A Chat with the Guys at Hotel 1171

first_img 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Professional Nomads Show Off How They Renovated an Airstream 10 Top Shelf Vodka Brands that are Actually Worth a Damn Alcohol Brands and B-Corp Certification: Who Is Doing It and Why? How 2 Noma Alumni Brought Their Flavorful Spirits Line to the United States We love it when a brand gets us. LA born Hotel 1171 opened the doors to its flagship/clubhouse last year and boy, has the brand read our minds. Hangout and store, founders Brett Baldwin and Ryan Bodman set out to create a totally awesome and chill space for customers to shop, relax and even skate around out front of.Feeling like old buddies from the first time we speak, The Manual caught up with co-founder Brett to see what’s been going down of late.We love the half clubhouse, half menswear store concept of the flagship. How did this come about?From the beginning of Hotel 1171 we always wanted to sell our own products in our own stores. We sold wholesale for our first year, but quickly realized that wasn’t the route we wanted to go, and went back to our original instincts. Being that our office was in The Arts District of DTLA and the quick growth and excitement in DTLA it was easy for us to decide this is where the home of our first retail store needed to be.  We like to call it the Clubhouse because it’s our first store, and our home base in California. It’s also a great place to have parties and events. Clubhouse is a lot more hospitable and fun than “Store”.There have been a lot of boutique/concept store openings in downtown LA lately. What’s the vibe like there at the moment?The vibe is great, it’s starting to feel a lot more like a big city. Lot’s of excitement and energy. There’s a ton of young artist’s and creative’s living in DTLA, which is probably the best part. We’ve met a bunch of really talented people since we’ve opened the Clubhouse! Everyone, even “competitors”, are very supportive of each other and have a lot of pride for the city.Do you get a lot of people just coming in to hang?Yeah, we always have friends coming by to hang, socialize and skateboard out front.  We love it.  We’ve been using the slogan/hashtag “Stay Awhile” a lot.  It’s very fitting for the brand and store, but sometimes people take it a bit too literally… haha! The best is when people come in and actually ask if we have any rooms available.What’s on your SS14 moodboard?My current mood board is for Holiday 14. Clean, Classic, and Timeless with unique details. I’m not a fan of a lot of the trends going on. A lot of the stuff on my mood board right now is vintage California vibes, The Wonder Years… stuff that is very timeless and nostalgic from my childhood.What’s next for Hotel 1171?We’ve been working really hard to set up domestic sourcing for our entire product line. Our goal starting FW14 is to offer American made at an attainable price. We will only be selling direct through our clubhouse stores and will have a large web presence. This way we can offer the best possible product at the best prices. We aren’t interested in selling our goods at extremely high prices just to come off as more “high-end”. We want to make sure our customers get the best product possible for their hard earned cash. With that being said, more stores. We plan on opening at least one new store every year and we have our sites set on another LA location or San Francisco next.Finally, if you could spend summer anywhere, doing anything, what would you choose?I would most likely spend it up at Lundy Lake in the Sierra Mountains fishing, camping, hiking and talking photos…living extremely simply, away from computers, phones and social media. Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Merino and Mud: Kitsbow Mountain Biking

first_img Editors’ Recommendations An Introduction to the Fine Sport of Bouldering Spring is in rare form across the country, and that means urban and backcountry trails are in perfect condition for some serious riding. Whether you’re a serious enduro mountain biker whose idea of a good ride is a 30+ mile suffer-fest, or one of those crazy downhill riders launching 40 foot red rock cliffs, the last thing you want to be caught wearing on your next ride is nondescript decades old spandex. At the same time, having a set of purpose built biking clothes will be the difference between adding a few extra miles to your evening ride, or heading home after battling sweat and chafing – and losing.We love the line up from California based Kitsbow because it not only keeps us from looking like the dreaded Middle-Aged-Man-In-Lycra, but hits all the right technical design notes to build the perfect mountain biking jersey and shorts. Kitsbow was born from a pair of friends obsessed with designing cycling apparel that took cues not just from performance driven metrics, but also from well tailored suits and high fashion. The result is a line of jerseys, shorts, and base layers sourced from top shelf Australian and New Zealand merino blends, and treated using industry leading Schoeller technical fabrics and water resistant nano treatments. Details like silicon gripper hems, strategically placed zippers, and ergonomic fits make the entire line a must-have for any performance minded and fashion conscious rider.For summer weight apparel we recommend staying with their merino-nylon blended jerseys. Their unique fabric blends provide all the durability of a synthetic fabric with the enhanced temperature control and breathability (not to mention odor control in case things get a little too sweaty) of natural wool. the Rudy Jersey ($220) is our favorite. It’s understated style is at home charging mountain single-track, and in some places would even pass muster for office casual (we’re looking at you, Boulder, CO). Layered with the all new Wind Vest($175), you’ll easily weather spring storms and deep mud. As if that wasn’t enough, the A/M Midweight Shorts ($230) are easily our new favorites for everything from serious backcountry rides, to the evening bike commute to your local dive bar. Made with Schoeller dryskin fabric, they shed water and mud with ease, and have five pockets to protect your essentials from the elements. Whatever you choose, when you’re out on the trails with Kitsbow this summer, you’ll get more than your fair share of compliments and envious stares as you crush miles of mud on two wheels. The New Land Rover Defender Is Just as Glorious as We Expected The Lampuga Air Inflatable Jetboard Is a Go-Anywhere Aqua Thrill Ride A Beginner’s Guide to Road Biking 7 Mountain Bike Destinations to Put On Your Bucket Listlast_img read more

