Military Caregiving Virtual Learning Event #2 – Coming Next Week!

first_imgVLE Session # 2: Relating! Caring and CultureJoin the MFLN Military Caregiving team for our Virtual Learning Event (VLE) Session #2: “Relating! Caring and Culture” at 11:00 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, November 4, as we reimagine our skills as helping professionals and working with military families.In Session #2 we will explore the conceptual frameworks of cultural and linguistic competence and examine their relevance for supporting service members and their families. Our goal in Session #2 is to take a step further and utilize what we learned from this Wednesday’s VLE Session #1, “Rethinking! Creating Strategies to Build Trust and Credibility,” to really understand how culture plays a key role in service members and families approach to support services.Cultural competence and linguistic competence are widely recognized as fundamental aspects of quality health and behavioral health care. Both cultural and linguistic competence are viewed essential approaches for reducing disparities, while promoting equity by improving access, utilization, service delivery, and health and well-being among patients, their families and communities.Upon completion of the VLE Session #2, you will be able to:Define culture and its multiple manifestations.Describe culturally defined belief systems that impact health, behavioral health, and disability.List four rationales for cultural competence in health and human services.Describe a conceptual framework for a cultural competence model and its relevance for their roles/responsibilities.Define linguistic competence with an emphasis on the role of health literacy in the provision of care, services and supports.The VLE is centered on the theme of reenergizing and rejuvenating your work environment. This FREE web-based learning opportunity is open to the public and will be similar to a professional conference – no travel involved! Registration is required.If you missed this week’s VLE Session #1 and want to catch up before next week’s Session #2, make sure you check out: 2015 MFLN Military Caregiving VLE.CEU Credit Available!The MFLN has applied for 1.5 National Association of Social Workers (NASW) continuing education credit for credentialed participants. Certificates of Completion will also be available for training hours as well. For more information on CEU credits go to: NASW Continuing Education Instructions.Interested in Joining the VLE?Go to “Relating! Caring and Culture” the day of the event to join. The event is hosted by the Department of Defense Collaboration System (DCS), but is open to the public. It is strongly suggested that when using the DCS system that you open the webinar on Google Chrome for both PC and MAC connections. If this is not an option, Internet Explorer may be used if connecting via PC. Safari and Firefox are not compatible with this DCS platform.For those of you who cannot connect to the DCS site, an alternative viewing of this presentation will be running on Ustream.This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on October 30, 2015.last_img read more

Autism Awareness

first_imgReferences:[1] Amendah, D., Grosse, S.D., Peacock, G., & Mandell, D.S. (2011). The Economic Costs of Autism: A Review. Autism Spectrum Disorders, 1347-1360. Retrieved March 10, 2016[2] Buescher, A.V., Cidav, Z., Knapp, M., & Mandell, D.S. (2014). Costs of Austism Spectrum Disorders in the United Kingdom and the United States. JAMA Pediatrics JAMA Pediatr, 168(8), 721.[3] Davis, J.M., & Finke, E.H, (2015). The Experience of Military Families with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders During Relocation and Separation. J Autism Dev Disord Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45(7), 2019-2034.[4] Hallmayer, J. (2011). Genetic Heritability and Shared Environmental Factors Among Twin Pairs With Autism. Arch Gen Psychiatry Archives of General Psychiatry, 86(11), 1095.[5] Is it Autism? What Should I Do? (n.d.). Retrieved March 15, 2016, from[6] Ozonoff, s., Young, G.S., Carter, A., Messinger, D., Yirmiya, N., Zwaigenbaum,L., Stone, W.L. (2011). Recurrence Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Baby Siblings Research Consortium Study. Pediatrics. Retrieved March 10, 2016[7] Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Children Aged 8 Years – Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 11 Sites, United States, 2010. (2014). Retrieved March 15, 2016, from[8] Ronald, A., Happe, F., Bolton, P., Butcher, L.M., Price, T.S., Wheelwright, S., Plomin, R. (2006). Genetic Heterogeneity Between the Three Components of the Autism Spectrum: A twin Study. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 45(6), 691-699. Retrieved March 10, 2016.[9] Rosenburg, R. E., Law, J. K., Yenokyan, G., Mcgready, J., Kaufmann, W.E., & Law, P. A. (2009). Characteristics and Concordance of Autism Spectrum Disorders Among 277 Twin Pairs. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 163(10) 907.[10] Shimabuluro, T.T., Grosse, S.D., & Rice, C. (2007). Medical Expenditures for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Privately Insured Population. J Autism Dev Disord Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 38(3), 546-552.[11] Sumi, S., Taniai, H., Miyachi, T., & Tanemura, M. (2006). Sibling risk of pervasive developmental disorder estimated by means of an epidemiologic survey in Nagoya, Japan. Journal of Human Genetics J Hum Genet, 51(6), 518-522.[12] Taniai, H., Nishiyami, T., Miyachi, T., Imaeda, M., & Sumi, S. (2008). Genetic influences on the broad spectrum of autism: Study of proband-ascertained twins. Am. J. Med. Genet. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, 147B(6), 844-849.[13] Top 10 Easy Autism Facts to Share with Friends and Family, (n.d.). Retrieved March 15, 2016, from MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on April 1, 2016 Did you know that the month of April is set-aside as ‘Autism Awareness Month?’ In today’s blog we highlight Autism Spectrum Disorder, its potential effects on military families and resources for military helping professionals. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is mostly commonly known and referred to as Autism. Individuals with ASD may display either high-/or low-functioning Autism. There are several distinct diagnoses and symptoms for ASD as it relates to social communication skills, fine and gross motor skills, unusual responses to sensory input and intellectual skills.7 Causes of Autism You may find that ASD occurs more often in people who have certain genetic or chromosomal conditions.13 If you are working with a parent who has a child with ASD, there is a 2-18 percent chance their second child may also be affected.6,11  Studies show that among identical twins, if one child has ASD, then the other will be affected 36-95 percent of the time. However, if the twins are fraternal the chance of the other child having ASD reduces to 0-31 percent.4,8-9,12 Autism in the U.S.Autism affects many Americans across the country. In fact you, yourself may know of individuals with ASD. Let’s take a quick glance at ASD in the U.S.ASD’s prevalence in the United States is estimated at 1 in 68 births (CDC, 2014).ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups (CDC, 2014)More than 3.5 million Americans live with ASD.2ASD is almost 5 times more common among males (1 in 42) than among females (1 in 168) (CDC, 2014). Cost of AutismASD can be costly for families, accounting for approximately $236-262 billion annually.2 On average, medical expenditures for children and adolescents with ASD were 4-6 times greater than for those without ASD.10 In addition, rigorous behavioral interventions for children with ASD cost $40,000 to $60,000 per child per year.1 Autism and Military FamiliesFor military families, dealing with the stress of relocation, deployment and the culture itself can put an added amount of stress on families, compared to civilians. However when the military family has a child with special needs, more specifically a child with Autism, stress can be even greater for the family. There are many issues that these families are faced with when their child has ASD, such as:Emotional distress when a parent or family member is deployed.3Availability of services when relocating to a new installation.3Schools not having the services to meet the needs of ASD children, which may lead to possibly filing for mediation and due process if the caregiver feels the school is not meeting the Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) law.3 Resources to Support Families with AutismTo learn more on how you can help support your military families and caregivers on ASD check out the resources below.Autism SpeaksNational Autism CenterAutism NowTRICARE® Active Duty Special NeedsCenter for Autism and Related DisordersAutism Societylast_img read more

