, as well as arguably the best coaching staff in the county.Munday and Leonard both won two national championships as players at Northwestern, with Munday adding another three as an assistant coach for the Wildcats, so they know what it takes to get there. As cool as seeing herself on SportsCenter must have been, I can bet those two national championship rings rank just a little higher on Leonard’s Top 10 career sports accomplishments.last_img read more

In Pictures: Beautiful lights shine on Bád Eddie for Christmas

first_imgFans of the iconic Donegal shipwreck Bád Eddie will be able to see it in a whole new light this Christmas thanks to some incredible teamwork by locals.Bád Eddie was last night adorned with Christmas lights to become a spectacular festive scene on Magherclogher beach, Bunbeg.Bád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSThe display was created by a group of neighbours from Strand Road, with Padraig Ó Domhnaill designing the stars. The lights were turned on by Mary O’ Donnell, Liam Gillespie and Nell Cullen – all who have watched the comings and goings around the boat since she arrived on the beach in 1977. Ní neart go cur le chéile (There is strength in unity) – and this wonderful collaboration highlights the beauty of the weakening shipwreck.Bád Eddie is one of Donegal’s most photographed landmarks – and now people all over the world can enjoy some beautiful new festive scenes, thanks to these photos from Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID Productions:Bád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSBád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSBád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSBád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSBád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSBád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONSBád Eddie is decorated for Christmas 2019. Photo by Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig from LIGID TV PRODUCTIONS   In Pictures: Beautiful lights shine on Bád Eddie for Christmas was last modified: December 18th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Bad EddieBunbegCHristmasGweedorelast_img read more

SKA will boost Africa’s presence in science fields

first_imgSouth Africa has spent more than R29-million on bursaries in engineering, astrophysics and astronomy in the past nine years, riding on the back of the SKA project. Young scientists from across the continent have benefited. One day, they may win Nobel prizes for their innovations. There is a need for scientists and engineers to be trained on astronomy data, said the director of the SKA project. (Images: Mediaclubsouthafrica.com) • Design for SKA telescope ‘has been agreed’ • Fifteen amazing facts about MeerKAT and the Square Kilometre Array • SKA: answering the big questions about the universe • Time-travelling SKA to look back at the birth of stars • Sir Stuart Ntlathi: an inspiring passion for science Melissa JavanOnce you invest in astronomy, opportunities and investments in other fields, such as engineering, also grow, according to Naledi Pandor, the minister of science and technology.She was speaking on the last day of the ministerial forum gathering of the SKA African Partner Countries, and was referring to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the major portion of which is being built in South Africa and its Africa Partner Countries. The gathering ran from 23 to 25 March, in Pretoria. The SKA was the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, Pandor said. It would be hosted in South Africa.Dr Bernie Fanaroff, the director of the SKA Africa, said the SKA is an array telescope. In layman’s terms, he explained: “We want to build a big telescope to view faint objects that are very far away in the universe. We can’t build that big a dish, so we’re planning to build smaller ones. That way we can connect them and feed their signals together.”The SKA was vital for Africa, said Pandor. “It will raise the profile of science and technology on the continent.”South Africa’s contribution to human capital development around the SKA included bursaries for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and the funding of research chairs, including five in the area of radio astronomy. “These positions have attracted some of the world’s leading astronomers to South Africa. Since 2006, we have spent… over R29-million on bursaries in engineering, astrophysics and astronomy for students from our African Partner Countries.” The phase 1 of the SKA project will be constructed by 2023. Ghana had made progress in radio astronomy, making the participants “really proud”.Prof Dickson Adomako, the director of the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute, said several of its students were in South Africa during 2013 and 2014 for SKA-related training. “They manufactured a miniature radio telescope and great interest was shown in it. It was then transported to Ghana for an outreach programme.”Much electrical and chemical work was still being done. “We hope to use the facility by September for research work.”A Royal Society Fund was started last year, Adomako said. “We are able to train 60 young scientists in astrophysics and astronomy. The fund will expand over a three-year period.”Speaking of training young scientists, Fanaroff said big data was going to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2020. “We want to train our scientists and engineers to work on astronomy data [analysing data from astronomy]. Big data will affect everyone.”Every country in the world was short of data scientists. “Even if we train them in data and they leave the field, they will be able to be part of innovation.”Thus far, he said, the bursaries given included 133 to African nationals and 513 to South Africans. “We want to be able to take the most promising students to become scientists.”Through the SKA, Fanaroff hoped, Africans would win Nobel prizes for their innovations.last_img read more