You Do You with Wolverine Customizable Boots

first_img Tattoo Ideas for Men (For When You Have No Idea) Yes, You Can Wear Boots to the Office: Here are the Best Pairs 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Founded all the way back in 1883, Wolverine boots has been in the quality, leather boot game for over 130 years.Since its inception, the tannery and workshop has been crafting top-notch leather boots for both work and play using old-school construction techniques in combination with emerging technologies, which today, have led to Wolverine being one of the premiere names in the work boot market.One recent emerging technology that caught Wolverine’s imagination is the construction of web-platforms allowing for personalized product customization. And, like any good century-old company, Wolverine heard the call and answered with their new customizable 1000 mile boots via their “Wolverine Workshop,” made right here in the US. Now, the 1000 mile boot itself isn’t new–Wolverine has been making those since 1914–but the option to design the boot any way you see fit is.“The Wolverine Workshop harkens back to the time of cobblers who handcrafted boots for their customers one pair at a time,” said Carrie Hill, senior design manager for Wolverine.  “We are fortunate to have a factory which can execute excellent quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, allowing our customers today to personalize every detail of their 1000 Mile Boots.”“This is an opportunity for people to play the designer role and build a boot that is unique and one of a kind to them,” said Todd Yates, president of Wolverine. “By combining the quality craftsmanship and timeless pattern of the 1000 Mile Boot with the personality and style of our customers, we hope to connect with both brand loyalists and new customers alike.”And with all the the customizable options available, Wolverine is sure to snag scores of new customers looking for their chance to create a one-of-a-kind pair of work boots that will last them a lifetime. When beginning your foray into Wolverine’s customization system you might be a little overwhelmed at all the customizable components including:Material for the quarter, vamp, heel, tongue, foot bed and hangtag (13 options from Brown Horween to Hot Pink Suede)Outsole (3 options: leather, leather/rubber, and Vibram rubber lugg)Eyelets (6 options: antique copper, nickel, old English brass, black, good, and silver)Laces (7 options: brown, black, red, tan, white, gray, tan/gold taslan)Upper stitch color (3 options: brown, black, cream)Welt stich color (4 options: cream, brown, black, red)Monogram etched on the heel, tongue or hangtagHowever, after playing around with all the features and components, you’ll easily get the hang of it. I, personally found myself sucked into the the design-system and only emerged an hour later with four unique 1000 mile boots for my dream boot list. Be careful or you could get sucked in, too.At $400 for each customizable 1000 Mile work boot, these aren’t cheap–but offering the ability to create a Wolverine boot that’s uniquely you? That’s priceless. Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For? Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Workout Playlist: The Best Songs for Getting Pumped About Pumping Iron

first_img“The Passenger” by Iggy Pop“Life in the Fast Lane” by Eagles“Road to Nowhere” by Talking Heads“Road Trippin’” (Punch Drunk Dub) by WD4D“Budapest” by George Ezra“Roadtrip” by Bassti Best Workout Songs Barry Lewis/Getty Images.‘Tis the season to hit the gym and atone for the past year’s various and sundry transgressions. The challenge, as always, comes in maintaining that physical fitness regime well past the repentance period that your mind feels your body deserves. This workout playlist has been audio-engineered to get you on that (insert your cardiovascular machine of choice) and keep you keeping on while simultaneously inspiring you to return again at another date. As beats- and bass-driven music lends itself to a heart rate-increasing activity, the mission of this mix is to take you through the journey of your exercise with fitness-related tunes. The intention is to get you going right out the gate, build up the tempo with the intensity of the thump, sustain that thumping stride to help you push through “the wall,” and then slowly let you down gently on the other side by fading ever so peacefully into your post-workout stretch.Workout Playlist “On the Road Again” by Canned Heat“Running On Empty” by Jackson Browne“Range Life” by Pavement“Ride Like the Wind” by Christopher Cross“Take It Easy” by Eagles“Road Trippin’” by Band of Frequencies “Road Trippin’” by Red Hot Chili Peppers“Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat“Put the Message” in the Box by World Party“Holiday Road” by Lindsey Buckingham“Ventura Highway” by America“Road Trip” by Chance Encounter The BreakdownFollowing some motivational deep thoughts by Dr. Gene Griessman, M.A.N.D.Y., and Booka Shade’s classic 2005 track, “Body Language,” Shannon Saunders and Sonny Fedora’s “Over This” gets the blood pumping. This track has a good bouncy groove to help ease you into the shock of aggressively moving your body. Bonus: It also has our first beat dropout (or what I like to call the “think about it” part) around the 3:15 mark. These rhythm-challenged sections, along with breaks between songs, make for good spots to take a breather or a swig of water before gearing back up.Our next highlight comes at the productive hands of the Stanton Warriors. Their hip-hop stomper “Get Up” ramps up the funk with Hollywood Holt and Ruby Gee blazing the way via their track crushing vocals. This tune, which harshly chastises dance floor wallflowers, does an excellent job of inspiring you to keep going and, indeed, get up.A double dose of Ed Solo brings us a pair of dubbed out bangers in the form of “I Feel Like Jumpin (Krafty Kuts & Ed Solo Breaks Remix)” and “When I Was A Yout” (yes, there is no “h” in there). Ed Solo is best known for his work with fellow breakbeat slinger, Deekline, but on these tracks, he bumps up the rump-shaking good times with some thick layers of Jamaican sound system bass, while Marcia Griffiths and Skool of Thought do some top-notch toasting on top. Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts Immediately following is a sweet, undulating remix of Sarah Vaughan’s jazz standard “Fever.” U.K. producer and DJ, Adam Freeland, got the keys to the Verve Records vault, allowing him to turn this ode to the soaring temperatures produced from heated intimacy into a superb, movement-inspiring grinder. The track has a near perfect pace for plugging along at the gym, allowing your mind to free up while your body harmonizes with the beat.“Running To The Sea (Pachanga Boys Remix)” by Röyksopp, featuring Susanne Sundfør, begins the wind-down section of the mix. Clocking in at 12:14, this sprawling voyage of a song is intended to help you hit that last stride of your workout (and maybe even get a little lost in it) before slowing down and letting your body ease itself back into more normalized, limited motion. The Pachanga Boys love to create enormous open spaces within their tracks and remixes, which allow the listener (or in this case, the fitness seeker) to drift off into a meditative, trance-like zone. With Sundfør’s soaring vocals and a chorus hovering over this cinematic song, you should feel a gentle decompression overtake your body.On the heels of some quality down-tempo songs (including a unique electro-glitchy cover of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” by Goldfrapp), we end with the life-affirming tracks “Stretch (You Are All Right)” by Tortoise and “Diet Of Water And Love (Manu Remix)” by Flunk. You’ve put your body through the ringer — gradually slowing down the pace and stretching everything out (as you drink water and feel love) will go a long way in helping you to avoid future injury.Workout InspirationIf you need some workout inspiration, check out fitness tips from celebrity trainer Corey Calliet, former bull rider Alex Fine, pro sports expert Mike Barwis, RUMBLE Boxing co-founder Noah Neiman, gladiator Lee Jimenez, and model Michael Markiewicz.We’ve also got you covered on actual exercises — everything from low-impact training, the best arm workouts, bodyweight exercises perfect for men on the go, simple moves you can practice at your desk, and how to run in the cold. Not everybody is a gym rat. If you’d rather work out at home, you could use a gym-free fitness app. And don’t forget about recovery!May this playlist help you keep your goals. Go get ’em, Tiger!Article originally published January 22, 2018. Last update September 2018 to include more workout inspiration. “Stickshifts and Safetybelts” by Cake“Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney and the Wings“Roadrunner” by The Modern Lovers“On the Road” by Keep Shelly in Athens“Good to on the Road Back Home” by Cornershop “Middle of the Road” by Pretenders“Go Your OwnWay” by Fleetwood Mac“Free Ride” by The Edgar Winter Group“Little Red Corvette” by Prince“Six Days on the Road” by Dave Dudley“Midnight Ride” by The Allman Brothers Bandcenter_img The Best Latex Pillows for Neck and Back Pain “Radar Love” by Golden Earring“Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash“Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors“Roadtrip with the Homies” by Drips Zacheer“Summer Road Trip” by Relajacion y Guitarra Acustica“The High Road” by Broken Bells How to Pack a Dopp Kit (aka Toiletry Bag) for When You Won’t be Sleeping at Home “Runnin’ Down a Dream” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers“All Right Now” by Free“Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf“Roadtrips” by Raiza Biza“On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson“Farther on Down the Road” by Taj Mahal The Ultimate Pillow Guide: The 6 Best Pillows for All Sleepers “Can’t Get There From Here” by R.E.M.“Interstate Road Trip” by Steve Ronald Ouimette“Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire“Road Trip” by Samwise“King of the Road” by Roger Miller Editors’ Recommendations The Best American Liqueurlast_img read more