Cooperative Extension provides programs and resources to help improve the financial well-being of individuals and families

first_imgMoney matters, which is why Cooperative Extension provides programs and resources to help improve the financial well-being of our nations individuals and families.Finance programs and resources for all ages Financial programs and resources provided by your Cooperative Extension are filled with articles, videos, and other sources of research-based information, meeting the needs of our youth through the senior adult years.Our pilot statesCheck out all the programs and resources Cooperative Extension has to offer in our pilot states:FloridaIndianaMarylandMinnesotaMississippiNew MexicoOklahomaConnect with your county Cooperative ExtensionHave a finance question that you can’t seem to find the answer for? Call your county Cooperative Extension and connect with an Extension expert.last_img

Essential Tools for Digital Imaging Technicians

first_imgWhat tools does a DIT need to have at their disposal? This round up of the latest software and hardware releases will keep you up to date on the answer.File-based workflows have given rise to the world of the Digital Imaging Technician or DIT for short. But what does a DIT do? Well many things, as they seamlessly bridge the gap between production and post. Part of their job is safeguarding the digital negatives by duplicating the day’s footage, they also create looks with on-set color correction and should have a wealth of camera and post-production knowledge to troubleshoot problems with the creation of digital images. Depending on the nature of the production that role contracts and expands accordingly.DIT HardwareCompanies like Light Iron Digital, who supply DIT carts and end-to-end digital workflow systems, now span both coasts of America as the DIT’s role continues to develop and the brick and mortar post-lab declines. Their bespoke systems are built to spec for each production and come in a variety of flavors  Outpost is the full-bore DIT cart that can handle anything, while Lilypad and LilyPad Case offer slightly more streamlined systems. You can back up your footage in triplicate, create color graded dailies, handle 3D convergence and securely stream live iPad ready dailies to everyone on set via Todailies. Light Iron really are one of the most forward-thinking filmmaking companies out there and if you don’t believe me check out CEO, Michael Cioni’s excellent presentation at the Amsterdam Supermeet entitled ‘Darwinean Filmmaking Evolution or Extinction.‘If you’re after something a little more portable and providing a lighter footprint DIT station’s Rogue4 (freshly demoed at NAB 2013) could be just the thing. There’s a lot of hardware packed into this ventilated military grade resin hardcase, that’s small enough to fit into an overhead bin, but prepared enough that it only takes “20 seconds to set up”. Using the Echo Expansion chassis from Sonnet it has 4 PCI Express card slots for things like Red Rocket cards and a max of 12TB RAID. It’s ready to ingest Redmags, Compact Flash cards, SXS and SDHC. What’s more, there’s also a Wi-Fi router and external data and video in and out via dual eSATA, dual USB 3.0, dual HD-SDI, HDMI). Without the 15-inch retina Macbook Pro it will set you back $10k. With the extensive delay on any kind of  Mac Pro tower update, systems like these (whether or not you’re a DIT) look more and more attractive for super-fast and portable post production suites.DIT SoftwareSo once you’ve got your hardware sorted, what do you actually run on it? Well, the market for software that will handle your DIT responsibilities is growing too. These tools fall largely into two categories: Data Transfer and Dailies Creation. Although more and more tools are being launched to provide all in one solutions so it’s worth download a few of the free trials available to see which one you prefer.In the data transfer set there are a lot of options to choose from although they all offer the all important file transfer checksum, ensuring every byte has copied correctly. They can also copy to multiple locations simultaneously for segregated backups. Shotput Pro ($99), Al3xa Data Manager ($79) and the new Velarium ($79) will all transfer happily your footage from cards to hard drives. Velarium is the newest kid on the block and Scott Simmons from PVC has posted a great run down of its features. I’ve personally used Shotput Pro for any on-set copying (or edit drive back ups at the end of a project) and it is incredibly easy to use.Red Giant Software (the makers of things like Magic Bullet Looks) have recently launched the public beta of Bullet Proof, demo’d at NAB in the video above. Bullet Proof is their one-stop shop for data transfer, on-set review and color correction and if you prefer to peruse its features in text Scott Simmons again has a great write up. It looks like they have incorporated a lot of very accessible and useful features into one package. With a price of $199 when it ships, it will be interesting to see how it competes in this increasingly crowded market.Other more fully featured dailies only creation software include Assimilate Scratch LAB ($5,990), DaVinci Resolve Lite (free) and REDCINE-X Pro (free). These tools will allow you to import the RAW camera files from all the major camera manufacturers, sync audio, apply LUTS, colour correct and export your edit ready dailies in a multitude of formats. If you want to see just how this is done check out this two part tutorial from AbelCine on creating dailies in DaVinci Resolve Lite.More DIT ResourcesIf you’re after even more DIT resources then check out the DIT User Forum and these two great interviews with DIT’s; one over on Creative Cow with Von Thomas and one on Screenlight’s blog with Griff Thomas. Both interviews have great technical details of their personal workflows and cart set-ups. If that’s not enough for you then check out these 25+ DIT related posts on my own blog.last_img read more

