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Law on Wine in Public Hearing

first_imgThe Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a draft Law on Wine, after consultations with producers of the wine and viticulture sector in order to exchange views and better understand the requirements of producers and the framework that must be adhered to by the Ministry.The Wine Act is drafted for the purpose of consolidating European Union regulations with national regulations in the wine and viticulture sector in order to regulate a single legal basis for the adoption of implementing regulations on competencies at the national level. At the same time, the areas currently prescribed at the national level by the Law on Wine and the Law on the Common Organization of the Market of Agricultural Products and special measures and rules related to the market of agricultural products will be connected.The aim of drafting the draft law on wine and all measures it adopts is to define a clear legal framework for the economic conduct of grape and wine production and ultimately the sale of wine for income in market-transparent conditions with the inclusion of tools to combat the “gray market”.Four new regions are being establishedThe draft law on wine enables the association of winemakers and winegrowers at the national and regional level, who are given a new active role in the promotional activities of winemakers and work on the marketing system of Croatian wines and will thus contribute more actively than before . Four new regions are being established (both wine and marketing): Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region; Croatian Istria and Kvarner; Dalmatia and Bregovita Hrvatska. In addition, the Draft Law on Wine clearly defines the distinctive framework for the production of grapes for own needs in a very limited scope on areas up to 0,1 ha from those producers of grapes, must and wine in production, business and market-oriented coverage .This Draft Proposal of the Law on Wine regulates the legal basis for performing more efficient administrative control of all data that grape and wine producers are obliged to submit. At the same time, the field control carried out by the field wine supervisors will be strengthened in order to check the compliance of the submitted data with the actual situation, which strengthens the system of traceability of grape and wine production.”With the new Law on Wine, we bring a clear legal framework for the production of grapes and wine, the sale of wine in market-transparent conditions, we strengthen the role of wine associations and wine marketing. ” – said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolusic and added “In addition to the Act, in cooperation with winemakers, we are adopting a new National Support Program for Winemakers for the period 2019-2023, which increases the amount of funding and introduces a new measure to promote wine with 80% refund. We are opening tenders for the new five-year period in October this year. “The Croatian Center for Agricultural Food and Rural Affairs, the Institute of Viticulture and Enology retains the role of the holder of sensory evaluation of wine, but regional wine organizations are actively involved in proposing evaluators, and only wine evaluation is carried out by commissions with majority regional evaluators. This ensures an increase in the level of quality of evaluation as well as the quality of the wines themselves, because the evaluation process is carried out by evaluators who know best the characteristics of the wine of a particular region.RELATED NEWS:NIKOLA BENVENUTI, VINISTRA: ISTRIAN WINERS HAVE LONG RECOGNIZED THE STRENGTH OF THE BRAND, THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY AND ASSOCIATION FOR POSITIONING ON THE WINE MAP OF THE WORLDSAŠA ŠPIRANEC: WINERS MUST BE ORGANIZED IN FOUR GREAT ASSOCIATIONS: SLAVONIA, DALMATIA, ISTRIA AND KVARNER, AND HILLY CROATIAlast_img read more

Contract tracing measures for inter-island travelers eyed

first_imgThis is to ensure “efficiency and accuracy of contact tracing in case a passenger or passengers is later on found positive for COVID-19,” according to Gasataya.  He added the rules already established to govern passenger manifests are very much helpful in the campaign against COVID-19, citing the importance of contact tracing to break the chains of its further spread and transmission./PN Gasataya, in a House resolution, appealed to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade to “establish rules [that] strictly require all common carriers involved in inter-island transport of passengers by land, water, or air, to prepare and record a detailed seat plan of their passengers.  Gasataya said there is still a very high risk of infection of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) among passengers while in transit despite the observance of physical distancing and wearing of face masks. BACOLOD City – Cong. Greg Gasataya seeks to require all common carriers involved in inter-island transport of passengers to put up a detailed seat plan for passengers during the entire course of transit.last_img read more

Secretary of State Pate to seek money to clear voter rolls of erroneous felon information

first_imgDES MOINES — Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate says he’s continuing to work on a plan to fix the flaws in Iowa’s list of people who cannot vote due to felony convictions.  “My office is going to be assigning more resources to this issue,” Pate says, “but I want to make sure the legislature is aware of that and will choose to support that effort.”Iowa is one of two states that doesn’t automatically restore voting rights to felons who complete their sentence. The Des Moines Register has reported some Iowans have been wrongly identified as felons and their ballots were improperly thrown out. This summer, the Brennan Center for Justice and the League of Women Voters of Iowa warned Pate that the situation might violate federal law.Pate says he’ll present options to lawmakers and they’ll decide how to proceed. “It’s kind of like a menu: ‘Here’s what we can do. Here’s what some of those projected costs are,’” Pate says. “And then the legislature and the governor’s office will have something to say about what pieces they’re going to fund.”A Brennan Center lawyer says she expected to see Pate’s proposal released in mid-October, before this week’s municipal and school board elections.last_img read more