Mal Barritt Appointed as New CEO of Traveltek

first_imgTraveltek Ltd has appointed accomplished travel industry expert Mal Barritt to take the reigns as the company looks to strengthen its product and service offering and expand into new markets.   East Kilbride, United Kingdom, 4th June, 2019: Mal will join from luxury travel company ITC Travel Group and take up post in August. A seasoned travel professional, Mal boasts over 26 years in the industry. Prior to ITC, he co-founded WTH UK Ltd which operates well-known travel brands Cruise118.com, SixStarCruises.co.uk and RiverVoyages.com. He’s also held senior leadership roles at Destinology, Thomas Cook/MyTravel and Gold Medal, and has forged a formidable reputation as a results-driven, client-focused leader with strong strategic insight. Traveltek already has an impressive client roster, with some of the industry’s biggest names utilising its award-winning reservation platform to manage their travel portfolios. And while it’s still pursuing an ambitious global expansion plan, the focus at HQ is currently on improving its core product, enhancing the service and support offered to clients and on the development of a new, industry-first solution, due to launch later this year; all things which Mal will now take forward. “I’m absolutely delighted to be joining Traveltek at what is undoubtedly a crucial time in the company’s development,” Mal commented. “Traveltek is renowned for its product, which revolutionised the way that travel is sold. “In fact, the platform in itself was one of the main draws for me in taking up the post. The company managed to capitalise on an early mover advantage and the journey it’s been on since then is extremely impressive. The team that came before me – many of whom are still there – have built up a really strong foundation. The job for me now is to build on that and to help grow the business by bringing this technology to a wider, global audience. “That said, it’s not only about growth. It’s about improving things for our existing customers too. I’m deeply passionate about service delivery. I firmly believe that customers should be at the heart of everything we do. So, one of my key focusses initially will be to ensure that we’re delivering consistently high levels of service and support and on improving the deployment of the product, wherever possible, too. I have a great team around me and I’m really looking forward to taking up the mantle and being part of the company’s next chapter.” Traveltek has undergone a sizeable transformation in the last twelve months, firstly with the appointment of new Chief Commercial Officer, Cressida Sergeant, followed by a new Chief Operating Officer, Phil Astall. The company also welcomed aboard a new Chairman, Chris Noblet, who has a wealth of experience in scaling software businesses. Mal’s appointment completes this management re-structure and the company is now fully armed with a new and formidable driving force. “I’m delighted that Mal is joining us,” said Chris Noblet, Chairman. “Given his extensive industry experience and proven track record, he makes an excellent addition to what is now an extremely solid team.”last_img read more