Working With RED RMD in Premiere Pro CC

first_imgLoading RED RMDs in Premiere Pro CC is simple. We’ll show you how to do it in 5 easy steps.I’m always looking for ways to streamline my production process. When shooting with RED cameras I found that my post-production workflow was less than ideal. I’ve always favored using REDCine-X Pro to color correct my RED footage. The program is simple and being able to save the RMD (RED Metadata) is tremendously helpful…that is, until you take it into Premiere Pro CC.Premiere Pro CC overwrites the metadata and applies a default adjustment. Because of this, you have to go into the “Source Settings” for each .R3D and reload the RMD once you have made your adjustments in REDCine-X Pro. For the longest time I would have to go into each file and select “Source Settings” then reload each RMD. This was cumbersome and extremely time consuming.Then in 2012, Angelo Lorenzo from Fallen Empire Digital came out with a handy batch utility that could be used with Premiere, allowing editors to apply RMD adjustments to multiple files at once. By cutting out the extensive time it took apply adjustments to each and every file you could get on with the editing process much quicker.Luckly for us, Adobe caught wind of this need and added this functionality in Premiere. To show you how to do it, we’ll run through the entire process in 5 easy steps.RMD Workflow: STEP 1Open your R3D files in REDCine-X Pro and make your color correction adjustments. You can download REDCine-X Pro for free here.RMD Workflow: STEP 2Save your adjustments as RMD in REDCine-X Pro.RMD Workflow: STEP 3Import your footage into Premiere Pro CC using the Media Browser, or through File > Import. Media Browser shown below.RMD Workflow: STEP 4Highlight all of your imported R3D footage, right-click and select “Source Settings”.RMD Workflow: STEP 5In the window pop-up click “Reload from RMD” and you’re done.You will now notice that all of your R3D footage is color corrected based on the adjustments you made in REDCine-X Pro. Utilizing this process has really made my RED-to-post workflow more efficient. Hopefully it will do the same for you.last_img read more

Awaken Your Independent Spirit With Our Latest Music Collection

first_imgWant to feature some authentic indie beats on your next soundtrack? We’ve been working alongside some of the boldest artists in the business to create a new collection of free-spirited tracks.  When it comes to music in film and video, we’re big believers in the power of indie. As a genre, it stands out from the crowd for being innovative and authentic. It’s a type of music that embodies a non-mainstream approach; a perfect match for trailblazing independent filmmakers looking to give their work a distinct, creative edge.For our latest collection, we joined forces with some seriously talented independent artists. As a result, The Independent Collection features a huge range of killer tracks that cover the whole spectrum — from raw and brooding to upbeat electro-pop goodness.For starters, check out Like Gold. Written by LA-based Wolves, the song’s vocals, synth textures and catchy pop groove will add a breezy confidence to any project.Or there’s Nature’s Way by Kensington Studios. Gentle vocals and a soothing acoustic guitar combine to make a nostalgic soundscape — ideal for scenes that need to convey subtle, contemplative emotions.And that’s just scratching the surface. So sit back, listen and just imagine how these songs can lend an authentically indie sound to your next creative project.last_img read more