After “Obama as Joker” Copyright Debacle, Flickr Changes its Takedown Policy

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… As Champ explains, this notable change will preserve the photo’s metadata while still complying with the law. Other policies remain the same. For example, members will still be warned, by way a private message, who is making the claim against them. Flickr will remove the image from the site and will store it so that it can be replaced in the event that the U.S. Copyright Team gives them the go-ahead to do so. Now, however, the existing title, description, comments, tags, notes, etc. on the original photo page will remain available and the photo can still be added to sets and groups. Champ says Flickr will also be reaching out to the copyright teams in other parts of the world to see if they’re interested in enacting the same policy. (The current policy is specific to the U.S. where the DMCA law is enforced.)Overall, the community received the news positively, even though it still allows Flickr to eschew any responsibility of investigating the validity of DMCA copyright claims themselves. The company will continue to delete away no matter who asks, it seems – a move that drew ire from Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington who said they should have checked with their lawyers first before yanking the image. Photographer and rival service Zooomr exec Thomas Hawk also questioned whether the removal was simply sheer incompetence on Flickr’s part. Ultimately, the change is a good one. It’s better for the online community and the photographer whose image is removed, while still respecting the rights of the supposed copyright victim. However, the real problem here may not be how Flickr deals with copyright claims, but the DMCA law itself. When 20-year-old college student Firas Alkhateeb posted a picture of President Obama decked out in Joker facepaint to photo-sharing website Flickr, little did he know that he was going to be the catalyst for a major policy change in how the Yahoo-owned company will handle copyright infringement claims. However, that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to massive outcry from the online community, Yahoo’s legal team allowed Flickr to put the photo’s web page back up. Not the image itself, mind you, but the photo’s page…along with all its accompanying metadata like date posted, tags, and most importantly, user comments. The Story So FarIf you haven’t been following the story (see our initial coverage here and here), the short summary goes like this: Chicago resident Firas Alkhateeb created an image that showed President Obama wearing the makeup of the Joker. He used an image of the President snagged from TIME magazine’s October 23rd, 2006 cover. After uploading his photo to Flickr, an unknown third party doctored the image some more adding the word “socialism” beneath the picture. This doctored image started showing up plastered across cities nationwide as well as on numerous political bloggers’ websites. Flickr, after having received a DMCA take-down notice, removed the photo from Firas’ account. They did this despite the fact that the image could easily be argued to fall into the grey area of “political parody” and the copyright infringement claim itself comes from a character with a questionable background himself and not, as it turns out, from TIME magazine, DC Comics, nor the photographer who took the original photo. Instead, the supposedly infringed-upon party, a Mr. Edward Przydzial, is a freelance photographer whose only proof of his claim comes from a LiveJournal post dated Oct. 9th. Blog posts are easy to backdate which makes the claim questionable in the eyes of the law. To make matters worse, the case highlighted a problem with Flickr’s takedown policy which appears to be “delete first, ask questions later.” Flickr User Suggests a Policy Change, Flickr AgreesWhile for the most part Flickr is standing behind their actions, saying that the law leaves them no choice but to remove images upon receipt of a takedown notice, they have been open to discussion about better ways to comply with the letter of the law without impacting the Flickr community so much as before. In a forum posting on the photo-sharing site, a Flickr user by the name of “The Searcher” debating the company’s DCMA policy, offered the company a suggestion. Instead of simply deleting the photo page in its entirety, the company should just replace the image itself with a blank that reads “this image has been removed for copyright issues,” wrote the user. Flickr’s director of community Heather Champ replied saying she liked the idea and would push it up the food chain. And that she did. According to her follow up post, Flickr decided to make a change to the way they handle takedown notices and, going forward, they will no longer delete the entire photo page, just the image itself. A screenshot of how this will look is posted here and, as suggested, it will feature text that reads: “This image has been removed due to a claim of copyright infringement.” Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… sarah perez Tags:#news#NYT#web#Yahoo Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Essential Tools for Digital Imaging Technicians