PM Urges NWC to Provide Potable Water to More Persons

first_imgMember of Parliament for St. Ann, North Western, Dr. Dayton Campbell, is urging the National Water Commission (NWC) to provide potable water to several sections of the Constituency, which are now without the commodity.He pointed out that only 24 per cent of the constituency is provided with potable water. “This is way below what could ever be deemed as acceptable,” Dr. Campbell said.The Member of Parliament was making his contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on May 21.He noted that the residents of Brown’s Town have been affected by the disruption of water service, because of pump failure at the Minard Well.“We feel strongly that due care has not been taken to ensure the speedy restoration of service to these residents. Brown’s Town is a melting pot of activity. It is the booming education capital, thus the disruption has had dire effects on normalcy,” Dr. Campbell said.He informed that the short term solution has been to truck water to the affected residents, businesses and institution.“Looking to the future, we would love to see the well in Green Park become operational. This will see great benefits to three of the four constituencies in St. Ann. This would see residents of the community of Bamboo being able to turn on their pipes and open up this cool piece of paradise to better housing and greater efficiency in farming. This system would also dovetail with the supply in Brown’s Town and thus prevent any recurrence of the current problem in that area,” Dr. Campbell said.Meanwhile, he noted that a well was dug in Queenhythe over a decade ago by US Marines; however no potable water is available to the residents.“Tank Weld has stepped up to the plate and is offering to be a part of a public-private partnership to get this project up and running. They are offering to get the well operational and lay pipes to 100 metres on either side of the well. The NWC would then step in and complete the project, seeing water going to Queenhythe, Content, Retirement, Keith and Home Castle. These are practical solutions to complex problems,” Dr. Campbell said.Contact: Latonya Lintonlast_img read more

Three Receive GG’s Jamaica Diaspora Award of Excellence

first_imgMONTEGO BAY – Three nationals living overseas have been honoured with the Governor-General’s Jamaica Diaspora Award of Excellence, and inducted into the Governor-General’s Diaspora Hall of Fame.They are Jamaica’s Honorary Consul General to Atlanta, Georgia, Vin Martin; Accountant and Business Consultant from the United Kingdom (UK), Howard Francis; and teacher from Canada, Dudley Morgan.Governor-General, His Excellency The Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, made the presentations at an award luncheon held as part of the just concluded 5th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Montego Bay.Glowing citations were paid to the honourees, with citations read extolling their contributions to the development of their country and local communities.In his address, the Governor-General lauded the awardees and the wider Diaspora for continuing to lend their intellect and experience to the crafting of strategies to grow Jamaica, through the biennial Diaspora conference.“Indeed, you are here demonstrating your concerns for our beloved homeland, and your determination to be part of the solution to propel us towards a brighter future,” he stated.He added that “we ramp-up the Diaspora-Homeland partnership, we are acutely aware that, not only is its success good for the development of Jamaica, but it is also good  for the profile of the country.”He noted that the way Jamaica is perceived internationally also impacts on the life of nationals in the Diaspora, and how they are stereotyped in every field of endeavour.The Governor-General, in the meantime, invited support for his ‘I believe Initiative’ which seeks to effect change across Jamaica. The aim is to inspire Jamaicans to believe in their potential and to continue building a peaceful nation.He informed that a partnership has been established with the American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ), which will allow for contributions to be tax deductable for Americans, as long as it is done through the AFJ.Mr. Martin, who replied on behalf of the award recipients, said the honour will provide greater encouragement for them to continue pursuing their mission for the good of Jamaica.“Motivated by love of our country and commitment to charity, we have come to recognize that volunteerism is not an option, it is a responsibility; a responsibility that has given us innumerable opportunities to experience real happiness through unconditional love and service to others,” he stated.CONTACT: BRYAN MILLERJIS REGIONAL OFFICEMONTEGO BAYlast_img read more

DBJ Builds Capacity of Three University-Based Incubators

first_imgPRESS RELEASE – The Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), through its Jamaica Venture Capital Programme (JVCP), has announced that it is providing a programme of capacity building and technical assistance (CB-TC) to three university-based incubators over an 18-month period.The programme of intervention is multi-pronged and covers, a needs assessment, a ‘study tour’, the development of a strategic plan, and the provision of financial resources to implement the plan.“We are pleased to be embarking on this partnership with the three major local universities and their incubators – Morris Entrepreneurship Centre at Northern Caribbean University; Technology Innovation Centre at the University of Technology, Jamaica; and Mona BusinessSupport Services at the University of the West Indies. The records will show that worldwide, university incubators, and indeed business incubators, are geared at creating, nurturing and providing the necessary support services for startups/entrepreneurs and young businessesto grow and succeed,” confirms Milverton Reynolds, Managing Director at the DBJ.This capacity building and technical assistance programme forms part of the JVCP’s wider plan towards the building of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jamaica.This includes a programme of intervention and capacity building to assist, not just the incubators on our university campuses, but also other business services providers in the wider Jamaican space.The DBJ has signed a memorandum of understanding with each university and will hold them to a number of deliverables, including: the provision of baseline information on the incubator and incubatees, the development of a long-term strategic plan focusing on governance, sustainable financing, incubation performance metrics, tracking and benchmarking.Audrey Richards, Project Coordinator, JVCP, states that; “We have undertaken a Needs Assessment jointly with each incubator. On June 19, we led a team of incubator managers and university administrators of the three universities on an intensive three-day ‘study tour’ to Canada to observe, first-hand, international best practices and to learn the different structures, programmes and activities that are offered by world-class incubators.”The ‘study tour’ saw participants visiting some seven locations in Canada; The DMZ at Ryerson University; the Centre for Social Innovation; Venture Lab; Wilfred Laurier’s LaunchPad; Communitech; the Impact Centre at the University of Toronto and Scotia Innovation Centre.“We (DBJ) are looking to the sustainability of the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry in Jamaica and, indeed, the Caribbean. The work, on which we are about to embark, with the university incubators, is critical to ensuring that there is a ‘pool’ of investment-ready businesses,” Richards continues.“The ‘study tour’ (was) a learning experience for the universities, and is expected to build on the existing knowledge and experiences in;incubation management, international best practices in corporate governance and operational structures and financial sustainability”.Terry-Ann Segree, Investment Manager, JVCP explains that; “the DBJ-JVCP has put in place a rigorous system of monitoring and evaluation, that will continue for 18 months, to which each university is expected to adhere and report on its progress. There are also a number of milestones and achievements that each incubator is expected to meet.It is anticipated that coming out of this intervention, the university incubators will be better equipped to develop programmes and activities that will attract, nurture and build the incubatees making them investment-ready”.The JVCP came out of the DBJ’s expanded focus on not only facilitating access to credit, but also providing access to equity. The DBJ serves as anchor investor in this emerging Venture Capital and Private Equity industry and plays a catalytic role alongside private sectorinvestors.In 2015, the DBJ, through its Investor Panel, comprising some of Jamaica’s major investment (corporate and institutional) companies, issued a ‘call for proposals’ from fund managers desirous of investing in Jamaican businesses. Eight companies – four local and fourinternational – responded to the ‘call’, and following a due diligence process, two funds became operational in 2016.To date the DBJ has invested approximately US$1.75 million in these two funds – Portland JSX Limited (a local limited partner aggregation vehicle created primarily to invest as a limited partner in Portland Caribbean Fund 11) and in Caribbean Mezzanine Fund 1 (CMF1) jointly managed by local fund managers, Eppley Limited and NCB Capital Markets Limited.In February 2016, the DBJ-JVCP entered Phase 2 (2016-2019) of its programme under a second Technical Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the Inter-American Development Bank through its Multilateral Investment Fund (IDB-MIF) to support the continued development of the entrepreneurial and early stage ecosystem in Jamaica.This second TCA is a ‘follow on’ programme that builds on the previous TCA (2013), as the  focus continues to be on closing the gaps identified. Funding under this programme totals US$3.482M with the IDB-MIF contributing US$1.198M in technical grants and advice to be matched by DBJ counterpart funding of US$2.284M.last_img read more