The Disaster Artist: Editing A Film About Making a Film

first_imgWe talked with the editor of The Disaster Artist about what it’s like telling a true story that is simultaneously hilarious, inspiring, and bizarre.All images via A24.One of the strangest cultural phenomena to come out of the 21st century is the cult god Tommy Wiseau. The story of how the “worst movie ever made” found its fanbase among cinephiles defies all logic, but here we are with an award-winning movie about the making of The Room.After talking with the editor of The Disaster Artist, I learned that one of the most fascinating aspects of the film’s story is its reception. Even before the movie debuted, there were expectations the team was fighting to meet. On one hand, you have the die-hard fans of The Room who know the source material by heart and want to see it honored and respected. On the other hand, you have the mainstream audience who might not know anything about the legendary film. The production team met the challenge head-on, and the editor, Stacey Schroeder, was a big part of telling the story in a respectable way that honored the source material while entertaining audiences.Portraying Tommy WiseauOne of the most admirable accomplishments of the film is that it nails Tommy Wiseau’s redeeming qualities. For being such a divisive figure in the filmmaking community, he comes across as a sympathetic-yet-ambitiously flawed character. However, this was no easy feat. Schroeder and the team behind the film were careful to balance comedy, drama, and cringe:We didn’t want to make fun of Tommy ever — we constantly discussed the balance of being true to that story, which is very complicated, and sometimes a little nonsensical, and then not making fun of him. We wanted to make sure that we were making him relatable on some level by helping the audience understand his motives. This idea of having a dream and pursuing it, [with] whatever means are available to you, is very universal. We knew if we could push that narrative, people could relate to the story and the character of Tommy. To relate to Tommy, you don’t have to believe you would make all the same decisions as him — you just have to understand why he made the decisions he did. That idea of desire and wanting respect and wanting to be liked on some level are all universal themes that carry the movie.The film successfully makes a questionable, sometimes-rude character likable — a character that has gained a massive following since The Room‘s initial release in 2003. Like any piece of pop-culture with a substantial following, bringing the characters to the screen came with challenges.It was tough, though, because he is such a character and is known to a lot of people. The Room has a lot of fans built in that bring something to that movie when they watch it, and they expect something from that character, so it was tricky.However, reception from fans everywhere has been nothing but positive for the film’s strong narrative and comedic qualities.The Film’s Initial ReceptionThe premiere at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, was the first chance Tommy Wiseau got to see the film — along with several hundred other people. So, for a movie about someone making one of the worst movies ever, it’s hard not to go into the theater thinking about the titular character in a comedic and (frankly) insulting way. Schroeder and company, however, were confident that the story wouldn’t upset Wiseau:I don’t think we’re ever condescending to Tommy or Greg in the movie. I think the idea that they make a bad movie wasn’t treated as a joke — more like the result of this desperation they had. They wanted so badly to be accepted into Hollywood. Tommy just wants to be liked, and they didn’t have the proper tools to necessarily get to where they wanted to be, so they just went at it alone, and on some levels, that’s just really admirable. The whole story is a take on perspective. Just because the outcome isn’t exactly how you planned it, does that make something not a success? The Room is considered a lot of people’s favorite movie.The filmmakers described the version they showed at the initial screening as a work in progress. The premiere would be a moment of truth for Schroeder and crew, eager to see how Tommy (and the general public) would react. Knowing that most of the audience at SXSW would probably know of or have some appreciation for The Room helped, but they still didn’t know what to expect. After the viewing, they got both critical praise and appreciation from the audience. After this screening, Schroeder and her team made a few changes to the 90-minute, film including some additional titles and a few new cuts:He didn’t see the movie until SXSW . . . all the filmmakers were there; we were all holding our breath a little bit because we didn’t know what he would think of it. But it was a tough film to test on people who didn’t know what they were walking into. So going into SXSW, we knew the audience was probably going to be primed for this type of film, specifically familiar with The Room and with Tommy. So we were pretty confident in the cut, but we had some room to make some tweaks after SXSW, and it did go really well, and people responded positively to the film. The changes we made afterward were really minor.Exposition for a New AudienceIf you haven’t seen the film, the first sequence you see is a series of interviews with big-name celebrities talking about the first time they saw The Room. It’s a short, sweet, somewhat-humorous way to prep the audience for the story they are about to watch. But, the sequence is a masterful example of how to balance real life with a fictional world.It was very important to all of us that it wasn’t just a movie for fans of The Room. There’s a lot of them, but we wanted to make sure it worked for people who hadn’t seen the original source material. We just wanted to make sure that, from the beginning, people understand that this was a real thing that exists without just dropping them into this character who seems so crazy — because Franco’s performance is very accurate. There were two different scenes at the beginning of the movie, then we shifted to title cards that established that ‘This is a true story.’ We were getting some comments that people were still unsure about what they just watched and if it was really based on a true story. But, eventually, we went with the interviews because some of these people were so great about talking about their experience with The Room.Sources of InspirationOne of the most interesting aspects of The Disaster Artist is how the filmmakers shot it. The camera moves in and out of fake movie scenes and setups, so at some points, you’re not sure if you’re watching the film-within-the-film or the film you bought a ticket to see. It’s a wonderful blend of documentary-style shots and dialogue. Schroeder discussed the cutting of some of the long-take shots:They do a lot for those tracking shots behind Tommy. He’s kind of this larger-than-life, looming figure. Especially at the beginning when the camera follows Tommy onto the stage as we see him for the first time. (The Wrestler influences are very prominent in that shot.) Brandon shot a lot of handheld footage, which gives it that documentary feel. The handheld stuff can be tricky to cut because when cameras are moving, sometimes it’s hard to get in and out of shots, and once they get going into the recreation of The Room, the takes start lasting longer.In order to build tension, Schroeder decided not to cut certain scenes in the film. She wanted the audience immersed in the extremely tense and awkward moment while Tommy and Greg, or Tommy and the crew, argue about what’s going wrong with production.The scene when Tommy and Greg are on the roof and he keeps having the weird laughing reaction to a moment when he shouldn’t. We stayed in a oner because it just starts to feel more stressful, and we wanted the audience to have that feeling as well.This is filmmaking at its finest. The DP shoots a scene one way, then the editor determines what makes the most sense for the emotional weight of the story in this moment and lets it play out. This scene, in particular, is so awkward and hilarious that you simultaneously want it to end and keep going. What a story, Stacey, ahah.Editing ImprovAs you might expect in a movie filled with comedic actors, Schroeder and her team had to sift through plenty of improvisation. As an editor (especially cutting Franco, Rogen and Goldberg), you’re going to have to find the jokes that really land, while still telling your story.We, certainly in the edit room, try out a lot of jokes. When I’m receiving dailies, I try to cut my favorite version of most of the jokes that come through — just to have them cut together, and it can give you a different feel. Then I try to pick my favorites and put them in my editor’s cut. The jokes in this one, though, were tough. We took out really funny jokes in moments when we needed people not to laugh — or when it felt just too broad, or too out of character, or out of the scene. There’s so much emotion in this movie, more than the average comedy, we had to be very careful picking the moments. There was a lot of discussion, and things came in and out a lot (clips being cut and brought back in), but you get there.So, naturally, I asked her which of the darlings she killed was her favorite:One of the original openings to the movie (hopefully this will end up on the extra material so people can see it) started with Greg alone in his bedroom before he moved to Los Angeles with Tommy, acting out his favorite scenes from Point Break into a little camcorder. Just for the tone and pace of the movie, it was the right thing to do.Mockumentary vs. True StoryHaving worked on projects like Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Schroeder found that the footage and editing flow of this project couldn’t have been more different. Instead of endless talking heads or short bits, she had long, emotionally weighted scenes that had to hit very specific notes.Everything is kind of its own problem in some way. The great and overwhelming thing about Popstar is that we changed so much of it in the edit. We could just have Andy do another talking head on a whim or do ADR and cut together concert footage and change the story, so it was much more malleable in that way. You could really change the narrative with that movie as much as we needed to. With this one, you couldn’t do it as much for a couple reasons. First, it is more narrative, and it’s a real story with humans who have lived it who are out there, even though they are not super famous — they are public figures, and Greg had written a book about it, so the story already existed. But, that being said, their story is so incredibly complicated that, to tell it, there were a lot of scenes that were cut simply for clarity. The real story is a little more fragmented in a way that we didn’t need.On which film was harder to edit for which reasons, Schroeder had the following to say:The pace was harder on Popstar, but the tone was harder on The Disaster Artist. The tone on this one was probably one of the things we had the most conversations about, and I feel it is one of the biggest strengths of the movie. It’s such a razor-sharp edge of making jokes, making fun, and relating to the characters.Advice for New EditorsJust get in there and do the work, or if you love editing (or whatever bit of filmmaking it is that really interests you), keep doing it and keep doing it — over and over. If it interests you, then it is resonating with you, and you might not be amazing at it when you sit down to do it for the first time. It might not turn out how you wish it had. But all of this is craft, and you have to work on it and hone it, so just take those jobs, do the shorts. It’s a collaborative medium, and you have to work with other people. The more work you take on, and the more filmmakers you work with and build relationships with, the easier your path will become, and the whole career will become a little more fun because you develop these relationships, and you have an understanding with people.There you have it: keep working and explore your passions.This movie was edited on Avid Media Composer 8.1.Looking for more filmmaking interviews? Check out our previous coverage.Interview: The Director and The Producer Behind “Man on Fire”Exclusive: Designing Wakanda and the Amazing Sets of Black PantherInterview: How the Editor Behind I, Tonya Recreated HistoryInterview: How This Oscar Nom Edited Downsizing While Directing His First FeatureExclusive Interview: The Secrets Behind RED Sensors and ResolutionInterested in more articles on editing? Check these out.The Comprehensive Guide To Building Your Own Video Editing PC5 Essential Tips for Editing Professional Interview SoundbitesResolve 14’s Best Editing Features For The Online Content CreatorEditing Theory: How to Manipulate The Passage of TimeHow David Fincher Shot and Edited Netflix’s “Mindhunter”last_img read more