first_imgWhat tools does a DIT need to have at their disposal? This round up of the latest software and hardware releases will keep you up to date on the answer.File-based workflows have given rise to the world of the Digital Imaging Technician or DIT for short. But what does a DIT do? Well many things, as they seamlessly bridge the gap between production and post. Part of their job is safeguarding the digital negatives by duplicating the day’s footage, they also create looks with on-set color correction and should have a wealth of camera and post-production knowledge to troubleshoot problems with the creation of digital images. Depending on the nature of the production that role contracts and expands accordingly.DIT HardwareCompanies like Light Iron Digital, who supply DIT carts and end-to-end digital workflow systems, now span both coasts of America as the DIT’s role continues to develop and the brick and mortar post-lab declines. Their bespoke systems are built to spec for each production and come in a variety of flavors  Outpost is the full-bore DIT cart that can handle anything, while Lilypad and LilyPad Case offer slightly more streamlined systems. You can back up your footage in triplicate, create color graded dailies, handle 3D convergence and securely stream live iPad ready dailies to everyone on set via Todailies. Light Iron really are one of the most forward-thinking filmmaking companies out there and if you don’t believe me check out CEO, Michael Cioni’s excellent presentation at the Amsterdam Supermeet entitled ‘Darwinean Filmmaking Evolution or Extinction.‘If you’re after something a little more portable and providing a lighter footprint DIT station’s Rogue4 (freshly demoed at NAB 2013) could be just the thing. There’s a lot of hardware packed into this ventilated military grade resin hardcase, that’s small enough to fit into an overhead bin, but prepared enough that it only takes “20 seconds to set up”. Using the Echo Expansion chassis from Sonnet it has 4 PCI Express card slots for things like Red Rocket cards and a max of 12TB RAID. It’s ready to ingest Redmags, Compact Flash cards, SXS and SDHC. What’s more, there’s also a Wi-Fi router and external data and video in and out via dual eSATA, dual USB 3.0, dual HD-SDI, HDMI). Without the 15-inch retina Macbook Pro it will set you back $10k. With the extensive delay on any kind of  Mac Pro tower update, systems like these (whether or not you’re a DIT) look more and more attractive for super-fast and portable post production suites.DIT SoftwareSo once you’ve got your hardware sorted, what do you actually run on it? Well, the market for software that will handle your DIT responsibilities is growing too. These tools fall largely into two categories: Data Transfer and Dailies Creation. Although more and more tools are being launched to provide all in one solutions so it’s worth download a few of the free trials available to see which one you prefer.In the data transfer set there are a lot of options to choose from although they all offer the all important file transfer checksum, ensuring every byte has copied correctly. They can also copy to multiple locations simultaneously for segregated backups. Shotput Pro ($99), Al3xa Data Manager ($79) and the new Velarium ($79) will all transfer happily your footage from cards to hard drives. Velarium is the newest kid on the block and Scott Simmons from PVC has posted a great run down of its features. I’ve personally used Shotput Pro for any on-set copying (or edit drive back ups at the end of a project) and it is incredibly easy to use.Red Giant Software (the makers of things like Magic Bullet Looks) have recently launched the public beta of Bullet Proof, demo’d at NAB in the video above. Bullet Proof is their one-stop shop for data transfer, on-set review and color correction and if you prefer to peruse its features in text Scott Simmons again has a great write up. It looks like they have incorporated a lot of very accessible and useful features into one package. With a price of $199 when it ships, it will be interesting to see how it competes in this increasingly crowded market.Other more fully featured dailies only creation software include Assimilate Scratch LAB ($5,990), DaVinci Resolve Lite (free) and REDCINE-X Pro (free). These tools will allow you to import the RAW camera files from all the major camera manufacturers, sync audio, apply LUTS, colour correct and export your edit ready dailies in a multitude of formats. If you want to see just how this is done check out this two part tutorial from AbelCine on creating dailies in DaVinci Resolve Lite.More DIT ResourcesIf you’re after even more DIT resources then check out the DIT User Forum and these two great interviews with DIT’s; one over on Creative Cow with Von Thomas and one on Screenlight’s blog with Griff Thomas. Both interviews have great technical details of their personal workflows and cart set-ups. If that’s not enough for you then check out these 25+ DIT related posts on my own blog.last_img read more

Centre delaying payments for rural job scheme Mamata

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that the scopes of 100 days work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) are gradually shrinking due to some restrictions imposed by the Centre.Banerjee during her speech in the Assembly said the opportunities in 100 days work have been reducing in the state due to the Center’s apathy. She also accused the Narendra Modi government of intentionally delaying the payments under the MGNREGA. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaShe pointed out that the Bengal government has already converged Panchayats and Rural Development department with various other departments like Irrigation and Waterways, Forest, Fisheries and Environment to provide some momentum to the 100 days work in the state and also to ensure that more number of people are brought under the scheme. “The Centre has made some restrictions in some areas as a result of which the scopes of 100 days work have narrowed down in the state. They have a tendency to reduce the opportunities in 100 days work. The people are facing difficulties as there is a delay in the release of funds by the Centre. We have urged the Centre on a number of occasions to clear the dues on time,” the Chief Minister said. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayShe further added: “We have done a convergence between the Panchayats and Rural development department and other departments like Irrigation and Waterways, Forest, Fisheries and Environment in such a manner that more number of people get opportunity. More jobs will be created if the Forest department deploys people under the 100 days work or the Fisheries department provides fingerlings to those who dig up ponds under the ‘Jal Dharo, Jal Bharo’ scheme. We have discussed it during the administrative review meeting on how 100 days work can be implemented through the involvement of various Self-Help Groups.” Banerjee once again reminded the House that the Bengal government has secured first position in the implementation of the 100 days work scheme in the country and also the same position for creating employment. In the construction of rural roads Bengal has topped the list. During a question-answer session, Panchayats minister Subrata Mukherjee in the Assembly said around 33.83 man-days were created by his department in 2018-19 while in the current financial year, 5.73 crore man-days have already been created so far under the MGNREGA.last_img read more