Education Ministry to Increase Promotion of TVET in Secondary Schools

first_img “Part of what we will be embarking on come this September is a really robust career training programme in our secondary schools, as a number of our students are still unaware of some of the new areas that they can go into. A lot of them still have misconceptions about the areas that can bring them significant wealth,” he said. For the new academic year, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information will be increasing its effort to promote technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in secondary schools. State Minister for Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green, said this area offers a number of opportunities for young persons, arguing that a “mindset change” is needed to encourage greater interest and participation in the new and emerging careers in this field. Story Highlights For the new academic year, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information will be increasing its effort to promote technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in secondary schools.State Minister for Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green, said this area offers a number of opportunities for young persons, arguing that a “mindset change” is needed to encourage greater interest and participation in the new and emerging careers in this field.“Part of what we will be embarking on come this September is a really robust career training programme in our secondary schools, as a number of our students are still unaware of some of the new areas that they can go into. A lot of them still have misconceptions about the areas that can bring them significant wealth,” he said.The State Minister was delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony for World Youth Skills Day 2018 on July 17 at the Garmex HEART Academy in Kingston.Discussions are under way with the National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC), the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), the HEART Trust/NTA and school guidance counsellors to provide advice to students and parents on TVET careers.“We have a bad perception of going into skills. We want to ensure that we are going into our schools with our guidance counsellors to have career training sessions where we say to our young people, these are the new areas. We have to partner with the PTAs to counsel the parents, because often they are the ones that discourage our young people (from pursuing alternative career paths). We have to explain to them that these are areas of growth,” the State Minister said.last_img read more

CAC Offers Tips to Shoppers on Tight Budget

first_img The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is offering practical tips to shoppers on a tight budget, that should assist as they make their back-to-school purchases.Speaking with JIS News, Communications Specialist at the CAC, Dorothy Campbell, said that while this is an anxious period, she is assuring parents that there are ways to ensure that their children are equipped with all they need for the new school term while staying within budget.“I am talking about parents who are on a tight budget, such as single parent families with a sole provider. Get that child ready for the first two or three weeks of school. You don’t need to purchase four uniforms and two pairs of shoes and all the texts at once. Break it down into bite sizes and buy what is necessary for the first three weeks of school and then you will be able to manage the rest of the term,” she advised.“We don’t want parents to be overwhelmed. Do not get all stressed out about the total amount of the bill. Look at the critical items on the list (and get those things first),” Ms. Campbell added.For school uniforms, she said it might not be necessary to purchase several new sets. Rather, she is recommending that parents check the condition of the ones the child has now to see if they still fit and colours are not faded. This, she said, will guide them as to whether or not new uniforms should be bought and how many.She said it is not necessary to buy uniforms for every day of the week. Instead, purchase a few sets of uniforms.“Choose two uniforms and get the accessories – tie, socks and a pair of shoes. Get the child ready for two weeks, because within that two-week period, you would have been preparing for another pay cheque,” she advised.Ms. Campbell said that to economise on uniform expenses, parents can opt to have them made by a tailor or dressmaker as this is more economical than buying the ready- made ones, and to ensure that the uniform is made to the school specifications by getting a pattern from the school (colour and measurements).She advised that when purchasing shoes, parents must make sure that they are in compliance with the school’s guidelines, and to buy shoes that are comfortable and durable.Also, it is recommended that parents purchase shoes that the child can grow into, so they should not fit too closely.When buying bags, look at how practical and durable it is rather than style, and before the child begins using it, parents can have the bags reinforced by taking it to a shoe maker, dressmaker or tailor for extra stitches to be added, Ms. Campbell said.On the subject of text books, she said they should be wrapped. “We encourage parents to have children wrap the textbooks. Do not mark their names across the pages until you are absolutely certain it is a book you will need and is the right edition. In the event that you need to exchange it at the book store or return it after a couple of weeks, at least it will be in good condition and you won’t need to forfeit that money you have already spent,” she explained.Ms. Campbell emphasised that shoppers should ensure that they get a receipt with all purchases and retain these as this will be your proof of purchase, should there be a need for redress or refund.For more information on back-to-school shopping, persons can visit: www.cac.gov.jm. Speaking with JIS News, Communications Specialist at the CAC, Dorothy Campbell, said that while this is an anxious period, she is assuring parents that there are ways to ensure that their children are equipped with all they need for the new school term while staying within budget. The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is offering practical tips to shoppers on a tight budget, that should assist as they make their back-to-school purchases.center_img Story Highlightslast_img read more