Video Tutorial: The Best Lenses for Gimbal Cinematography

first_imgWhen it comes to gimbal cinematography, which lenses should you use for which shots? Learn to cover all your bases in this video tutorial.There is a variety of shots you can capture using a gimbal, and different lens choices yield different results. So which lenses should you use?Below, I’ve listed my top three go-to lenses for gimbal cinematography — with a note about cost. You’ll find that each lens serves a completely different purpose based on what you’re capturing. Let’s take a look. Establish the Space with a Wide AngleA 16-35 Canon or Sony wide angle lens is a great focal length for capturing grand establishing shots. This is perfect for event coverage or travel videography that requires developing a sense of scope.Canon (expensive)Image via Canon.Sony (expensive)Image via Sony.Tokina (Cheap)Image via Tokina.Versatility in Your Tool KitMy favorite go-to lens for gimbal work is my 18-105 G Series lens. This is perfect for run-and-gun filmmaking. If I need a wide shot, I can zoom out to a wide 18mm. Or, on the opposite end, I can zoom in and capture close details on a 70-105mm. Filming with a longer focal length on a gimbal creates some beautiful movement in the frame. Since you’re condensing the shot with more detail in the background and foreground, the gimbal movement becomes much more dynamic.SonyImage via Sony.CanonImage via Canon.Get Nifty with a 50:Using a 50mm portrait lens is also a great way to get cinematic coverage. If you don’t have follow-focus capabilities, just monitor the distance between your camera and your subject.CanonImage via Canon.SonyImage via Zy Optics.Looking for more video tutorials? Check these out.Create Seamless Transitons with the WHIP PANVideo Tutorial: How to Use a Vehicle as a Dolly SystemTutorial: How You Can Travel the World Making VideosUnderstanding Keyframe Interpolation in Adobe After EffectsVideo Tutorial: How to Build a $25 Overhead Camera Riglast_img read more

The Teradek RT System: A Positive Change in Focus Pulling

first_imgThe Teradek RT is a Follow Focus System that lets filmmakers do more with easy-to-use tools and a more integrated camera system.On my Canon C200, I have 15 mm rails installed that hold a battery plate and a battery. In between the battery plate and the camera, I have the Teradek Bolt XT. This apparatus takes the SDI signal from the camera and broadcasts it to any receiver tuned to the same channel.The battery also feeds a unit on the side of the camera called a “receiver.” This, in turn, feeds power and a signal to a motor on the front of the 15 mm rails, which moves a gear that effects the lens. Depending on the receiver you get, it can be a single channel, which controls one motor (focus, for instance), or up to three channels, which can simultaneously control focus, iris, and zoom. Three channel receivers are more expansive, and are usually on crane or gimbal setups where the camera isn’t accessible. Some receivers can also trigger record on some cameras, and with RED cameras affects a variety of settings remotely.Because Teradek and SmallHD are owned by the same company, Teradek integrates controls and display into SmallHD monitors. The Focus 7 Bolt can receive the signal from the Teradek Bolt transmitter without the need to add a separate wireless receiver, as well as the new 1303 and 1703 production monitors.What is really interesting is a new feature called Teradek RT, which allows you to connect the follow focus to these monitors (via a USB cable) and see the corresponding focal distance of the lens on the screen. This means you no longer have to put marks on the focus ring while looking between the focus ring and the monitor as you pull focus. You get this wonderful, big, bright display on the screen itself.It doesn’t interfere with any other signals that the Bolt 500 is sending out. So, if you have the receiver, it can be on the director’s monitor, the video village, or on another Teradek SmallHD Focus 7 receiver. In fact, up to four devices can pick up this one transmitter, and only the focus puller needs these marks.It’s worth noting that this process doesn’t happen automatically. You have to calibrate each lens that you plan to use with its brand and focal distance. You can do this by entering the menu of the Teradek RT and specifying the brand and focal length of the lens. Then you designate all the different focus marks on the lens. It takes about two minutes per lens, and you can store over 100 lenses in the follow focus.Image via Teradek.When working on a film, most people only have a set of six lenses. By using this tool, you can essentially go in and predefine all of those. Also, once you change a lens, you simply go into the menu, specify which lens to put your focus on, and your marks will show up on the screen.This device is a game changer — not only is it compact and simple, it also gives you the image, focus marks, and ability to pull focus wirelessly. You don’t have to hover around on the camera and get in the operator’s way. Nor do you have to be fifty feet away next to the director’s monitor, or the video village, trying to work out where everything is, while being hidden from set. It allows the focus puller to be away from the camera — but still within reach — to see where the actors’ marks are. You also don’t have to look down at the focus ring. You can see exactly where your pointing focus is.Over time, we’re going to see larger camera groups and bigger film accessory groups combining different brands into the same products — granting us a more sophisticated camera system overall.Looking for more on video gear? Check out these articles.NLE Showdown: DaVinci Resolve vs. Adobe Premiere Pro — The CostCanon Announces an Affordable Full-Frame 24-240mm All-in-one Zoom LensProduction Tips: Getting Started with High-Output Lights on SetBuilding A Low Budget Handheld Rig For The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K3 Cheap, Underappreciated Cameras Filmmakers Should Considerlast_img read more

Christian Madsbjerg on The Social Environment of Business and Sales – Episode #115