Seacurus Says Seafarers Should Be Protected Now against …

first_imgzoom Specialist marine insurance intermediary Seacurus said that reported doubts about the insurance industry’s ability to insure the liability for unpaid wages of abandoned seafarers under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 are inaccurate and ill-founded.It is already an agreed principle under MLC 2006, which came into force in August 2013, that liability for the unpaid wages of seafarers currently falls to the recruitment and placement services which help seafarers find employment at sea. Some have rightly argued that this is a misdirected arrow and that it is the shipowner/employer, and not the agent, that should assume this liability.In a positive move, it is now understood that tripartite talks between owners, unions and governments scheduled for April 2014 at the ILO headquarters in Geneva will finally address this issue, with talks set to concentrate on the specific inclusion of unpaid crew wages in the shipowner’s MLC obligation to repatriate crew in cases of abandonment.Thomas Brown, managing director of Seacurus, says, “It is time for clarity and certainty on this important issue. The fact is that any cover that does not provide for the indemnification of unpaid wages fails to adequately protect seafarers against the real risk of abandonment. Effective employment protection must include crew wages, without which seafarers risk becoming the cashflow casualties of their employers’ insolvencies.“It has been suggested by some industry commentators that insurance to cover unpaid wages would be unfeasibly expensive for owners, and that in any case it is only those owners who are likely to default who will need the cover. This is wrong on both counts. Firstly, the CrewSEACURE policy launched earlier this year by Seacurus provides comprehensive cover at low cost, with premiums of as little as $50 per seafarer per year available today. Secondly, the point about only bad owners requiring cover in respect of unpaid wages is immaterial, since the proposed requirement for cover will be mandatory on all shipowners. Mandating the requirement in this way will force out of business those owners who – it is claimed – ‘need the cover’, as they will be unable to obtain the requisite financial security called for by MLC.“If you cannot pay your crew, you should not put your ship to sea, it’s that simple. Any arguments to the contrary would serve to do our industry a disservice. Unfortunately, without the proposed amendments, there is currently no meaningful deterrent to this premise.“The fact is that affordable cover in respect of the indemnification of unpaid wages is available, and it is available now. It is in the best interests of the industry and seafarers alike that responsible owners support the ratification and early adoption of the draft amendments to MLC in this regard.”Seacurus Ltd, December 17, 2013last_img read more

GAC Travel Becomes Part of Bibby Travel

first_img Print  Close zoom Bibby Travel revealed that the company has acquired GAC Travel Limited with effect from 1st March this year.The deal will see GAC Travel integrated within Bibby Travel, which is a trading division of Bibby Ship Management (Western Europe) Ltd.Welcoming the deal, Ed Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer, Bibby Ship Management Group, said: “We’re delighted with this acquisition as it underlines our commitment to both the marine and business travel markets both at a large corporate and at an SME level. We would like to welcome Joanne Vicente, General Manager of GAC Travel and her team onboard and look forward to working with them in the months ahead.”The similarities of operations with GAC and the current Bibby Travel should lend itself to a smooth transfer, Mr Rimmer added.Commenting on the deal, General Manager Joanne Vicente added: “GAC Travel and Bibby Ship Management are a good fit and will now be able to concentrate strongly on the corporate and conference sectors as well as the important marine and offshore crew travel markets. Bibby Travel will continue operating from the GAC UK Ltd premises in Stockton on Tees.”Ivo Verheyen, GAC Group Vice President, Europe, adds: “The sale of GAC Travel is part of GAC UK’s long term strategy to focus on its core Shipping and Logistics capabilities, especially in the energy sector. We’re pleased that the Travel team remaining in GAC UK’s Teesside & Aberdeen locations means that we will be able to maintain our relationships with our former colleagues while continuing to benefit from their expertise.”The acquisition now means that Bibby Travel has offices in Aberdeen, Liverpool, Isle of Man, Mumbai and Teesside and significantly expands the resources available with 21 new staff being welcomed to the business.Bibby Travel’s parent company, Bibby Ship Management, recently acquired another business, Murray Fenton (India) Surveyors Limited, which saw India’s service offering expand into marine, cargo and offshore surveying including marine audit services. Both acquisitions were a strategic move to diversify the business away from a traditional technical management company as they strive to become a complete marine services business.Alongside these acquisitions Bibby Ship Management have recently spent two million dollars on new simulator equipment for training centres in the Ukraine and India, as well as establishing a new senior management team tasked with taking the business forward. Bibby Ship Management, March 3, 2014 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 My locationlast_img read more

Cosco Corp Swaps One Bulker for Two Tankers

first_imgzoom Cosco Corporation Singapore has agreed to cancel the construction of one 82,000 dwt bulk carrier at its shipyard in Dalian, originally scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2016, following a request from an undisclosed European buyer.Under the original contract, Cosco was hired to build two of these units.The other bulker will continue to be built at Cosco Dalian  shipyard and is expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2016.Additionally, the Cosco Dalian shipyard and the European buyer have entered into a new contract to build two 113,000 dwt oil tankers for an undisclosed price.The oil tankers are scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, respectively.last_img

Golar LNG Partners Wraps Up Golar Tundra Acquisition

first_imgzoom Nasdaq-listed Golar LNG Partners LP has completed the acquisition of the FSRU Golar Tundra from Golar LNG Limited (Golar) for a total consideration of USD 330 million, the company said.The transaction to buy the 170,000 cbm floating storage and regasification unit was announced in February.Before the completion of the Golar Tundra acquisition, the Partnership completed and drew down upon a new, 5-year, USD 800 million senior secured credit facility.As explained, the new credit facility consists of a USD 650 million term loan facility and a USD 150 million revolving credit facility which together refinanced the existing credit facilities that were secured by seven vessels in the Partnership’s existing fleet and also provided part of the funding for the acquisition of the Golar Tundra.Delivered to the company in November 2015, the FSRU was hired on a time charter by West Africa Gas Limited for an initial term of five years, with an option for WAGL to extend the charter for an additional five years.The FSRU will be moored inside the port of Tema, on the coast of Ghana West Africa, at a new jetty being built by WAGL.The Golar Tundra is expected to commence operations in the second quarter of 2016.last_img read more

Shareholders Give Nod to HHIs SplitUp

first_imgzoom Shareholders of the South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) approved on Monday the firm’s plan to reorganize its businesses into separate companies with the aim of improving its financial status. Following the shareholders’ approval, HHI will be split into four sectors – shipbuilding, electronics, construction equipment and robotics. The new companies are expected to be formed in April 2017, the company confirmed in a listing on Korea Exchange.As a result HHI has announced trading suspension of its stock, scheduled for March 30-May 9, 2017.Announced in November 2016, the plan is part of the HHI’s self-rescue scheme to reduce indebtedness. The company said in November it will split into six units – Hyundai Robotics, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems,  Hyundai Construction Machinery, Green Energy, and Global Services. The service department and green energy were already set up in December last year.The decision to restructure HHI’s businesses comes despite a series of protests from unions. HHI employees have organized strikes as the restructuring could bring job insecurity for relocated workers as well as for some 13,000 unionized employees to be left behind.In 2016, the shipbuilder implemented a number of revamping measures to bolster its competitiveness including a management improvement plan.These measures helped HHI return back to profit as the shipbuilder reported a net profit of KRW 682.3 billion (USD 596.6 million) for the full year of 2016, compared to a loss of KRW 1.36 trillion (USD 1.18 billion) seen in 2015.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

New Panama Canal Locks Welcome First Cruise Ship

first_imgImage Courtesy: Panama Canal AuthorityThe Expanded Panama Canal welcomed its first cruise ship, the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder, through the new locks on April 29, according to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).“The milestone signals the further diversification of traffic through the Expanded Canal and with it, introduces new repositioning opportunities for the cruise industry,” the ACP said.said Panama Canal Deputy Administrator Manuel Benitez. “Today’s historic transit marks the beginning of cruise lines being able to include the new locks as part of their itineraries, opening up additional transit options and allowing cruise passengers to witness first-hand this feat of modern engineering.”The Disney Wonder transited the Expanded Canal in a southbound direction from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The Disney Wonder’s Panama Canal crossing is part of a 14-night voyage from Port Canaveral, Florida, to San Diego, where the ship will sail cruises to Baja, Mexico, before a summer season from Vancouver to Alaska.The 2,713-passenger ship was transformed in late 2016, expanding its length to 299.92 meters.The Disney Wonder is one of several cruise ships to have transited the canal during the 2016-2017 cruise season that ends in May. However, the transit on April 29 marked the first time a passenger vessel utilized the new locks of the Expanded Canal. Other lines such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line all sent passenger vessels through the original locks.By the close of the 2017 fiscal year, which ends September 30, the total number of passenger ships is expected to reach 233, representing a total 237,298 passengers to have transited both the original and new locks.On April 1, the Panama Canal began accepting booking requests for passenger vessels in the new locks. So far, 18 reservations have already been made for passenger vessels to transit the Expanded Canal for the 2017-2018 season, a number which is expected to increase in the coming months, ACP informed.last_img read more

SHI Crane Collapse Delays Totals Construction Projects

first_imgzoom The incident which occurred at the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) Geoje yard in South Korea on May 1 has caused delays to the projects under construction at the yard.According to the French oil and gas major Total, in the aftermath of the crane collapse, when six workers lost their lives and over 20 others were injured, the status of three of the company’s projects, including Martin Linge (Norway), Egina (Nigeria), and Ichthys (Australia), were assessed.Works related to the Martin Linge project, located 180 kilometres west of Bergen in the North Sea, were suspended until June 1, hence the shipping of the Martin Linge modules to Norway will be delayed. The installation of the modules and lifting operations, which can only be carried out during summertime, given weather conditions in the Norwegian North Sea, had initially been planned for summer 2017 but have now been postponed to summer 2018.Additionally, works on the Egina FPSO resumed following a two-week suspension and the impact on the project, which is expected to start up in second half 2018, will be limited, Total said. The Egina development is located on deep offshore Block OML 130 some 150 kilometers off the Nigerian coast.Finally, the central processing facilities (CPF) for the Ichthys project, operated by Inpex, had already departed the Geoje yard several days before the accident and is now installed on the field in offshore Australia. The start-up of Ichthys has therefore not been impacted by the accident and is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.“Total has dispatched its experts to join the ongoing investigation to identify the fundamental causes of the accident and implement the necessary preventive measures to avoid any reoccurrence of such accidents. All works at the yard were suspended for several days in order to give absolute priority to the investigation, provide psychological support to the workers and review lessons learned before restarting activities,” Arnaud Breuillac, President, Exploration & Production at Total, said.last_img read more