first_img Free Webinar Series! Create a culture of value creation. Signup for this free webinar! In three, short, power-packed webinars, you will learn what you need to do to create a culture of value creators who create and win new opportunities. Download Now Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:38 — 32.6MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSAs a professional salesperson, did you even realize that there is a social environment in business in sales? If you did, you were probably one of the more successful salespeople in your organization. If you didn’t, you probably aren’t. That is one of the takeaways from this conversation with Christian Madsbjerg, author of the new book, “Sensemaking.” Anthony believes his book is the must-read book of 2018 for every business person. It’s a treatise on the intersection of AI and culture and makes a case for how AI must be made to enhance and serve human culture in the end. This is a fascinating conversation for salespeople who want to understand how to maximize the human side of sales.Christian Madsbjerg on The Social Environment of Business and #Sales – Episode 111 of #InTheArena with @IannarinoClick To TweetIs a good sale the optimized one or the convincing one?AI is being introduced into the sales profession at an unprecedented pace. The optimization of sales cycles and sequences through AI is at the forefront the minds of many who are charged with increasing the bottom line through product and service sales. In this conversation, Christian asks if the best sale is the convincing one or the one that is best optimized? In his thinking, our infatuation with refining processes and building out great systems has us thinking a bit askew. Find out why a good sale is the convincing one and why only human beings can do the kind of convincing needed to put the right product in the hands of the person who truly needs it.Computers don’t care – humans doAnthony has long believed and said that caring is the currency of success in business and in sales. In the end, the person who cares more is the one who will be most trusted and therefore most successful. Christian Madsbjerg makes an intriguing case for a stronger understanding of and reliance on human intuition, cultural understanding, and social appropriateness as tools that can fuel long-term success in sales relationships. It’s too much to contain in a short paragraph like this so you need to make sure that you listen to this conversation to hear Christian’s masterful way of describing it.Computers don’t care – #humans do. It’s vital to maintain that objective understanding in business – especially in #sales. Hear Christian Madsbjerg explain on this episode of #InTheArena with @IannarinoClick To TweetThere is a third kind of knowledge that all sales professionals needThe first type of knowledge we all possess is subjective or preferential. Some examples are that you may feel that one type of sound is too loud or a certain type of food is too spicy. Then there’s the kind of knowledge that we can measure. But Christian points out that there’s a third kind of knowledge – one he calls an “intersubjective” kind. It’s social or cultural in nature. Examples: We know how far to stand from each other at a party. We know how loudly we should speak. This is another type of knowledge that can’t be measured, but it’s a kind that is critical in the business world. If you only rely on data sets to tell you about your customers, you make big mistakes because you’re not relying enough on your innate human ability to understand others and what that understanding tells you about their needs. Sound helpful for a sales professional? You bet it is. Listen to hear more, on this episode.What is the appropriate use of personal information in the digital age?With the recent outrage over data breaches and inappropriate use of personal data, as well as the advent of the GDPR in the European Union, many questions are being asked about not only the security and privacy of personal data but also its proper use. Christian believes that those who lead companies today need to look beyond the practical leverage they can gain through data sets and begin to ask what benefit their use of data will have to real people. How will the end result for people be BETTER if personal data is used in a particular way? These are important questions for our time, and Anthony digs into them with his guest, Christian Madsbjerg, on this episode of In The Arena.What is the appropriate use of #Personalinformation in the #DigitalAge? Christian Madsbjerg explains his perspective on this episode of #InTheArena with @IannarinoClick To TweetOutline of this great episode Why Christian wrote his book out of annoyance: “Sensemaking” What is a Silicon Valley State of Mind – and why is it problematic? Is a good sale the optimized one or the convincing one? How looking at culture is different than looking at individuals What’s the difference between thick data and thin data? The third kind of knowledge and how it relates to sales Great salespeople are able to intuit their prospects: The Dreyfus model What’s the value of understanding social context? Current issues: what’s the appropriate use of personal information?Resources & Links mentioned in this episodeChristian Madsbjerg’s companyChristian’s book: SensemakingIBMs WatsonKen Wilbur’s integral theoryThe Dreyfus modelGeorge SorosNassim TalebFlannery O’ConnorElon MuskThe theme song “Into the Arena” is written and produced by Chris Sernel. You can find it on SoundcloudConnect with AnthonyWebsite: www.TheSalesBlog.comYoutube: Plus: Tweets you can use to share this episodeIs a good #sale the optimized one or the convincing one? Find out the answer on this episode of #InTheArena with @Iannarino and Christian MadsbjergClick To TweetThere is a third kind of knowledge that all #sales professionals need. Discover what it is and how to use it effectively on this episode of #InTheArena with @Iannarino and Christian MadsbjergClick To TweetSubscribe toIn the ArenaApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsAndroidby EmailRSSOr subscribe with your favorite app by using the address belowlast_img read more

Article 35-A: NC threatens to boycott assembly, Lok Sabha elections

first_imgDays after the National Conference announced its decision to not participate in the panchayat and urban local bodies (ULB) elections, the party on Saturday threatened to boycott the assembly and parliamentary polls too if the Centre does not take effective steps for protection of Article 35-A.Article 35-A, which was incorporated in the Constitution by a 1954 Presidential Order, accords special rights and privileges to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and bars people from outside the state from acquiring any immovable property in the state. It is facing legal challenge in the Supreme Court.“How can we go to our workers and ask them to come out to vote? First do justice to us and clear your (Centre) stand (on Article 35-A). If your plan is that (weakening Jammu and Kashmir’s special position), then our ways are separate. Then we cannot have elections. Not only these (urban local bodies and panchayat) polls, but we will also boycott the assembly and parliamentary elections then,” NC president Farooq Abdullah said in Srinagar.Also Read Will examine if Article 35A affects ‘Basic Structure’ of Constitution: Supreme Court  He was addressing party workers at a function here to mark the 36th death anniversary of his father and NC founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.The former chief minister said his party was not running away from polls, but wanted the Centre to do justice with the people of Jammu and Kashmir first and take effective steps for the protection of the state’s special position.“On one hand they (Centre) want to conduct polls here. On the other hand they want to revoke Article 35-A, Article 370 has been weakened and there are also attacks on the (Jammu and Kashmir) Constitution,” Mr. Abdullah said.He said the Centre and the state government hurriedly announced the the ULB and panchayat polls, which will be held next month in four and eight phases respectively.“First they should have talked to us. They should have called every leader that they plan to conduct polls and asked for our opinion. They did not. The prime minister, like Hitler, announced on 15 August from the Red Fort that elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.The NC president also trained his guns at National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval over his statement that having a separate constitution for Jammu and Kashmir was probably an “aberration”.“Their (Centre’s) intentions are not right. They never were. The NSA has said that a separate constitution for Jammu and Kashmir is an aberration. I want to tell him from this stage that if the constitution is an aberration, then this accession (of Jammu and Kashmir to India) is also an aberration,” he said.“On one hand they tell us that we are their crown, but on the other hand they put that crown in their feet So, they have to think. They cannot control this state if they cause any further problems here. If they want this state together with the country, then they should stop what they are doing,” Mr. Abdullah said.last_img read more

Another landslide reported in Odisha, 8 more dead

first_imgInformation has emerged about another landslide in Odisha’s Gajapati district during Cyclone Titli; eight people were killed in it and seven are missing.The landslide occurred late in the night on October 11 in Kainpur panchayat of Raigada block. With this, the number of people who died or are missing due to Titli in Gajapati district rose to 40. As Kainpur area remained cut-off after the cyclone, the news about it came out almost three days later.The landslide occurred in Kainpur panchayat at around midnight on October 11. Kainpur panchayat borders Gangabada panchayat, where 15 persons had died and three others went missing because of a landslide that occurred during landfall of Titli cyclone on October 11 morning.The sarpanch and panchayat extension officer of Kainpur have confirmed the landslide and the death toll. Buried under debrisAccording to sources, inhabitants of five villages of Kainpur had taken shelter in two school buildings during daytime on October 11 to save themselves from the cyclone. Around midnight, when the rain stopped, a group of them had come out to collect food. The landslide occurred shortly and 15 persons got buried under the debris.Villagers had recovered eight bodies, while seven others are still missing. As bodies were decomposing and officials had not reached the spot even on Sunday (October 14), localites are said to have cremated the bodies.Two more persons were reported to have died due to wall collapse in Gangabada panchayat of Raigada block. Unofficial numbers of persons dead or missing in other areas of Gajapati district include two each from Gosani, Gandahati, Laxmipur and one from Kashinagar. Administration has confirmed 18 deaths in Gajapati district and reports of other deaths were being verified. State government has declared to provide four lakh rupees compensation to families of each deceased.Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik told newsmen in Bhubaneswar that he will not celebrate his birthday on Tuesday as people of the State are suffering because of the Titli cyclone and the rains that followed. Mr Patnaik had not celebrated his birthday in 2013 and 2014 in the wake of Phailin and Hudhud cyclones.The CM reviewed the relief and restoration work in the State secretariat in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday evening. State chief secretary, A.P.Padhi, who visited Gajapati, the most affected district of Titli cyclone was also present in this meeting.After this meeting the CM declared provision of one thousand rupees, 50Kg rice and 2.5 litre kerosene to all Titli cyclone affected families. The CM has also declared that 2000 rupees more will be deposited in bank accounts of affected families in near future.As per release of CM’s office, by Tuesday polythene sheets will be provided to all families whose houses were damaged. Eleven trucks of polythene sheets reached Gajapati district for distribution on Monday and 50 more truck loads of polythene sheets will reach there on Tuesday, said Mr Padhi in Gajapati district. The chief secretary said efforts were continuing to resume power supply to all consumers in the district by October 20, while power will be provided to all block headquarters by Tuesday evening.last_img read more