Video Norwegian Bliss Floated Out

first_img<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest newbuilding, the Norwegian Bliss, was floated out on Saturday, February 17 from the covered building dock at the Papenburg-based MeyerWerft yard in Germany.The mega cruise ship has been berthed at the shipyard’s outfitting pier to be fitted with its funnel.The the 167,800 gross ton ship will remain in the shipyard port until its passage through the river Ems up to the North Sea, which is scheduled for the second weekend in March.In the meantime, further outfitting work will continue together with testing and acceptance procedures by the ship owners.At the same time, the approx. 1,600 members of the crew will start their training on board, as the cruise ship will be welcoming its first guests mid-April 2018 straight after delivery.Norwegian Bliss is the third ship in the line’s Breakaway-Plus class and it will have the capacity to accommodate 4,000 guests.The ship features a two-level go-cart racing track spanning around 1000 feet, making it the largest race track at sea. Among other amenities of the ship are a laser-tag course, a high-end barbecue venue, a water slide that sends riders out over the ocean.During its inaugural summer 2018 season, Norwegian Bliss will sail weekly seven-day Alaska cruises each Saturday from the recently expanded Pier 66 Cruise Terminal in Seattle. The ship’s itinerary will feature calls in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, British Columbia, along with scenic glacier cruising.However, the very floating out procedure required several maneuvers to be carried out at the crowded yard.Namely, in order for Norwegian Bliss to be able to berth at the out-fitting pier, the first floating section of the AIDAnova that was moored there was moved to another berth in the shipyard port.The second floating part of the ship that was also in the building dock II in front of the Norwegian Bliss had to leave the dock already on February 16 to berth in the shipyard port.After Norwegian Bliss has vacated the building dock II, the two floating parts of the AIDAnova will be maneuvered back into the dock for work to continue.Image & Video Courtesy: Inseelvideolast_img read more

Diana Containerships Repays Existing Indebtedness in Full

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Athens-based boxship owner Diana Containerships has completed the sale of one of its Post-Panamax container vessel and secured a debt-free balance sheet.The earlier announced sale of the m/v Hamburg was finalized with the delivery of the vessel to its new owners.The 2009-built ship was sold to an unaffiliated third party for a price of USD 21 million.Part of the proceeds from the sale of the vessel were used by the company to repay in full its existing indebtedness.The full and final repayment of the loan was made on July 23, ahead of schedule, according to Diana Shipping. The loan to Diana Containerships was originally agreed in May 2013 and refinanced in June 2017.Diana Shipping said that, in addition to the full repayment of the outstanding principal amount, the company received aggregate interest and other payments, including a discount premium in the amount of USD 5 million, of approximately USD 19.8 million during the life of the facility.“With the repayment in full of the Diana Shipping Inc. loan, the company has no outstanding debt on its fleet of four modern container vessels,” Andreas Michalopoulos, Diana Containerships’ Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, said.“The transition from a highly leveraged company in breach of financial covenants during the first half of 2017 to a debt free balance sheet today represents a remarkable turnaround for the Company, which can be largely attributed to management’s successful refinancing of its outstanding RBS credit facility in June 2017, its ability to raise additional equity capital and the strategically timed sales of certain of its containerships at attractive prices during the past 8 months.”Diana Containerships’ fleet currently consists of 4 container vessels, two Post-Panamax and two Panamax.last_img read more

Maersk Bolsters Rules on Dangerous Goods Stowage

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Indian Coast Guard Following the fatal Maersk Honam fire that claimed the lives of five seafarers, Danish industry major Maersk has implemented new guidelines on stowage of dangerous goods to improve safety across its containership fleet of over 750 ships.The company said that it has developed a new set of principles called Risk Based Dangerous Goods Stowage, and is now calling on the industry stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive Hazard Identification study in order to validate them. The new guidelines have reviewed over 3,000 of United Nations (UN) numbers of hazardous materials, as well as different containership designs, resulting in the defining of six different risk zones.The principles have also been presented to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well as the Danish Maritime Authorities.“All cargo aboard Maersk Honam was accepted as per the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and stowed onboard the vessel accordingly. Despite this, as the fire originated in a cargo hold in front of the accommodation which held several containers with dangerous goods, it had an unbearably tragic outcome,” says Ole Graa Jakobsen, Head of Fleet Technology at Maersk. “This clearly showed us that the international regulations and practices with regards to dangerous goods stowage needs to be reviewed in order to optimally protect crew, cargo, environment and vessels.”As a result, Maersk said that cargo covered under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code will no longer be stowed next to accommodation and main propulsion plant which is defined as the zone with the lowest risk tolerance.Similarly, risk tolerance will be low below deck and in the middle of the vessel, whereas the risk tolerance will be higher on deck fore and aft. Utilising statistics on container fires in the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), Maersk defined which UN numbers can be stored in each risk zone.The company plans to continue to review its rules and policies for accepting dangerous goods and assess how to further improve them.Together with other members of the CINS, Maersk is seeking to channel these experiences into developing new industry best practices.“Containership fires are a problem for our entire industry and we intend to share and discuss our learnings from this thorough review within relevant industry forums. We very much believe that discussions, views and insights among container carriers can further improve fire safety in our industry,” says Jakobsen.In the coming months, a review aimed at creating best management practices for dangerous goods stowage will be undertaken with participation from ABS, Lloyds Register, the International Group of PandI Clubs, National Cargo Bureau, the TT Club and Exis Technologies.Once the project is completed the best management practices will be published and presented to the IMO.On Tuesday 6 March 2018, Maersk Honam reported a serious fire. The boxship was carrying dangerous goods in the cargo hold where the fire originated, however at this time, there is no evidence to suggest that dangerous goods caused the fire, Maersk indicated.Investigation into the root cause of the fire in the cargo hold is still underway.last_img read more