Meghalaya court seeks security for assaulted RTI activists

first_imgThe Meghalaya High Court on Thursday directed the State government to provide security to RTI activists Agnes Kharshiing and Amita R. Sangma who were assaulted by alleged coal mafia on November 8. The court also instructed the government to bear the expenditure of their treatment at the super-speciality North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS) on the outskirts of State capital Shillong.Hearing a petition by Ms. Sangma and others, Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir said that the “threat perception looms large as they (petitioners) have the apprehension of being eliminated by the persons who had attacked them”. Asking the State government to provide adequate security, the court noted that “keeping in view the magnitude of attack and injuries suffered”, extra caution is necessary to eliminate scope for any person to cause harm to the duo at NEIGRIHMS.Ms. Kharshiing who hit on the head, was in a more critical condition than Ms. Sangma. On Wednesday, the ventilators were taken off Ms. Kharshiing and her condition was said to be stable.The court also told the State government to bear the cost of the treatment of the two activists who were attacked “while espousing social cause”, and directed the officer investigating their case to file the latest status of the probe.last_img read more

Cong. keeps promise in Rajasthan

first_imgTwo days after being sworn in, the Congress government in Rajasthan on Wednesday announced loan waiver for farmers up to ₹2 lakh each, resulting in an estimated burden of ₹18,000 crore on the exchequer. There will be no monetary ceiling on the short-term agricultural loans obtained from the cooperative banks.Marathon meetingChief Minister Ashok Gehlot said after a marathon meeting in the Secretariat, where the modalities for waiver were worked out, that the loans of defaulters up to ₹2 lakh each with the nationalised, commercial and rural banks would be waived with the cut-off date of November 30. “There will be no monetary ceiling for the cooperative loans, though the cut-off date will be applicable to them [as well],” he said.Mr. Gehlot said the previous BJP regime, which had announced waiver of farm loans up to ₹50,000 each, had paid only ₹2,000 crore and left a burden of ₹6,000 crore on his government. The Congress government’s decision is set to benefit over 30 lakh farmers in the State.Congress president Rahul Gandhi had promised during his poll campaign that the loans would be waived within 10 days of coming to power in the election-bound States. “Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh have waived farm loans. We asked for 10 days. We did it in 2,” he tweeted.Of the three States where the Congress won, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have already announced the waiver of short-term loans.“We also included this promise in our manifesto for the Rajasthan Assembly election. It was all the more needed in our State, where debt-ridden farmers were committing suicide because of the flawed policies of the previous government,” Mr. Gehlot said, emerging from a meeting. Chief Secretary D.B. Gupta and senior officers of the Finance, Agriculture and Cooperative Departments were involved in the discussions. The Vasundhara Raje government, to fund its partial loan waiver scheme announced earlier this year, provided a guarantee to the State Apex Cooperative Bank to take a loan worth ₹5,000 crore from the National Cooperative Development Corporation.last_img read more

3 Northeastern States on alert after Myanmar raids

first_imgAssam Director General of Police (DGP) Kuladhar Saikia on Friday said the district police chiefs have been alerted for the possible entry of State-based extremists flushed out of Myanmar during an extensive raid on their bases in that country.Mr. Saikia also said the fallout of the operation in the neighbouring country has been discussed with his counterparts in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.Indian security forces had stepped up vigil along the 1,643 km border with Myanmar — specifically the Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland stretch adjoining Myanmar’s Sagaing Division, where the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) is based — after the Tatmadaw’s crackdown on the bases of the extremists since January 29. The Myanmar Army is called Tatmadaw.“We have taken note of the development in Myanmar and have asked the district police to be vigilant,” Mr. Saikia said.Safe havenMost extremist groups of the Northeast — United Liberation Front of Assam-Independent (ULFA-I), the B. Saoraigwra faction of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), and the Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO), for instance — have their camps around the NSCN-K’s base in the Naga Self-Administered Zone of the Sagaing region.According to reports in the Myanmar-based The Irrawaddy, the Tatmadaw took control of the extremists’ camps in a bloodless operation. The reports said a ULFA-I member was killed in the encounter while all extremists fled as some 400 soldiers raided the area.‘Not reading much’The Irrawaddy quoted NSCN-K leader Kyaw Wan Sein as saying that their cadre had withdrawn to let the Tatmadaw occupy its headquarters in the Taga village on January 29 in order not to disrupt the ongoing peace process. Members of other extremist groups from the Northeast were also flushed out from nearby camps.“The Myanmar Army has carried out the raids, but we are not reading much into it as they conducted such operations earlier, too,” an officer of one of the Armed Forces in the Arunachal Pradesh sector said. “Since the extremists keep using the dense jungles and hills for hit-and-run operations from their illegal bases in Myanmar, we cannot rule out the possibility of their trying to cross over to escape being captured by the Tatmadaw,” the officer said, explaining the watch along the border.The NSCN-K, formed by S.S. Khaplang in 1988, has been the mentor of other Northeast outfits. It had signed a peace deal with the Myanmar government in 2012, three years before junking a 14-year truce with the Indian government.There had not been any confrontation between the NSCN-K, which was allowed to set up a liaison office in the town of Hkamti, and the Tatmadaw, until last week.last_img read more

3 more held in Ludhiana gang-rape case

first_imgThree more persons were held on Thursday in connection with the gang-rape of a 21-year-old woman near Issewal village here, taking the total number of those nabbed in the case to six. “All six accused involved in the case have been arrested,” DGP Dinkar Gupta said here.last_img

Swine flu cases on the rise in Gujarat

first_imgWith more than 3000 cases and 99 deaths in two months, Swine Flu in Gujarat has become an epidemic as almost 100 new cases are reported from across the state per day.As on Friday, as many as 853 people are under treatment for H1N1 influenza, which has already claimed 99 lives in this year since January 1st. On Friday, 95 cases were reported by the state health department with maximum, 32 cases, coming from Ahmedabad.In fact, 178 people have been diagnosed with Swine Flu in the city in this week alone.“Since January 1st, 2164 people have fully recovered and have been discharged from hospitals while 853 people are under treatment,” a statement issued by the health department said.“On average, we are getting 80-100 cases and 2-3 deaths per day for last two weeks,” a health department official said.last_img read more

Key accused among two more held in Alwar gang-rape case

first_imgTwo more men, including the key accused, have been arrested in connection with the Alwar gang-rape case, police said on Thursday, even as Opposition parties held protests against the Rajasthan government for allegedly covering up the matter due to the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. IGP (Jaipur Range) S. Sengathir said judicial magistrate recorded the victim’s statement on Thursday under Section 164 of the CrPc. While Hansraj Gurjar was arrested on Wednesday night from Mathura, the key accused, Chhote Lal Gurjar, was arrested on Thursday from Pragpura in Alwar district, the IGP said. Chhote Lal, who was the sixth accused to be arrested, has a criminal history, he said. The IGP said that accused Indra Raj Gurjar was sent to jail for identification parade and others — Mukesh Gurjar, Mahesh Gurjar, Ashok Gurjar — were produced in court and sent for police remand till May 13. Hansraj and Chhote Lal will be produced in court on Friday. The gang rape evoked sharp criticism from all sections of the society, with political parties protests holding protests in various parts of the State, including Ajmer, Alwar, Swai Madhopur and Churu. They cornered the Rajasthan government for allegedly covering up the matter due to the Lok Sabha elections in the State. BJP leaders said they went to the Collectorate Circle on Thursday to present a memorandum to the district collector, but he was not available. “We had taken prior permission and time in written from the district collector to present the memorandum but he was not available. It is a serious issue. People want to know who had given the order to cover up the matter during elections,” BJP MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore said.‘Blot on the State’ BJP State president Madan Lal Saini termed it a “gruesome crime” and a “blot” on the State. On April 26, the woman was going to a place from her village on a motorcycle with her husband when the accusedstopped them. They beat the husband and raped her in front of him, threatening them of dire consequences.last_img read more

Urgent call: Make it Pacquiao vs Matthysse

first_imgGlobe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. AFP official booed out of forum MOST READ Read Next Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony PLAY LIST 00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Meanwhile, Bob Arum has declared Pacquiao vs Matthysse an impossibility.“I see Manny has talked about fighting Matthysse,” Arum told Boxingscene. “But that’s not gonna happen.” Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting For the record, Pacquiao has not bothered to comment directly on Arum’s choice of Alvarado.Yesterday, veteran sportswriter Nick Giongco reported Pacquiao has bared his choice of a next opponent.“I want Matthysse,” Giongo said Pacquiao told him during a break in the Senate Tuesday afternoon.Giongco said Pacquiao believes his own aggressive style and Matthysse’s penchant for toe-to-toe combat would make for a very compelling bout.Matthysse took the WBA 147-lb belt with a stoppage of Thailand’s Tewa Kiram last month. His record is 39 wins, 4 losses, one draw with 36 KOs.“Matthysse is the fight that I like, a fight fans would also like to see,” Giongco quoted Pacquiao as declaring.Trainer Freddie Roach has himself said he would love Pacquiao to face Matthyse next.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Teng feeling like a rookie again in reunion with Jarencio at GlobalPort Veteran promoter Bob Arum made a promise to provide something unique (and nice) for Manny Pacquiao’s next fight. After a long wait, it turned out the unusual opponent Arum meant was former world title-holder Mike Alvarado.Top Rank Inc. has announced that the Pacquiao-Alvarado bout would be featured side-by-side with the WBO welterweight title defense in April of Australian Jeff Horn against the unbeaten Terence Crawford of Omaha.ADVERTISEMENT John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Alvarado is a banged-up warrior who got seriously crushed in a losing title defense against Ruslan Provodnikov in October 2013. He was stopped in 10 rounds.As noted by founder and chief editor Dong Secuya, Alvarado next lost by decision to Juan Manuel Marquez in May 2014, before being stopped by Brandon Rios in three rounds in January 2015.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“It was in the last Rios loss that he seemed out of it,” Dong Secuya said.It’s a bit puzzling, but if there’s anything unique Arum has found, it could be Alvarado’s four-straight wins (against unranked foes) since his return to the ring. NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers View commentslast_img read more

Compton rues Alaska’s freethrow woes in quarterfinals exit

first_imgPhoto by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netAll those missed free throws ultimately haunted Alaska in the end.The Aces muffed 12 out of their 25 free throw attempts and by simply just doing the math, they would’ve won Game 2 of their quarterfinals duel with NLEX had they made at least just half of what they missed.ADVERTISEMENT Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Read Next LATEST STORIES Rondina at loss for words after UST’s fourth straight loss Pussycat Dolls set for reunion tour after 10-year hiatus MOST READ Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Google honors food scientist, banana ketchup inventor and war hero Maria Orosa LOOK: Iya Villania meets ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ cast in Mexicocenter_img Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university PLAY LIST 01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City “We were 13-25 from ft, we missed a lot of free throws. That’s big. We lost by four. That hurts,” said Alaska head coach Alex Compton after his team got swept by the Road Warriors following an 87-83 loss on Wednesday night.Compton also cited the Aces’ poor percentage from the 3-point line which he attributed to the Road Warriors’ defense.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“We were 4-of-20 from the three. Credit to their defense. They really deserved it. I wish there was something I can complain about but they really deserve it.”Despite their free throw woes and horrible outside shooting, the Aces still found themselves in great position to win the game and extend the series to a deciding Game 3 after taking an 83-80 lead with 3:01 remaining. Typhoon ‘Tisoy’ threatens Games John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Families in US enclave in north Mexico hold sad Thanksgiving But that turned out to be Alaska’s last basket as they went scoreless for the remainder of the game, missing its last five attempts from the field.Calvin Abueva led Alaska with 17 points and 16 rebounds while Ping Exciminiano added 12 points and seven rebounds. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more